Fantastic Four Scratch
Fantastic Four Scratch

The video slot Fantastic Four Scratch created by Playtech manufacturer as an extension of the classic machine Fantastic Four. The plot of this machine is the second part of the story of the popular movie. You will find the Silver Surfer, who will try to make the environmental conditions of the planet Earth worse to prepare it for destruction.

This game will be perfect for the fans of comics because of its theme. Also, it will be suitable for beginners, as it has the user-friendly simple and understandable interface. It means that it won’t be hard to get acquainted with all the buttons and their functions quickly.

The Playtech Company has created this machine in the scratch card form, instead of the usual reels and lines. The graphics and sound of the gameplay are similar to the same classic video slot. But the control panel has become simpler.

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Fantastic Four Scratch slot online

General description of the gaming machine

If you are a fan of scratch-card casino game, the rules of the game will be familiar to you. If you play for the first time, you will understand it easily.

The playfield consists of 16 cells 4x4. During the game, you need to wipe off the scratch cover to get the benefits from a combination of symbols. First of all, it is necessary to specify the price of the card. On the control panel, there is a Card Price box with Plus/Minus buttons.  With these buttons, you can choose the desired card values from 0.01 to 100 coins. In the game Fantastic Four Scratch, there is no Max Bet button as in the classical machines.

When you play in the demo version of the machine, you use virtual money. So there is no risk to lose. If you want to try your luck, go to the casino [[$whereToPlayLinks]] and play with real money.

You need to press the Play button to start the game. The Bet box shows your bet after starting the round. The won sum will appear in the Win box. On the playfield appear covered cells. Under the protective layers, there are symbols, of which the combination will consist. You can erase a single cell by clicking on it. To open all cells at once, you can push the Scratch All button.

There is Auto Play key to start the automatic game. When you move the cursor over it, there will appear a list with the number of auto games. It is possible to choose from 10 to 50 Auto games. The game will continue with the last set rate. You can push the Stop button to interrupt the Autoplay mode.

To the left of the playfield of the slot game, there are 2 text boxes with the basic information about the game. To the right of the screen, there is a table of the payout coefficients for the combinations.

Symbols on the game machine

The aim of the game in this online slot machine is to collect 4 identical symbols on one line. The matching symbols are counted vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

In this slot you can see such symbols:

  • Planet;
  • Symbol of the Fantastic Four;
  • Silver Surfer;
  • Members of the Fantastic Four.

Mr Fantastic – the most expensive character. It multiplies your bet in 10 000 and can bring you 1000000 coins.

If all members of the Fantastic Four (Mr Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman and Thing) appear on any line, you will get 1 free card. There are no other bonuses in the game. Though, it shouldn’t be considered as a disadvantage, because its plot and payouts for the combinations totally compensate the absence of wxta options.

This slot machine game can be considered as a simpler version of the classic Fantastic Four. Although there are no different bonuses and free games, the level of payments for a simple combination is higher. Both machines have their advantages, and each of them has its admirers. If you search for bonuses, you can visit the Slot Machines Bonuses page of our website and receive all the necessary information about these additional prizes and see the games that have it.

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