Deuces Wild
Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild video poker online slot game is created by the Betsoft company and is widely known in the world. It operates according to classic poker rules and game management is similar to the ordinary online slot games. The graphics is simple – just a colored background and simple cards animation. There are no sounds except for the actions on cards replacement. There is a stylized name and logo of the slot machine on the game screen.

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Video poker Deuces Wild slot machine - Game process review

Game process

In the beginning of the Deuces Wild free slot machine on mobile game process, you should place your bet. The rate size is changeable: each “Bet One” keystroke adds a coin to the rate. The customer places from one to five credits per round. Also you should select the coin value indicated next to the “Choose Coin” button. By clicking on that key, the player can change the value from 0.02 to 5.

In addition, you can carry on the round at the maximum wager by pushing the “Max Bet” button. When all the parameters are set, press the “Deal” key and start the game. During a round, you can press it twice. After the first “Deal” key push, the cards are changed and five “Hold” buttons are switched on to fix certain cards on the screen. When you have fixed the chosen cards, press the “Deal” button again to replace the cards one more time.

The game uses a standard pack of 52 cards. The amount of reward for each combination is shown in the info table at the upper part of the screen. You can see specific figures there you will receive on your account in case of win, depending on the wager you have set.

The customer can control the speed of cards replacement by clicking on the arrows below the “Game Speed” inscription. The “Credits” figure displays the reminder of available funds on the gaming account, which is adjusted with the rate change. The “Bet” key shows a stake for the next round and the “Win” cell indicates the award amount received from the last one.

Combinations of cards

Deuces Wild has the same card combinations as the ordinary board poker does. But in this slot machine free game they are divided into two groups: the ones that contain deuces and those which do not contain them. The combinations with deuces are the following ones:

  • Three of a Kind – three cards of the same rank;
  • Straight – five cards in sequence but not in the same suit put together in ascending order;
  • Flush – any five cards of the same suit but not in sequence;
  • Full House – a combination of three cards of the same rank and two cards of the same rank;
  • Four of a Kind – all four cards of the same rank;
  • Straight Flush – any five cards sequence of the same suit;
  • Five of a Kind – four cards of the same rank and deuce.

The most expensive combinations are the following ones:

  • Deuces Royal Flush – one or several deuces with a standard Royal Flush combination;
  • Four Deuces.

A single combination does not contain any deuces and promises the greatest prize that is Natural Royal Flush. It includes five cards – Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten – all of the same suit.

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Slot machines to play for free the risk game

Enjoy the opportunity to multiply your reward by the game on doubling.  You can go to that level after any combination of cards falling by clicking on the “Double” button. At this point you can refuse from the doubling and assign the win to your account by the “Cancel” key pressing. The game is next: you should choose card that is greater than dealer's is. If you are wrong, the whole win will be lost but in case of victory, you get the doubling and a chance to increase your win twice again. You may also get acquainted with other peculiarities of such rounds in Risk game section.

The poker fans will appreciate the free games in slot machine Deuces Wild. The risk-round, understandable management and game rules identical to the classic poker give you the most pleasant emotions. The Deuces Wild slot game will appeal to both experienced gambler and a novice in the gambling world.

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