Four by Four
Four by Four

Four by Four slot game is a usual online slot machine with a small set of common symbols and with two special features. However, even such modest specifications are filled with features from the company Microgaming.

Free fun online casino game Four by four gained its name for a reason as it has four reels and rows. Symbols rotating in the vertical direction from top to bottom. To begin this process, just click on the “Play” button, which is highlighted bright green for convenience.

The player does not necessarily run every scroll manually. At the bottom of the control panel, you can set the game mode “Expert”, that will start the AutoRun feature. It is configured through the window, which opens by clicking on the button “Auto Play”. There, a user sets the number of auto spins and conditions for termination of the gameplay without player intervention. This can happen in the case if all automatic spins have finished or when a payout reaches a certain number.

The bet per rotation is set with the relevant counter with plus and minus. Here are values from 0.1 to 50 with different steps. The selected number of virtual credits is deducted from the total balance of the user, which is displayed a little to the left. At the beginning of the casino game on net, its value is equal to two thousand of virtual currency. But the size of the last win can be seen in the lower right corner at any time. If you don't know how to play, read the main slots rules in the corresponding section.

A gold control panel includes not only switching between play modes of the game Four by Four but also the parameters of the slot atmosphere. It is created by the soundtrack and fast rotations of four columns. The first parameter can be completely turned off or partially. All choices are determined by checking in the appropriate fields. To monitor the time, pay attention to the clock in the upper right corner of the screen.

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Four by Four slot game with bonuses

Payments for combinations

Combinations in the slots games from Microgaming manufacturer combine of four main symbols. They are represented by elementary geometric shapes. To win, you need to collect four pictures of one kind in a single row or column. In this case, the total bet multiplied by a specific factor is paid out:

  • 0.2 for a Red Cross;
  • 0.5 for the Blue Cross;
  • 1 for the Green Diamond;
  • 3 for the Yellow Ring.

After the winning for a sequence was added to the player's balance, a combination disappears and new characters start taking its place, they also give the opportunity to make one more combo. Characters can participate in the formation of the two lines (vertical and horizontal) if required.


Despite the relatively small number of common symbols, free slot machine games Four by Four is filled with three bonus features at the same time. The first involves forming sequences using a wild cell which is designed as a Pink Star. It can substitute any character or create an own combination. In the second case, the player will be paid the bet multiplied 5 times.

To find information on the remaining two bonuses, you should use the button “View of the rules”. On the next page, there is information about two bonus rounds – free spins and shift. If you enjoy free spins, we have a list of slots with free spins just for you.

The player can use slot machine with free spins in the case if four pictures with appropriate inscriptions drop on the playfield. This occurs randomly. During free spins, which are four in total, wild symbols are fixed in the corners of the reels and participate in the formation of combinations.

“Shift” mode is activated if four orange writings are there on the screen after a spin. They make it possible to move one of the horizontals or verticals in the desired way. This makes it possible to collect a winning combination manually. A shift takes place by clicking on the corresponding arrow that appears next to each extreme cell.

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Game Specs
  • Freespins Yes (10)
  • Automatic bonus Yes
  • Super bonus Yes