Cyberstud Poker
Cyberstud Poker

Cyberstud Poker is online video poker game created by company Microgaming, represented in digital form. This poker variant doesn’t involve bonuses, jackpots lottery or doubling due to risk games. That’s why pokie Cyberstud Poker can be easily called a virtual version of the traditional stud poker.

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Cyberstud Poker online video poker

How to play Cyberstud Poker game          

Video poker Cyberstud Poker is the game with a deck of 52 cards in which the player works against the dealer. Before each delivery the deck is reshuffled. Because of this moment any “hands” coming to the user or the dealer are formed randomly.

Downloading the demo version of video poker note that your balance account is already filled with virtual credits, which are used for making the betting bids. The starting score is 10000 coins. Before stating the first round of game machine, it’s necessary to know the functions and keys of the control panel that affect the situation on gaming board.

So, player is offered:

  • The keys "+" and "-". These buttons are to make the “Ante” bet which is the one adjustable option in this device application. This is the category of stakes made at the beginning of each new round before the cards are dealt. On the virtual table it is shown in the form of chips placed in the appropriate field. “Ante” bids range is 1-50 credits.
  • Deal – runs the round (cards distribution). The first five cards in slot machine online game are given to player, another 1 card is for dealer. At this stage it is necessary to assess how strong your hand is. The game uses hints telling whether the gambler has collected a combination and, if so, what kind of it. Following the tips or on your own rules and combos knowledge you can make the conclusion about the “hand” profitability you have.
  • Call – makes stake for round, which is equal to two compulsory rates established before the distribution. So if you placed 1 chip on the “Ante” field, the number of chips in the “Bet” field will be 2 chips selected before tour. By clicking the “Call” button, you agree to play if you expect you can win.
  • Fold – with this key you refuse to raise your bid at casino online game in case you are not confident in hand or not assemble the combination. Remember with “Fold” you automatically lose the round.

Apart from these buttons there are presented columns:

  • Bet – shows the size of bet, if the player has agreed to continue the game after cards distribution.
  • Ante – shows done blind which is set with the use of “+” and “- ” keys.
  • Win – shows coins the user has received if his “hand” were successful.

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Combinations and payouts in Cyberstud Poker

Cards combos bringing victory in the casino Cyberstud Poker table game match classic poker combinations. You may find in your hand:

  • Ace-king;
  • One pair;
  • Two pairs;
  • Three of a kind;
  • Straight;
  • Flush;
  • Full House;
  • Four of a kind;
  • Straight flush;
  • Royal flush.

All of unions above are paid according to their own coefficients. The award increases when you are playing at high rates. In the small – the prizes are small, but the number of rounds that you can play automatically increases because fewer coins are spent on round payment.

The most expensive combination in online slot machine Cyberstud Poker is Royal flush giving the winnings in the proportion of 1000:1. The cheapest and the questionable combination is Ace-king bringing the payment in size of 2 bids. Remember "high card" is a fairly weak hand that is valued less than pair. Even if the dealer has a hand of pair of “2”, he gets an advantage against the player’s king or Ace.

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