100 Pandas
100 Pandas

Online video slot machine from IGT Company will enthral everyone, because it is based on Asia unique culture, exactly on mysterious China. In this country murder of a panda is punished by death, these animals enjoy enormous respect and are carefully protected. Cute realistic faces of these bears entertain player while receiving winnings and bonuses.

Game not only brings profit, but also helps spend time perfectly and funny. Graphics, animation, music in national Chinese style – everything encourages absorption of player into the gameplay and be absolutely concentrated.

IGT producer has reputation of the company, which pays attention at every detail. In this online slot machine, it is implemented in musical decoration of gaming process. Besides well selected pleasant music, which you don`t want to turn off, here is optimally drawn up process of wheels’ rotation – rhythm seems increasing, making you understand that something interesting is going to happen.

If you are tired of sounds, they can be easily hidden by click on the hey in left bottom corner.

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100 Pandas slot machines with symbols

Details of interface

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing unusual here – typical free slot machine. Although, this feature realizes slot`s originality – simplicity in everything. Central part of interface is covered with five reels. Game provides possibility to choose to one hundred paying lines and increase bet from one to thirty credits.

The most interesting things stay in bottom of interface, let`s consider every key from right to left.

  1. Extreme right button, where is depicted wrench, charges for possibility to choose level of graphics. Some computers cannot work at the highest level, that is why automatically is set “high”, but not “best” level. If the game is retarding, choose “average” or “weak” levels.
  2. Then goes the most “sweet” window, where is shown current gamer`s balance.
  3. Central key – spin, or rotation.
  4. The next window provides information about the sum of offered prize at maximum matches on active lines.
  5. And now, properly, the amount of credits, which you can change here six times.
  6. And finally, the amount of paying lines, across all five level.

You can regulate the amount of lines or size of bet, using “+” and “-“ keys situated on sides of these windows. After another rotation, information about balance is automatically renewed; if winning appears, it will be accounted at once.

Read instructions on how to play slot machines if you need more information. 

What means symbols of the game

There are some times of images on wheels:

One panda:

  • 5 – 600;
  • 4 – 200;
  • 3 – 50.

Three pandas:

  • 5 – 1000;
  • 4 – 200;
  • 3 – 50.

Lotus flower:

  • 5 – 374;
  • 4 – 150;
  • 3 – 25.

Bamboo stalk:

  • 5 – 350;
  • 4 – 150;
  • 3 – 25.

Letters and numbers, decorated in Chinese style:

  • 5 – 100-200;
  • 4 – 25-100;
  • 3 – 5-10.

What do these numbers mean? First – degree of active lines, where the highest combination has coincided, in how many times bet will be increased.

Game is equipped with wild symbol, which automatically becomes the most profitable icon for more “rich” combination. This symbol will never replace “Bonus”, appearance of three such characters opens access to 10 free spins and increasing of bet`s sum twofold.

Features of plat 100 Pandas

It is necessary to keep calm while gameplay. Don`t click thousandth times at Spin button, otherwise it can be considered as an attempt to cheat the slot, and all gamer`s winnings will be deleted.

“Bonus” symbol appears here only on three reels – second, third and fourth. Bets, credits are represented by numbers, which are connected with selected currency.

You can activate gameplay by placing bet. To get win it is necessary to follow such recommendations:

  • Spend enough time for game, but not 5 minutes;
  • Choose maximum amount of paying lines;
  • Make highest investment into the bet.

Nevertheless, you should realize that there is no rule, which will surely bring you prize, if you fallow it carefully. Though, avoid fraudsters that try to sell you “profitable” scheme.

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Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (10)