Blackjack Pro
Blackjack Pro

The online table game Blackjack Pro was created by Playtech – the worldwide popular manufacturer of the game software. The efforts to embody the well-known game were not in vain, today for the fans of the blackjack is available a modern online version of their favourite game, implemented at a decent level. Here, the players will meet high-class graphics, which is a realistic design of the table, as well as the voice of the gameplay as close as possible to the dealer's voice in the real gambling establishments.

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Blackjack Pro table game review

How to play

In its original form the rules of blackjack says that the player needs to score 21 points to win, collecting the card combinations and counting the total value. The modern form of the game, which is embodied in the video slot machine Blackjack Pro, is somewhat different: the victory is achieved by the combination which exceeds the total value of the combination of the virtual opponent. But it is not worth get involved collecting cards: if the number of points exceeds 21, the user will lose.

The game starts with the choice of the bets. The casino slot online Blackjack Pro offers a wide range of rates, but there are extreme numbers; the marginal rate on the table cannot be more than 300 Euros and the minimum that is available – is five Euros. The player can change the size of the bet by placing the chips in the box located at the bottom of the table. There are various chips values – 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100. The maximum bet is made with three chips with the denomination 100.

Also, the players can double the bet by clicking on the Double button. The presence of the Undo button allows you to cancel the last action aimed at changing the rates. The launch of the game is done pressing the Deal button: at this point, the dealer distributes two cards. If the number of the points of the given cards is small, then the user can take additional cards from the deck, using the button Hit. When a player decides that scored enough points, he can press the Stand button, to convey his virtual opponent the right to complete their hand.

If the points of the player's cards are more than 21 points, he loses. The opponent cannot take more than four cards, and if the sum of its points exceeds 21, the user wins. In that case, if the first distribution brings the opponent an ace, the user receives an "insurance" – the ability to interrupt the round and insure himself against the loss if the opponent has a Blackjack (the combination of cards in the first hand, is 21 points). The essence of insurance is to return to the player 50% of the bets made by him.

When a player has a blackjack, in his account will credit the amount which is equal to the ratio of 3:2 of the size of the bet. To continue the game after the round is complete, the user can make another bet or deal the cards by previous pressing the switch Re bet and Deal. The interface of the slot machine game Blackjack Pro has a built-in function to change the colour of the table, which can be used by clicking on the icon brush. However if you enjoyed the demo version and want to try your luck in the real game visit the [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casinos.

The cards values

The results of the hand in the slot free online Blackjack Pro is counted by the classical system:

  1. The Ace brings one or 11 points;
  2. The King, Queen, Jack – 10 points;
  3. The cards with numbers bring the same face value points.

Taking the cards you need to watch how many points has your opponent. When the sum of the points is close to 21, you need to decide carefully on further action, because taking the next card; the player may overpass the points. In this case, he will lose.

Thanks to the efforts of Playtech any gambler can play the Blackjack Pro. Today what is needed, is only to have access to the global network and Table Games pages on our site. This game – is a great way to hanging out and getting positive emotions and respectable remuneration.

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