Crypt Crusade Gold
Crypt Crusade Gold

Crypt Crusade Gold online slot from Microgaming producer is a non-standard slot machine devoted to the Egyptian theme, where there is a path for the main character moving instead of the usual five reels. The number of the character's steps is determined by a special wheel. This gambling is more similar to the board game with dice toss than slot machine with reels and lines. A wide selection of casino table games you can see in this section.

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Crypt Crusade Gold online slot with free bonus

How to manage

Free slot machines online games interface consists of a track with 47 cells. The archaeologist with a flashlight in his hands moves along that path. Standard reels are absent in this slot. The principle customer's task is to bring the main character to the end of the track, where there is a treasure chest. But the archaeologist cannot reach his goal easily, because various obstacles and traps are placed in his way.

Gameplay management is possible thanks to the buttons on the console. The middle and the largest Spin/New Game button is designed to start a special wheel, which determines the number of player's steps from 1 to 6; “+” and “-” buttons under the Stake inscription set the bet from 0.50 to 10.

  • Turbo unit with “off” and “on” buttons are responsible for the speed of the little man's movement on the field of free slots online. The first button is for those who likes a measured game. The second button is for those who appreciates the dynamics.
  • View pays switches on the informational table with rules and payouts.
  • Back to Game closes the aid window and returns you to the game.
  • In addition, there is Win window on the panel with buttons; it shows the number of wins in a single step.

To master the console management is just simple due to the convenient location of buttons and screens. The music background adds the intensity to the gameplay. If you wish, the sound accompaniment should be turned off or adjusted. For this purpose, there is a special button in the form of a small dynamic in the right corner of the game field.

Free slot machines for mobile Crypt Crusade Gold Gameplay

The thematic game from Microgaming sets a goal to reach the treasure chest. For that target, you should spin the reel up to 10 times. The wheel shows the possible number of steps from one to six. On the archaeologist’s way, there are key points with wins on a certain amount. The biggest prize awaits the player in the end of the path. Before the final point, the player must make exactly forty – seven steps.

Slot e games track cells are divided into different types:

  • Continue. It allows the player to continue the way, if he has spare steps.
  • Death (in the form of a skull and bones). When the archaeologist fares here, he falls into the pit and begins his journey from the start.
  • Jackpot (in the form of a compass). When getting into that cell, the player can take part in one of the jackpots.
  • Jump (the cell in the form of an arrow). It transfers the archaeologist to the next field with the same symbol.
  • Prize (is a footstep in the form of a gold coin). The player receives a certain number of payments. The award is dependent on the established bet.

Jackpot cell is located in the centre of the playing field – that is the final point, where the player can get the main prize.

Free slot machines bonus games

There are no additional bonus rounds in this game, but there is the opportunity to participate in the drawing of 10 jackpots. For that purpose, you should get to the chest or the outer space. If you want to get more information on bonuses, visit the relevant section of the site.

Drawing conclusions

Free slot machine games with free spins and bonus Crypt Crusade Gold are suitable for fans of nonstandard slots. The classic fans can miss the value of the game, which resembles the board game. The players who launch the slot will find easy rules and a simple control panel.

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