Cleopatra I
Cleopatra I

IGT studio-developer of land-based and virtual slots with pleasure develops traditional themes on machines of their production. Thus, the Cleopatra slot, dedicated to the Egyptian ruler, was a flagman of the company for a long time. She often plays the main role in games with the eastern entourage. Wise, dangerous and beautiful. Her name is associated with countless treasures and attractive perspectives.

The machine offers users a standard set of game advantages. Various combinations, special symbols, free spins. All these features always were a part of games doomed to success. However, Cleopatra is rather a conservative slot. Neither prize mini-games, nor rounds of doubling. So how does the machine attract players? What is the secret of its popularity? In this article, we will talk about everything at a time.

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Cleopatra I online slot with free bonus

Features and mechanics of video slot Cleopatra

The digital Cleopatra slot is an advanced version of a ground same name device of IGT studio. While the terrestrial version offers three reels, online slot Cleopatra offers 5. The game is played on 20 lines. This number is not fixed. A player can choose how many of them he wants to be active. Thus, everyone can set the game on his own and keep it in the best possible conditions.

Cleopatra slot offers a set of traditional symbols and Egyptian pictures which form winning combinations. Furthermore, it has special symbols that help to multiply winnings or to receive a few free bonus spins. Despite the absence of some familiar gameplay elements, the machine draws an audience by the ability to receive large payments and involves a wide range of bets.

The game interface

Before the start the game, a player should familiarize with its basic principles, rules, and controls. Understanding the information that is displayed helps to orient in what is happening and sensibly estimate odds. So, we will look through the set of indicators and buttons that can be involved in the game.

At the bottom of the screen you will find:

  • “Line” - in this column, a player can change the number of active paylines by arrows "plus" and "minus". The game offers its users options with 1, 5, 9, 15 and 20 active lines.
  • “Line Bet” - a section, in which a player can specify a bet per active line. The minimum bet is 1 credit per line, the maximum is 100.
  • “Total Bet” -  in this column a player cannot make changes manually. The value of the number is calculated based on the number of active lines and bet per payline. This sum will be written off the deposit for each spin.
  • “Spin” button - activates a rotation of the wheels.
  • “Win” - displays the number of credits won for the last successful spin.
  • “Balance” - displays the amount of money on a player's balance.

In some versions, depending on the resource on which you are playing, there is an “Info” button, which opens a description of the game and multipliers. In others, this button is located below all others and is called a “Paytable”. Next to it, there is a “Game rules” button that shows the description of the machine from the developer.

How to play

To start the game on the Cleopatra slot machine, a player should first set the most comfortable conditions. To do this, use buttons "+" and "-" to specify the number of active paylines and the bet per line. It is worth remembering that both of these values affect the course of the game.

A chance of falling of winning combinations depends on the number of active lines. By selecting the maximum value, a player does not get any guarantees that the sequence will fall more often. However, those that appear on the reels will bring rewards. If the combination appears on inactive line, a player will not receive any prize for it.

The size of a bet matters too. Payments on Cleopatra slot are made up of the bet per line multiplied by the coefficient of one or another combination. Thus, the higher the stake, the bigger will be your rewards.

Once a player specified all parameters, it is possible to start rotations. Spins get activated by a “Spin” button at the bottom of the screen. The wheels rotate and stop displaying three rows of symbols. Combinations are read from left to right, starting with the first reel. Combinations of some pictures can be treated differently. For more information, see the section “Symbols and multipliers”.

Symbols and multipliers

Cleopatra game offers its users a traditional set of symbols. Some of them are simply card values of 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. Such pictures have the lowest ratios in the game. Their sequences fall more often than combinations of more valuable symbols, but when you play at high stakes, even such unions bring a good prize.

More valuable characters are pictures of the Egyptian theme. Sceptres, scarabs, hieroglyphics and stylized flowers bring impressive prizes. Often, even a short combination of these images is worth more than the longest combination of the symbols described above.

Special symbols of the game are of interest to gamers. They are a Wild and a Scatter

Cleopatra is a Wild symbol. This is the most valuable picture in the game, that can bring up to 10000 bets on the line as a prize. Besides, the symbol itself is expensive and important, it also accomplishes sequences of other pictures except for Scatter combinations. The feature of Cleopatra is also a fact that any successful combination brings a double win.

Sphinx is a Scatter in the Cleopatra slot. This symbol also has a value, furthermore, it’s an exception in the game mechanics: Scatter gets activated no matter on which reel and on which line it shows up. Thus, for example, appearing on the second and the fifth lines, the second and fifth reels, the combination will still be accepted. In addition, the Sphinx activates a series of free spins.


Table of coefficients is a list of symbols with explanations, descriptions of rewards, which are available for certain combinations of different lengths. The coefficient is not a sum of credits that a player receives for a good spin, it's a multiplier. This means, if a combination has a coefficient equal to five, it will bring x5 bets on the line.

In order to deal with values of symbols, here is a table of multipliers:

  • 9: 2 - x2 3 - x5, 4 - x25, 5 - x100 bets on the line.
  • 10, J, Q: 3 - x5, 4 - x25, 5 - x100 bets on the line.
  • K: 3 - x5, 4 - x50, 5 - x100 bets on the line.
  • A: 3 - x10, 4 - x50, 5 - x125 bets on the line.
  • Eye of Ra: 3 - x10, 4 - x50, 5 - x250 bets on the line.
  • Sceptre: 3 - x10, 4 - x75, 5 - x250 bets on the line.
  • Golden plate: 3 - x15, 4 - x100, 5 - x400 bets on the line.
  • Flowers and Scarab: 2 - x2 3 - x25, 4 - x100, 5 - x750 bets on the line.
  • Cleopatra: 2 - x10, 3 - x200, 4 - X2000, 5 - x10000 bets on the line.
  • Sphinx: 2 - x2 3 - x5, 4 - x20, 5 - x100 bets on the line.

Taking into account the specifics of the calculations in the game, it makes sense to choose a convenient for a player bet so that every successful rotation brought the most advantageous amount on deposit.

Special offers of Cleopatra slot

In addition to high multipliers, video slot offers users an opportunity to get a series of free spins. Rotating the reels for free is available when the screen displays three or more Scatters. This combination enables 15 spins due to the last bet made by a player.

Besides the money won't be written off the deposit after rotations, you can also increase your winnings. During free spins, all combinations have triple value. By the way, the series can be extended up to 180 spins, if you catch a sequence of 3 Scatters again.

How to beat Cleopatra

Many players are wondering whether it is possible to beat the video slot. The answer is negative. None of the proposed strategies does bring guaranteed winnings. The reason is that slots are programmed so that combinations fall absolutely randomly with no specific algorithm and rhythm. This is why the analysis of the frequency of certain symbols and other gambling superstitions do not work. However, there are some tips that can help to play with more fun, win something and not to lose more than you expected.

The list of tips that can help in game

Check out the characteristics of the gaming machine before starting the game. Examine factors and special offers, how special symbols work. In this case, you will know what to expect from video slot and will be able to make a decision whether you want to try playing it or not.

  1. Determine your bankroll. It is important to decide how much money you are ready to play for and how much you are not afraid to lose. This sum should be unchanging regardless of how much you are lucky or not lucky.
  2. Choose the most suitable game mode. Specify the number of paylines and the most convenient bet. The rate should allow making the maximum number of rotations per game.
  3. Target a minimum amount of money you want to win. Of course, that number should be within reasonable limits. Play until “hit the jackpot” can be dangerous for your pocketbook.

By following these simple tips, a player can protect himself from unexpected and unpleasant expenses. If reasonably operate a bankroll it's possible to win. Maybe not too much, but still.

Gambling myths about the slot

Most slot machines, real and virtual, eventually get surrounded by myths. Most often, this is nothing more than a marketing strategy to draw attention to a particular slot or just a superstition that have no ground. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Playing in an online casino is more profitable than in terrestrial one. Some players believe that machines with the lever are much more “miserly” than their digital counterparts. In fact, it is not true. Both real and virtual slots work in the same manner. Their programs are identical and there is no difference whether you press a button or pull a lever.
  2. Playing slot machines requires special coins. Rumour is that if you insert a worm coin in a slot machine a game will be much more successful. This, of course, is a myth, which has no justification. Machines do not recognize temperature, so there is no difference between “cold” and “hot” coin.
  3. If a previous player has lost, a next one will win. This is a myth too. Machines work on a basis of generating random combinations. That means they have no algorithms that guarantee winnings. The slot can't get “tired” of giving winning or losing sequences. Combinations of symbols literally fall out by accident.

You can easily convince yourself that all these myths have no ground. It is needed to play a little on the slot machine in order to understand how it works and realize that somehow the result is unpredictable. Of course, there are cases of cheating. However, often to the benefit of the casino, not player. Dishonest owners can tamper with slot and adjust it so that profit of the casino increased. With a serviceable machine, it depends only on player's luck.

History of Cleopatra slot

Initially, Cleopatra slot was introduced in terrestrial form. This machine has 3 reels and 5 paylines. However, success of the slot was so great that in 2012 the game appeared in digital form in an online casino. A little later a sequel Cleopatra II was released.

Cleopatra II, like the original game, offers players 5 reels and 20 paylines. This slot has changed the design of symbols and decoration, but the style is traditional as in the previous game. Wild symbol portrays Cleopatra, which doubles win.

The differences are noticeable only when three Scatters appear. Cleopatra II offers players three boxes. The one you choose shows the number of free spins. Multipliers also work differently during free spins. The first spin has a factor x1, each next successful combination increases it by one.

A chance to get big winnings with Cleopatra II places the slot on a par with its predecessor. Both models of slot machines are popular to this day.

History of IGT company

The company IGT is an American studio, a developer of slot machines for real and virtual gambling institutions. IGT has a right to be considered a veteran of the gaming industry. Its first slot was produced in the late 1970s when gambling in the US became permitted.

Besides the studio boasts of a long and successful history, it is also is attributed to a number of achievements. So, IGT slot machines are the first ones with a system of progressive jackpots. A network of slots, by taking a percentage from each bet, have accumulated a total jackpot of $ 1 million.

Since 2005, the studio focused on the development of a fast-growing trend in the gambling world: internet gambling. Years of experience in the development of slot machines has helped them to succeed. Already in 2010, IGT was included in the list of the best developers in the industry and had received more than fifty awards.

In 2014 the company was bought by Italian studio Gtech for more than $ 6.5 billion.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Respins Yes
  • Freespins Yes (15)