Bermuda Triangle
Bermuda Triangle

The video slot Bermuda Triangle by Playtech slots maker became simple and intuitive to the players of all levels. Despite the lack of a wide variety of symbols and bonuses, the slot machine from the company Playtech turned noteworthy 3-reel machine.

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Bermuda Triangle slot reiew

How to play

The management of the game in the online slot Bermuda Triangle is simple. It starts the reels with the "Start" button in the central part of the bottom panel. Stopping the spin beforehand is not possible, but the rotation of the three reels does not take much time. On our site you can find out more about Rules of the game or more of the Online Slots.

The bet on one rotation is determined by the switch in the lower left corner. The arrows with the image plus and minus intuitively suggest how to increase the size of the bet, as well as decrease it. The size of the bet varies from one hundredth to 5 conventional units. The currently total balance of the player is displayed lower. Its initial value is equal to two thousand credits.

The number of active lines in the slot machine for free play is limited and is five. However, there are only two options – one active line or five. This is done using the buttons "Minimum Bet" and "Bet Max" respectively. The feature of keys maximum bet is that clicking on it will spin the reels.

Special attention should take the automatic play. To run it, you need to:

  • In the upper right corner go to the settings with a wrench;
  • Choose from the drop-down list the "Autoplay" button;
  • Pay attention to the window in the lower right corner there are expose the desired number of spins;
  • Start the rotation by clicking on the blue arrow button.

The automatic spins stop when the determinated number of spins finish, or by pressing the button with a cross.

Symbols and payments

In the study of the construction of the combinations in the free slot machine, Bermuda Triangle should pay attention to the fact that the three drums stop in different ways. This means that in every vertical may appear one or two symbols. Based on this, we can make the following conclusions:

  • The first line takes part in the game if one symbol falls in each drum;
  • To make a combination in the second and third lines there should appear a pair of symbols;
  • The fourth and fifth lines have a probability of winning only with the appearance of two symbols in the first and last drums and one in the middle.

After the spin on the playing field appear only the main pictures. They are represented by images of sharks, dolphin, octopus, plane and boat. The payments are only possible due to a combination of three symbols, which can also be different:

  • Three dolphins, octopus, sharks, and aircraft;
  • Three images of sea creatures in any order and quantity;
  • Similar to the previous point when aircraft and ships fall.

For the referred symbols the user will obtain from ten to 150 individual bets. The lines that are completely filled with the sailing symbols will bring the higher rates. They range from 400 to 1000. Thus, the maximum payout the player can reach is 5,000 conventional units.

Other functions

Additional opportunities to win in the casino slot machine Bermuda Triangle are not provided. However, there are frequent spins with payments, which make the use of the average coefficients sufficient for a comfortable game. Besides all mentioned, the user can customize the interface and the atmosphere of the gaming machine.

For example, is possible adjust the volume and also disable or enable the background music. You can also disable the warning message and skip the intro video at the beginning of the use of the slot game. It is possible to make the rotation of the drums faster than the standard way, which is suitable for the players who cannot wait. All options are available in the upper right corner of the section, marked with a wrench.

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