Dawn Of The Bread
Dawn Of The Bread

Scratch cards online – is a kind of mixture of lottery and slots often presented in fun surroundings. In Dawn Of The Bread online slot with free bonus is played the zombie theme under the unusual sauce. The zombie baker in the fun of Microgaming developer regularly bakes cakes with different fillings, which can bring large gains.

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Dawn Of The Bread online slot

How to play the scratch cards Dawn Of The Bread

To test the demo version of slot game with bonus Dawn Of The Bread you will not need to pass the game registration and deposit funds. The entertainment on our website is free of charge, with a certain number of credits in the account for which you can "buy" a new card. The meaning of each round is to find three identical objects hidden under the image of a cupcake. Depending on the type of "stuffing" the player receives payouts.

Before you start searching for the hidden characters, refer to the control panel at the bottom of the screen. Here you will find:

  • The Stake window with two additional buttons – "+" and "-". With these keys the user adjusts the size of the bet (the new card value). The number of credits in the round is deducted from the total account balance (displayed in the Credit window at the bottom of the screen). The amount of the bet is in the range from 0.5 to 10 credits.
  • The New Card button, with which you can activate a new card. The value of this key is equivalent to the Spin button in the video slots. However, the game structure is very much similar, the only difference is that the progress is carried out in two turns:
    • Purchasing the cards;
    • Opening the images.
    • The Win window reflects the winnings obtained after the disclosure of the images, in the case of a winning combination. In contrast to the casino games, the combinations are counted regardless of the symbol positions. They may be in different columns and rows, or in a single column/row, the main thing – is to collect three identical pictures.

There are two ways to remove the cupcakes layers. If you are interested in stretch the process and reveal the characters in a convenient manner for you, you can just click the left mouse button, passing over the pastries. If you want to speed up the game and to open all the cells at once, click the Reveal All button that appears on the place of New Card button.

Examining the section dedicated to the rules of the slot machine on our website you can compare the principles of playing on the scratch cards and the slot machine to play for fun free.

Symbols and payment in the cards scratch Dawn Of The Bread

The images in the slot game video Dawn Of The Bread correspond to the selected category of comic horror. At least, in the baked cupcakes the player will find something that for sure he would not want to see on the plate – the cockroaches, mice, eyes, larvae, false teeth and brains.

These different hideous things bring different rewards and, accordingly, they are more or less frequently. The rarest ingredient -is the eye. Collecting three such icons you get the cost of the card multiplied 1000 time. The cheapest component of the cake – is the cockroach. It brings the total bet x2.

By the way, buying more and more cards, you can see how change the frequency of the appearance of the combination and their payouts:

  • At the rate of 0.5 coins, the cheapest combination will bring only 1 credit, the most expensive – 500 coins.
  • Playing at the high stakes, you will get 20 coins for the cheapest combination, and 10 000 coins for the most valuable.

Is it obvious that the casino game with the highest value brings more impressive prizes? However, it is worth remembering that the player's account, even in the demo version is not infinite. Buying cards for the highest value you can pay fewer rounds during the session. Playing at the lowest rates, you can activate a more number of rounds, but with a minimum of winnings.

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