In search of new slot machine on pages of our site you will discover the most popular collection of best slots from leading producers on gambling market. Demo versions of one-armed bandits offer wide range of themes, among them – games, with participation of animals.

Animal slots – it is type of gambling entertainments, main characters of such slots are animals. Animal world, curiously enough, is full of not only funny representatives of fauna, but also certain symbols, good readable, and that is why – they are well adapted for introduction into the wheels. For example, lion – king of animals – quite often serves as special symbol and brings large rewards or activates benefits with worthy prizes.

Among the most popular slot games dedicated to animal style should be mentioned:

  • Mega Moolah (Microgaming) – popular slot that gained fame, as the model giving jackpots with enviable regularity. The largest payout consists of four stages, whose lottery is launched by random rotation, independently on its result and profit. In addition, player can get series of 15 free spins with multiplier x3 and prolong chains while main game;
  • Wolf Moon (Amatic) – free animal slot, where from time to time fall blocks of wilds that increases chance to collect prize combo while usual spins. Three bonus symbols activate the row of 5 free spins, which can be prolonged. While prize rotations in a row may fall maximum 4 jokers beginning with second reel, on all the lines. So, any chain will be calculated at the highest coefficient;
  • Raging Rhio (WMS Gaming) – slot machine on 6 wheels and with 4 lines. Slot doesn`t provide paying lines offering to gather combinations at all the directions from left to right. Collecting from 3 to 6 scatters you will get 5-50 free spins, while them wild multiplies payouts in 2 or 3 times;
  • Wild Run (IGT) – slot attracts by the opportunity to get fantastic sum at once. If whole screen will be covered by symbols Mega Jackpot, you will get huge progressive jackpot as the reward. Besides, after every spin you can get second chance for winning`s lottery, and also with some probability launch free spins or complete chains by jokers, there are two types of them in the game;
  • Lucky Panda (Playtech) – casino game without clear paying lines. Rotating reels, you should gather consequences of alike symbols from left to right. Logo of the game serves as Wild symbol, and Panda – brings payouts at coefficients at general stake and activates prize rotations. Series of free spins can be restarted while bonus game.

Learn more about slots of this genre in materials of the article.

Why slots with animals are popular

Taking into account variety of themes of gambling entertainments, we cannot say that animals – are the brightest or the most interesting characters. Nevertheless, slots with images of animals – from large predators to small pets – attract lovers to rotate reels. Needless to say, every decision, even the most petty, has its background. Let`s discover, in what way wild or farm animal slots attract users:

  1. People love animals. Even if you are not a fan of pets and don`t visit zoos, don`t choose films with funny dogs or canny cats as main characters, anyway, subconsciously you like animals. Human from ancient times has used features of animals to describe human`s temper – “strong as a lion” or “ quick as a jaguar”, “sharp-sighted as an eagle” or “slender as a deer”;
  2. Animals are cute. It is proved by statistics from YouTube. Majority of popular clips and videos gaining maximum popularity – are the footage of animals in the wild, in zoos or home videos of pets. Watching the next nice video with the cat, only few of us keep a sigh of emotion. And, by the way, it concerns not only women;
  3. Animals are often funny. Those people, who live on one place together with four-footed friends, will confirm that animals – is inexhaustible resource  of cheer and constant reason of funny moments;
  4. Many representatives of fauna are very symbolic. As in first point, it worth mentioning that animals cause certain associations, calling to roots of human evolution. Not without reason, there was the notion of totem animals – people considered themselves as part of the nature and heirs of some animal features. So, to see in detail, slots with wolves not rarely describe severe conditions (snow locations, dark nights, full of dangers and mystic events), where wolves serve as symbol of strength and overcoming. And, what is more, it is main sign of the game, bringing large rewards;
  5. Pictures with animals are easy to remember. Players, who prefer to keep score by themselves rather than constantly check of results in payout tablet, at once remember, what symbols are valuable.

Different types of animal design slots rely on different emotions, which are raised by animals. Producers use this or that context and create whole plots depicted in the symbols of one-armed bandit.

What are slots with animals

In majority of cases slots, using animals as main characters – 5-reel machines with an opportunity to activate from 9 to 100 paying lines. Much rarely can be met slot games on three wheels: in conditions of classic it`s quite difficult to realize whole the potential of wide theme – accommodate on 9 cells all the facilities of game with jokers, free spins and prize levels.

As well as many other stylized free slots, games with animals are divided into several groups, which can be separated into general categories. We will try to give the fullest characteristic of branches of the theme, considering as many features as possible:

Slots differ by types of animals:

  • Pets. They haven`t obviously to live at the flat. This type of gambling plays also includes inhabitants of the farm;
  • Wild animals. Often such theme is dedicated to safari or prairie residents, wolves or large carnivores of the cat family.

Slots describing different locations through animal world. Based on the pictures, which are used on the wheels by way of symbols, geographic location can be easily guessed. So, there are following types:

  1. African;
  2. The South and the North American;
  3. Australian etc.

One-armed bandits with cultural references. Such slots often propose ancient traditions or life of this or that nation. For example:

  • Animal save slots with pandas, red monkeys, nine-tailed foxes frequently serve as direct reference to Asian cultures;
  • Slots with wolves often describe realities of the Northern Indians and relate their cultural tradition;
  • Slot machines with panthers and lions are connected with jungle and reflect totem animals of African tribes.

Slot games of different genres joined by one theme:

  1. Mystic – those slots, where animals work as conductors of nature`s forces or messengers of higher creatures. In such a way, slots of Scandinavian direction offer images of wolves and ravens, as reference to Odin. These animals consider being pets of the supreme god of Asgard;
  2. Comic – in these models animals often serve as main characters of funny situations and adventures. For example, on the slot Money Mad Monkey from Microgaming, monkey is especially dangerous escapee from the zoo, who makes bank robberies;
  3. Slots about adventures. Such slots mean quick actions, however, in many moments they demonstrate features of fauna of different regions;
  4. Fantasy and magic slots. These slots differ from Mystic ones by description of unreal metamorphoses – transformation a person into an animal and conversely, and show animals as magicians` assistants too.

Go to the Magic and Fantasy slots and discover more games.

Anyway, even this list with many branches cannot be called full. With time, developers open new boards and examine new plots, limited only by human imagination.

Benefits of slots with animals

As in majority of slot machines, differing from classic models, in slots of animal style there are some proposals, which can make gameplay more dynamic and profitable. Constant rotation of reels may become boring for player, and pay-out for combination may seem quite the same type. So, in what way to inform player about large luck? Launch additional benefit, performed as extra game or change of design/mechanics of spins.

Well, among bonus opportunities of slots should be mentioned:

  • Participation of Wild symbols. They are pictures that complete combinations and prolong them. Even if pictures go out of order, through one cell, but between them fall special icon – chain will be accepted. Not less profitable is extension. Not very valuable combination of three images can be added by Wild and create chain of 4 elements, which is paid significantly more expansive;
  • Scatter`s work. Scatter symbol is good by its feature to play without binding to paying lines. Collecting several icons around whole screen, you get the reward at coefficient for general bet. That is why, gathering full set of such images, you will get quite worthy reward;
  • Free spins. In most cases exactly this function allows collecting maximum amount of bonuses. First of all, movement of pictures can be started for free on fair conditions (with determined amount of lines and bet size). Namely, you can win without spending credits for rotations. Secondly, while free spins round not rarely work additional conditions – multipliers and additional signs;
  • Prize levels. More often, they are integrated entertainments, where player has to choose things and look for winnings, hidden under them. Additional payouts are offered in form of random credit sums or in form of multipliers for general bet;
  • Jackpots. Some animal slots (for example, mega Moolah), offer to participate in winning of jackpot. Sometimes, great winning is played out in bonus round, sometimes – in individual mini game, which is activated randomly in result of any rotation, as it happens in slots from EGT (in frames of considered theme – slot 100 Cats);
  • Immediate payouts. Some one-armed bandits include additional Scatter, which costs nothing alone however, at fall on three and more positions bring reward. Prize falls in shape of coins or multipliers, or is activated while choice one of fallen symbols (each off them hides reward).
  • Risk game – benefit for admires of gambling. It is difficult to predict the result of this opportunity, however, in case of proper answers winning can be increased in 2,4,8 and even 32 times. Many slots set limits at lottery sums. Thus, in some slots function of doubling game is unavailable, if in result of spin user has gathered more than certain amount of credits;

To learn more about advantages of bonus levels on slot games, try to collect necessary images in free version of play. Such entertainments don`t demand money investment and don`t provide any risks. Detailed information about Advantages of Free Slots is on the page of our site.

Special symbols on animal slots: meaning and profit

Surely, symbols of animal 3d save slots many vary based on chosen direction. Animals on slots in style of farm rarely have special meanings. However, even there exist some hierarchy: small livestock bring lower rewards, and cattle – great.

Also, pictures gain individual meaning on fairy one-armed bandits about animals (like Big Bad Wolf from Quickspin studio). In slots, where animals become intelligent creatures, they get archetypal meaning and new quality becoming characters of the plot, and not just pictures. Rotating wheels, you participate in the scene of simple opposition of forces – wolf and piglets, for example.

On the other slots pictures have certain symbolic character. So, for example, on cells of the screen you will meet:

  • Black horse. “A dark horse” carries symbolic context of hidden opportunities, providing high result. Symbol is often used together with horseshoe or replaces this symbol of luck, acting as joker or trigger for free spins;
  • Lion. Participation of King of beasts as main picture id doubtless. This predator represents power and royalty. And royal persons, as is known, are rich. Picture of lion is used for activation of benefits bringing large rewards;
  • Bull / Buffalo. This hoofed animal isn`t predator, but many nations associate it with power. Bull – is symbols of wellbeing, wealth, strength and fertility. Session is quite generous, when on the screen appear three signs of Buffalo. Usually they launch bonus rounds or prize levels;
  • Wolf. This wild animal often symbolize persistence, hardiness. And, as North nations believe, exactly wolf connects with the other world and its mysteries. In slots picture acts as a “conductor” to special levels with free spins or completes chains of symbols.

Of course, among main heroes of animal slots happen also the other representatives of fauna. There are also one-armed bandits, dedicated to one animal. Of course then, you do not have to guess, what symbol is leading.

Who develops wild and usual animal slots

Studding models of most developers, presented on modern gambling market, it is not difficult to notice that every producer tries to cover as many themes as possible. That is why animals also are involved into the list of releasing products. Gambling entertainments with participation of fluffy or scaly creatures are met on one-armed bandits developed by:

Such wealth of choice allow find slots with the most attracting for you bonuses, graphics and sound accompaniment. So, on Novomatic or EGT`s slots you more likely meet traditional, quite simple design, standard sound accompaniment and typical console. Modern companies, which follow newfangled tendencies of the market, try to diversify design of gambling entertainments, using 3d graphics for pictures and completing the process by impressive bonuses. In dependence on, what is more important for you – potential winning or attractiveness of the gameplay, it is up to you to choose product this or that producer. All best slots of the companies situate on the catalogue.

How to play on slot about animals

Today slot machines with different animals can be found as in real, as well as in virtual venues. Online casinos provide opportunity to spin wheels not only on PC, but also on mobile devices. Most sites support mobile version or offer client for downloading, designed for different types of platforms.

Before download the slot or catalogue on smartphone or tablet, make sure that your device corresponds all the requirements of the app. Ensure that your gadget has a sufficient amount of free memory, and software version supports the selected fun.

Beside the opportunity to play for real money, you can also visit entertaining or studding platforms. Thus, on our portal is gathered collection of the most popular slots not only about animals, but also dedicated to many other themes. Wherein, you don`t need to register or invest money at your account to start the session.