Scratch cards is a type of instant lotteries, represented in little printed cards with coverage on them. The name of this lottery comes from words "Scratch". They were created in 1974 and immediately gained popularity worldwide because of reasonable price and possibility find out the results in a wink. Modern gambling industry can provide gamblers with ordinary printed lotteries and scratch card games in online casinos.

Classical rules of scratch cards game

Classical scratch cards rules both of printed and online versions are very simple. Player buys scratch cards in bulk of a certain nominal. On the front side of the ticket there is a field with nine "hidden" cells with certain images and opaque coverage on them. Player scratches the coverage and opens sectors. Scratch card with three identical pictograms is a winning one. The prize size is indicated in separate cell.

Detailed rules of modern scratch cards games

It should be noted, that modern versions of lotteries have additional options, which help to increase the popularity of the game. Developers of online and printed versions use several techniques and rules for scratch cards, that help to make this type of entertainment more diverse. Among the most widespread techniques we can allocate these ones:

  • Expanding of the field size and usage of "lines" in winning combination. There may be over nine lines with various payout coefficients in the new games. At the same time scratch cards, where identical pictures are located horizontally, vertically and diagonally on the line, are considered to be winning ones.
  • Non-standard forms of fields. In one of the best scratch cards to buy the status of "winning" symbol gets one of them in separate cell. You can also see its value right away. According to the lotto scratch card rules if the same image appears in general field of scratch card gives money prize.
  • usage of unusual graphics. Developers of online scratch cards offer lottery tickets, where traditional fields are replaced by pictures of slots, card or roulette table. The principles of the game remain the same. When three identical symbols fall out on one of the reels, player gets the prize, which is indicated lower, in the special window. In "roulette" scratch cards it is necessary to guess number on which the ball landed. The bright examples of similar scratch cards games are Classic Slots Scratch Card, Seven-gold-scratch, Roulette scratch card.
  • Usage of video images and rules of scratch cards. One of the most popular types of games of this type is Rocky scratch cards. There are only three cells with portraits of major Rocky's competitors on the card. The aim of the player is to choose the winning one. When player chooses sector short video starts, it is fight during competition. If Rocky wins, card will present you with money prize. The amount of payment is determined in a random way.

"Second Chance" option

"Second Chance" function is a special option in modern national lottery scratch cards online. Even those who lost can get money award in certain cases. Complying with instant lotto scratch cards rules you should collect the word from "hidden" symbols under the coverage of a second chance ticket. Lucky players can get great prizes. If you plan to buy scratch cards of any type, you should get acquainted with rules of the game, indicated on the website and with payouts coefficients. It will help you to choose the most interesting and generous lotteries.