3D Roulette
3D Roulette

Casino table game 3D Roulette by Playtech company is a free online slot game with a playing field, which is made as volumetric thanks to 3D graphics and also contains a control bar and a playing field. You can find out more about game types and roulette rules on our website. 

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Casino table game 3D Roulette 2017

How to play 

The main task of the game is to guess where on the roulette the ball will land after it has been dropped during rotation. The wheel has a lot of cells signed by numbers from 0 to 36. All the number cells alternate according to two colours – red and black – but still here is also zero, which is placed in a green pocket. 

A player has a chance to bet using chips with face value from 0.01 up to 25 coins. Free demo version of the game offers to start the entertainment with 2000 game pieces. A table with chips on it is located in the upper right part of the screen, the same place where the main control buttons are situated. 

In order to start the free roulette game, a player needs to select a chip, which corresponds to the desired bet size, and to press a number on a table or on a combination of numbers at racetrack.

Racetrack is a field to the left from the table where the numbers are arranged in the same order as they are on the roulette wheel. Consequently, it’s possible to make a bet on 5 digits at a stretch. Chips are exhibited on the corresponding numbers and the rate will be equal to the selected chip multiplied by 5. 

The maximum number of bets on one spot is 25 units (credits). Left mouse button (or the “Redo” button on the control panel) allows to increase the number of chips. The “Undo” knob in free roulette online returns the last placed chip to the account. The “Clear” button clears the table, returning all funds to the balance.

The player can place several chips in various ways. After the bets are made one should run the wheel by “Start” button. After that, it’s easy to launch the gameplay with a knob “Repeat”, in a case when a player doesn’t want to change the previous bet. 

There is a column above the playing field, which shows all of the major financial indicators of the game:

  • Bet – the total bet for the round;
  • Winnings – an amount of the winning in a previous round;
  • Min – the minimal bet per spin;
  • Max – maximal bet per spin. 

Personal settings: 

In the bottom left corner of the screen there is the payout table that is valid only for the casino version of the game and uses real money. Here are also personalized interface settings that include change of the free roulette wheel appearance (to add/remove handles, details, central lines, glare or rapid removal of chips).

Sound settings, game settings, disabling of warnings and the basic rules of roulette (that are opened in a separate pop-up browser window) are located in a right corner above. 

Rates and payments 

Main types of 3D roulette bets are divided into:

  • Inside – those that are put on certain positions of the inner part of the table (indicated by black and red digits);
  • Outside – bets on the positions that lay beyond the playing field with numbers.
  • Betting at the racetrack – betting on the oval layout next to the table. 

The payouts for bets are the size of the coefficient multiplied by the amount of the winning bid. 

Inside bets

The internal bet of free roulette for fun gives an opportunity to put one chip on several pockets and is paid in the following way:

  1. a bet on one number on the table (straight) – 35:1;
  2. a bet on two numbers adjacent to each other (split) – 17:1;
  3. bet on 3 numbers in a row vertically (street) – 11:1;
  4. a bet on 4 numbers (corner) – 8:1;
  5. a bet on 2 street, i.e., once in 6 numbers (six line) – 5:1;
  6. a bet on numbers from 0 to 3 (basket) – 11 :1.

Thus, the less is the amount of singled out numbers, the bigger are the winnings, but the less likely player will receive them.

Outside bets

On the area behind the table layout with figures there are fields on which you can bet as well. These fields are divided by roulette numbers into zones:

  1. the 2:1 areas (to the right of the table) divide it into 3 vertical zones with 12 rooms each, that bring the payout of 2:1, with a probability of 3:1;
  2. zones right under the table are divided into the first 12, second 12 and third 12 numbers – these ones pay 2:1, with a probability of 3:1;
  3. a bet on all red or all black numbers;
  4. a bet on all odd or even numbers;
  5. bet on numbers from 1 to 18 and on a range from 19 to 36.

The last three options pay winnings 1:1, with a probability of 2:1.

Bets on the racetrack

As far as the racetrack duplicates the location of numbers on the free roulette wheel game, the bets on combinations are:

  • a bet on 5 numbers that are near each other, wherein the chips are laid out on each of them;
  • a bet on red or black splits (neighbouring numbers on the table);
  • a bet on the Voisins Du Zero includes numbers on the wheel between 25 and 22 on both sides of 0. Nine equal chips of the selected value should be placed on the table;
  • Tiers Du Cylindre bet – a bet on all numbers in a row from 33 to 27 that arrange 0 from both sides. 6 chips are supposed to be located on the table layout.

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The theoretical percentage of 3D roulette return is 97.3% (declared by Playtech). So one should play only in approved, reliable and safe online casinos.


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