Beetle Bingo Scratch
Beetle Bingo Scratch

The company Playtech developed an online lottery, similar to the usual cards with numbers from one to 90. The playing space in the slot game Beetle Bingo Scratch is made in the style of the jungle, filled with insects, they will bring the user the winning numbers. Find out more in the article about of the types of instant lottery – the scratch cards.

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Beetle Bingo Scratch online

Basic actions

The casino slot machine for fun Beetle Bingo Scratch has five key areas. In the first place, it is worth paying attention to the bottom of them – it is the control panel. It also holds information about the virtual currency. The lottery begins by pressing the "Play" button. The slot machine has an auto play mode that allows the user not to be bothered with this action constantly.

The auto game begins after specifying the number of cards that the user wants to play. This number is set by the respective button and varies from one to 99. After that, the player must click on the arrow button to the right and just watch the game. This process stops by clicking on the square button.

To select the card's denominations uses the similar button. It is defined in the conventional currency and can be equal to: 

  • Five tenths;
  • Unit;
  • Two;
  • Five;
  • Ten;
  • Twenty. 

This number is subtracted from the total balance of the player that is displayed in the bottom left corner. Initially, the user receives two thousand conventional virtual currency units.

The control panel in the casino slot online also includes the function "Shuffle". It is used when the player wants to determine in advance the card, which will be played, but it happens randomly. There is available the total of four attempts to pick up a card.

The presented game zones are:

  • A can with beetles;
  • A card with three positions;
  • A board with numbers.

Game process

The outcome of the game in this slot game video depends on the first mentioned area. After clicking on the "Play" button, the user can shake the can with insects, after which they poured on the lane over the control panel. There is a written number on the back of each beetle. In the process of the appearance of the insects on the right board those numbers that have already fallen are highlighted in red. If in this playing field one row of five cells is completely coloured in red, the user will receive an additional prize. Logically, there are only three opportunities to win here.

After all the Beetles have crawled to their place, it is necessary to scratch the position on the cards. This can be done serially or simultaneously. In the second case, just press the button in the lower right corner "Scratch all".

The first option provides the alternative opening of the lines that are covered with leaves. Each line can hold five numbers and has its own random multiplier. The line becomes winning, if all five values are circled, i.e., will be present in the lower lane. In this case, the card face value will be multiplied by a coefficient and paid to the player.

If none of the lines will fully fit, the player will remain with nothing. The maximum line rate depends on the nominal of the line, so its value can vary from five to 200000.

Other information

The atmosphere of the free slot game of scratching can be adjusted using the audio settings available in the upper right corner. There you can set the quick game mode. These settings are complemented by the possibility to disable the warning messages and skip the training video at the beginning of the use of the online lottery.

The special bonuses and jackpot in the machine Beetle Bingo Scratch are not provided. The only bonus, you can get is an additional game board, since it is not included in the basic concept of the game and provides an opportunity for non-standard earnings. Therefore, if you want to know about slot machines with jackpot see the correspond section on the site.

The whole gameplay is filled with animations for the easy perception. In general, the viewed game from Playtech is significantly different from the standard slot machines than may attract, and repel.

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