Blackjack Scratch
Blackjack Scratch

The casino card game Blackjack Scratch from Playtech developeris a "blackjack" version of the card game, with some changes. The Playtech company has managed to make the world of the game slot machine very realistic, adding a colourful table design, following the style that is common in a real casino. The sound accompaniment in the game is kept to a minimum: sound only the move of the cards. As for the interface, it is also easy, allowing the user to easily get familiarize with the management of the game. The combination of a traditional blackjack game and the online scratch cards makes this blackjack really interesting. On our website you can discover more about online gambling and real casinos.

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Blackjack Scratch casino card game online

The principle of the game

The playfield of the free online slot Blackjack Scratch is divided into four sections; three belong to the user, and one – to a virtual opponent. The goal – is to have more points than the opponent, gaining at least one of the sections, thus the player are given three opportunities to beat the casino by accumulating a score of as close to 21 as possible without going over. On each section is placed one chip, and it is necessary to determine what will its value be. For this purpose, there are the regulators + and in the control panel of the machine – below the window "Card Value". The user must select the value from 0.5 to 20 virtual credits.

Before each hand, you can shuffle the deck by pressing the "Shuffle" button. This can be done no more than three times before each round. To distribute the cards, the player must use the "Deal" button. The distribution is as follows: in the three user's sections are place two cards and one card in each section lies face down. The dealer receives the cards in the similarly way. The player then presses the "Scratch All" button, which displays the hidden cards.

You can also open the sections randomly by clicking on the "Scratch" inscription on the face down cards. At the same time under each section is shown the amount that the player will receive in the case that the corresponding pairs of cards win. The size of the prize does not depend on the combination of cards that fell and are set randomly. If one of the sections did not score enough points to exceed the number of the enemy, the player is defeated.

In the casino video slot Blackjack Scratch the automatic game is available. To activate it, click on the button play. The auto-play will be conducted for the rate that was set last. To stop the automatic distribution, the player must press the same key, which will be the icon "stop".

The cards' values

As in any card game, the free slot game Blackjack Scratch cards use the assigning specific numerical values. These values are easy to remember and are as follows:

  • The cards from two to ten have similar face value of the number;
  • The Jacks, Queens and Kings bring ten points;
  • The Ace will give the player 11 points.

This is the generally accepted system of calculation. If these values are not familiar to the player, or it is difficult to remember them all, you can find out more about the blackjack rules on our website. The Blackjack Scratch has no built-in information windows, but the gameplay is so simple that often is not required the presence of additional help.

For the fans of the card game, the slot machine for free play Blackjack Scratch will be an excellent choice for the leisure time. The developers managed to bring closer to the reality as the gameplay and the regulations so that the winnings in the online version of the game promises to be no less than if a user was playing in a real institution. The machine is also oriented to the novice in the world of card games because of the ease operation and small required knowledge for a successful game.

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