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Enchanted slot game online

Slot machine Enchanted

This fairy tale is waiting for those who is about to commence a game on Enchanted slot machine. This free online casino games for fun is prepared for players by Betsoft company. A player can get ripping prizes while spinning the spools. The more wins, the better will be a game. Trophies are given for successfully collected combinations of 3, 4 or 5 images. The images have to be gathered on one of the bands of the unit (here can be used up to 30 paylines).

Symbols and management

The size of payouts for a certain combination depends on the pictures of which it is composed. For example, largest award of free online slots Enchanted will be given by Elrid wizard. Large prizes are also given for pictures with a girl named Seera, a monster named Rufes and for other sequences of pictures. But the magic trophies do not come to an end: when three gold keys or 2 rabid hats appear on the field, a corresponding bonus game will be launched. 

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (9)
  • Active bonus Yes

How to win Enchanted (cheats and tricks)

In any slot machine, your chances of winning pivot on RTP, the amount you have already spent and the amount you have won during the game. Besides, you should remember that, usually, a big win is 1,000 to 3,000 times the bet, so it makes no sense playing with a bet of 1 cent if you want to win more than USD 10–30.

So, in the following situations you will be better off doing as suggested:

Main rule:
  • Your prize per spin is 100 times the bet or more
Scatter Symbol
  • You get Scatters twice in ten spins
  • You get free spins twice in ten spins
  • You win 50 times the bet or more in free spins
Active bonus
  • You get active bonuses twice in ten spins
  • The active bonus wins you 50 times the bet or more