Club Roulette
Club Roulette

Club Roulette casino game for free is the virtual casino for real experts from well-known company Playtech. Nothing will prevent the player from tasting this amazing one-armed bandit luxury with crucial dealer’s voice. Playtech creative team has made very interesting gambling video slot which is designed in classic colours an incredibly realistic casino offers players to guess a number from 1 to 36, in which the roulette wheel ball will stop. For amateurs this game may seem simple, but true experts are aware of the mystic combinations. They allow you to receive large payments. But the rates on the number are not so high: from 1 to 1000 coins and the winnings exceed one bid from 2 to 35 times. To learn more about this gambling sphere you can do this on our website page about Roulette.

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Club Roulette casino game by Playtech

Rules of the casino slot machine Club Roulette

  • Choose the bet by clicking on the chip with the desired nominal value in the left corner of the screen.
  • Place the chips on the board rooms. You can double the bet by making an additional 1 push on the desktop chip number.
  • Special bets button gives the opportunity to increase the chances of winning.
  • Behind table rooms there is racetrack. With its use you can make bets on Voisins (Neighbours). For this round you need to place 5 chips (1 chip set by player for the racetrack, and 2 on both sides)
  • If you want to take away chip from your numbers before the start of the game, click on it and hold down the key Shift.
  • The number of placed chips determines player himself.

Free slot online control panel:

  • Start the game with Run button.
  • The key Remove rates cancels all the chips placed on the field (table numbers)
  • You can play the same chips sequence on numbers by using the button Repeat bet.
  • You can leave the winning bets on the table for the next round, or take them together with a win.
  • In the bottom left corner of the display there is the total available balance, consisting of player’s money and bonuses from the casino.
  • Cashier button is used for entering and removing the deposit with operations history.

Club Roulette bonuses

As always, Playtech does not stop to please the favorite clients with attractive gifts and surprises. This time for Club Roulette company developers prepared a series of bonuses in the form of:

  1. Free Spins, during which player can get the biggest payouts. You can use a certain number of turnings. If the player sets Auto mode, then free rotations mode will not be possible.
  2. Golden Chip which you are given for guessed combinations. Golden Chips can be used on the field instead of the usual ones. In case of a draw golden chips are returned to the player in the form of ordinary ones. All winnings from golden chips will be credited to the user’s account.
  3. Special rates done on the luckiest sequences such as Finale Plane, Zero Game, Orphelin Plein, Voisins du Zero, Tier du Cylindre and others. Each of them is a series of possible winning numbers with the highest probability of win.

Combinations and awards

Club Roulette slot with no depositwinner is determined by natural fortune and luck, that’s why the highest winning coefficients are hidden in the minimum amount of numbers covered by chips. So, if a player was able to guess the number by betting on 1 of them, his prize will raise by 35 times (2 numbers – x17; three numbers – x11; 4numbers – x8; six numbers – multiplier x5; and the last lowest one – x2 for 12 numbers). Despite of the many numerical sequences bets in Club Roulette slot machine can be made on the colour of the winning number (red or black), odd or even number and its range 1-18 or 19-36. In case of win the bet is given back to the user and the casino transfers to his balance account the amount that is equal to his stake.

For intuition lovers Club Roulette from Playtech is an opportunity to earn good money and become an expert in the casino, because VIP-gamblers have an access to any of the privileges.

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