Features of slot machine bonuses

The year 1996. The VMS company introduced a new project in the gaming industry – bonus round slot machines Reel'M. And this feature became the next breakthrough in the development of gambling.

Today, most models of gaming machines are equipped with prize options. Slot machine bonuses – it is a “secret” which, according to users, allows you to win large sums. The possibility to obtain additional credits without any new investments attracts players.

Besides, bonus rounds slot games help to increase the pleasure from the gameplay and diversify it significantly. Considering the numerous options of these tours offered by the manufacturers, you can always choose a machine capable of pleasing by another version of a bonus option. Plus, consequently, to receive new and unexpected impressions and possibly payouts.

Basic varieties of the best bonus rounds on slots

Bonus options always attract the attention of the players. Even those who prefer the most simple models of online free slot machine games for fun; a variety of themes, which are usually a continuation of the main plot, unusual features and, of course, solid wins are the advantages of these rounds.

Despite the variety of storylines, operation algorithms, on which prize-winning options are based easily categorised. Let's consider the main types of best slot bonus rounds.

Instant win

This option offers the maximum simplicity and somehow resembles a game of chance. The main difference – it’s a guarantee of getting a reward.

The tour begins with three unique pictures appearing on the reels – bonuses symbols. Each pic hides a particular prize. User’s task is to guess what image can bring the highest payout. The reward can imply a cash payment and the multiplication of the bet by a predetermined factor. Here, everything works by the rules of the game.

Some gamblers claim, this type of slot game party bonus round is not the best. They prove their position by several arguments.

On the one hand, significant gains in these rounds are a rarity. On the other, they do not diversify the gameplay much. As a consequence, it does not bring satisfaction to admirers of challenging entertainment.

The slot games with instant bonus may be recommended in cases when users prefer simple.

Pick & Win

This type of bonus game is an improved version of the bonus mentioned above. The operation algorithm is also based on selecting pictures, but this variant offers both a longer game and higher payments.

When the bonus symbols appear, an additional window is opened on the screen. It displays up to 12 thematic images. They may be designed as a series of icons, for example, cards, and in the format of “complete” picture. For example, in the game Holmes and the Stolen Stones from Yggdrasil company, the user sees the symbol of the room and looks for the reward in vases, behind the mirror, curtains, other “interior objects”.

However, the general idea remains the same. The goal of the game is to find the most valuable pictures allowing replenishing the balance, and preferably, by a significant amount.

It should be noted, that in this category, we can distinguish 2 distinct groups. Free slot bonus rounds pick & win can be represented as:

  • Win-Win “lottery”. All pictures of bonus round bring prizes.
  • Game of chance. Some icons hide rewards; others contain pictures that return the user to the main mode of the game. Prizes received during the round are kept in any way.

It is important not to get the symbol “Exit” already at the first attempt. An unlucky player who receives such a picture in the first place will leave the bonus round with nothing. It is easy to guess, the more “money” icons the user guesses, the greater the reward.

In both cases, free bonus round slot games online may offer as a prize both the exact amounts of credits and the multiplication of the bet.

Bonus round pick & win + free spins

The algorithm of this type of series is similar to the previous one. The user is asked to guess the winning picture.

But here, not only money can be the reward but also bonus slot games free to play– a certain number of spins and even multipliers. Upon a successful session, the gambler, in fact, participates in two prize rounds. At the same time, he accumulates credits in a bonus round and can get some extra spins without paying for bets which also brings cash rewards, not to mention the excitement and diversity of the process.

Many players classify this variant of the bonus round as the best slot bonus games.

Wheel of Fortune

Another variation on the pick & win, designed to diversify the entertainment. But in this case, the usual pictures are replaced by the image of the Wheel of Fortune. Guessing pictures is not a task for the player anymore. A prize – money or a multiplier are determined by a sector where the arrow stops.

This model of a bonus option is classified as automatic bonuses. It will be enjoyed by beginners and gamblers that don’t like to participate in the bonus entertainment actively.

In a separate subgroup, we can include free bonus round slot machines Wheel of Fortune + free spins – the analogue of pick & win + free spins. As a reward, you can get money (multipliers) or additional entertainment.

A good example of a slot machine with a similar function can be Bridesmaids online slot from Microgaming. Here, the user has a chance to get access to 1 of 4 additional tours: one of the varieties of pick & win or free spins with multifunctional wild symbols.

The similar principle of operation is used in a bonus round in the slot machine Dolly Parton from Leander Games. It provides three types of bonus mini-games. A particular tour is also determined by the rotation of the wheel of fortune. However, this game offers the opportunity to participate in all three rounds in a single run.

Multi Level bonus

This version is the optimal solution for users focused on the fascination of the process. In these free slot bonus round, so-called arcade style is used.

The tour is implemented as a separate mini-game, the plot of which corresponds to the overall theme of the slot. The user can perform specific actions, to “lead” the character of the machine. Moreover, as it is believed, to have some effect on the results of the game. Although the possibility to affect the tour is doubtful, the process itself is pretty fun.

As an obvious example of arcade slots with bonus games of this format are:

  1. Hot as Hades from Microgaming. An additional tour of this model allows you to go through 5 levels. In the story, Hades must get to Olympus, passing a number of obstacles. At each stage, the player hints the way to the character. A good choice brings monetary rewards and lets you continue the journey. The wrong choice leads to the completion of the tour. It is almost like in a risk game, but the received payments are kept. By the way, this round is not the only bonus option in the Hot as Hades. In addition to it, the user can randomly get 5 free spins.
  2. Aliens from NetEnt. This slot machine’s bonus round consists of 2 levels. However, the players themselves often endow it with 3 stages. This is due to a non-standard algorithm of the additional game launch. To enter the bonus mode, you need to collect a certain number of sequences in order to fill the scale of Aliens. The process raises the fascination of the game. The bonus game, as mentioned, consists of 2 stages with a standard plot. The primary goal is to get to Queen Hive and destroy her. However, every step can bring monetary rewards or finish the game.

Despite the complexity of the tour, the device belongs to the category of auto bonuses. The player is not required to do specific actions; he can simply monitor the development. And yet, the users themselves often call Aliens an arcade game machine. However, in any variant, it refers to the category of devices with a multi-level bonus game.

Free spins

Slot games with bonus rounds free spins are perhaps the most common version of games in today's online casinos. The mentioned bonus option is present in most models, including machines with a small number of lines.

In the classic version, the user needs to catch 3 scatters – special symbols. As a result, player gets 10-15 free spins, in general, with the multiplication of gains. It is this version of the slot machines that are often used by companies:

  • Novomatic. The collection of the manufacturer presents models that have earned a reputation as iconic slot machines. Book of Ra, Lucky Lady's Charm, Columbus – 9 line free slot machine games with free spins option that has won high popularity.
  • Playtech. The portfolio of the developer includes multi-line machines and video slots with the presented bonus round. Among the most common user queries, there are bonus slot games, the game Fantastic Four 50 Lines, other models of the company with the option of free spins.

But trying to increase the popularity of slots, this feature is used by most manufacturers. At the same time, everyone works to improve conditions, complementing free slot games bonus spins with new options and functions. Do you want to look through the detailed overview of the current varieties of the slots? Look in the section Free spins! We have presented a detailed description of the kinds, their rules and features.

Bonus features of slot machines

Evaluate how various free slot bonus games for fun are! At the same time, the above list only applies to versions of the rounds that are launched by special characters.

Slot machines can be equipped with additional functions. They are not the bonus games literally. But taking into account their ability to increase the frequency of payments and their size, they can also be attributed to the category of bonus options.

Meet the additional opportunities of slot games with bonus rounds which increase the odds of winning!

Hold Feature

This option offers the possibility to block multiple reels before starting the next spin. Consider the following example. For example, after a rotation, identical symbols dropped on the 2nd and 3d wheels. Obviously, you are close to forming a sequence. Click on the keys Hold under the corresponding reels; you can fix them and run the rest of reels again. Probably, you will catch the missing symbol to complete a combination.

When planning to use this type of slot bonus round, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The cost of a re-spin. Depending on the model, this feature can be provided free of charge, for an extra fee or with a higher amount.
  • The cost of a combination or, to be more precise, the ratio of a spin value and a combination. Calculate whether the payment for a sequence can cover the expenses for its creation. If not, you can go to the base rotation mode.
  • The algorithm of operation ofslot bonus games. In some models, there is a possibility to activate the Hold Feature wherever the player wants – manually. Others produce new rotations automatically. If this option is free, it's only a plus. But if you are to give the money for this, you should consider the feasibility of using the device.

Nudge Feature

Slot bonus rounds with the opposite effect. The user is offered the opportunity to nudge the reels. To be honest, the effect is the same.

A good example of a model with Nudge Feature may be the slot machine Wild Orient by Microgaming. Let's say you ran the reels. On the 1st, 3rd and 4th reel, the same symbols have appeared. To supplement a combination, you can re-spin the two reels. And, by the way, not once.

Note, that a turnover price depends on the value of a combination. Accordingly, you should use the guidelines given above and calculate whether to perform additional rotations or not.

In general, as in the previous version, the price for the activation the Nudge Feature is determined by the slot rules. The function can be activated automatically or triggered by the player’s request.


One of the variations of slot bonus games. In this version, the user can get 1-3 additional turnovers upon the appearance of even a single picture. For example, in the slot Starburst from NetEnt, the option is launched by the appearance of a Star. Acquiring the ability of a wild symbol, it takes all of the cells on a reel and, remaining on the playfield, activates an additional spin. A repeated loss of the Star, which does not happen often, will allow you to perform one more rotation.


This slot bonus roundis activated randomly. Visually, the device a kind of “shakes”. As a result, there is a shift of cells.

The results of the “change” of boxes may vary depending on the rules of the game. In some models, identical symbols on the screen combine on a line creating a sequence. In others, there is a shift of reels provided. In any case, the option works in favour of the player.


This option means the multiplication of payments x10-x2 times. The function can be activated in different ways.

In particular, the ability to increase the winnings in free slot bonus games often belongs to wild symbols. Their involvement in combinations increases its cost in 2-3 times. Specific combinations of characters can be endowed with similar abilities as well.

Cascade (Avalanche)

The original option, provided by NetEnt. The algorithm of its work resembles familiar to many players Tetris game.

In detail, the action of slots with bonus games Avalanche (Cascade) is that the symbols that have formed a line disappear. Other icons move to the empty cells often creating new combinations.

The entire process takes place “within the framework” of one rotation. The user does not need to pay an extra fee for the emergence of new icons. Moreover, the creation of each sequence is often accompanied by an increased factor.

In theory, there is no limit on the number of combinations to form, this is certainly not the case. Limits exist. But in fact, lucky players can receive 5-10 sequential combinations in a single rotation.

Among the most popular free slot games with bonus Avalanche, we can distinguish Gonzo's Quest from NetEnt, Crystal Queen from Microgaming, Big Bad Wolf Quickspin.


The reverse version of the above option. In the free slot games endowed with the bonus feature Sticky, icons that have shaped a sequence get fixed.

The rest of the algorithm is similar. The device makes a free rotation of wheels. The cells that were not previously involved in a combination catch new pictures. If sequences are supplemented, the process is repeated.

Popular free slots with bonus game Sticky models are Jack Hammer and Jack Hammer 2 from NetEnt. A similar option is implemented in the machine The Exterminator by BetSoft.

Shifting reels

The algorithm, as is evident from the name, implies moving reels from right to left. Thus there is a duplication of symbols in adjacent vertical lines and therefore, sequences are created.

An example of a free slot with bonus games of this format can be Novomatic development – a gaming machine Cirque du Cheval. The option Carousel, implemented here, is activated on a drop of a certain combination of symbols. According to the rules of the game, identical symbols can fill 2-4 reels, creating combinations on multiple lines.

Multifunctional wild symbol

The types of bonuses with this particular symbol are very diverse. Pictures, expanding over the entire reel or several cells horizontally (Megadeth from Microgaming), symbols appearing on the screen at random (Hound Hotel – Microgaming), the conversion of the identical images into wilds (Battlestar Galactica Microgaming) – just a short list. The full information regarding the special symbol opportunities is presented in the section Wild symbol.

In addition, there are so-called “individual” bonus features available in specific models of games of certain manufacturers. For example, in the game of Rathortooth from Quickspin, there is an option The Hunt. It is activated at random. The Tiger “jumps” across the screen turning 3-5 pictures into the wild symbols. Wild Desire in Immortal Romance and T-Rex Alert in Jurassic Park by Microgaming possess similar characteristics.

FAQ – the right choice of slot machines with bonus games

Players who understand the peculiarities of the action of different prize options can more easily choose free casino slot bonus games matching their preferences. However, in addition to the features of the bonuses, when selecting a slot, you should take into account a number of additional factors.

To simplify the understanding of the theme, we tried to answer the most common questions of visitors to the portal. We are introducing a mini-encyclopedia on the prize options.

How to activate free slot bonus games for fun

In the description of the various types of special functions, we briefly raised this issue. Now let us consider it in more detail.

The classic version of entering free slot bonus games is getting two or three (depending on the slot rules) special symbols in a sequence. The main icons of this type are:

  • Scatter symbols. Their main feature is the ability to create combinations regardless of the location on the reeland. The primary function is the activation of the free spins round. Choosing a slot, note what rewards are meant for scatters. The best option, if the appearance of two such pictures brings a cash payment, 3 – a money payment + free spins.
  • Bonuses – pictures that open access to bonus rounds. In a typical version, to go to the mini-tour, it is necessary to collect a sequence on a line. In the best case, such a line will give financial rewards as well. However, these options come infrequently.
  • Bonuses-scatters – symbols that activate a bonus game (not free spins) but without being associated with a payout line. The evaluation criteria correspond to scatters indicators.

In addition, as we mentioned before, there are free vegas slots with bonus games, activated automatically at random.

How to know whether there are bonus games in slot machine

Any free slot game for fun provides a special information section – the payout table. It sets out the rules of the game, multiplier coefficients of sequences and, accordingly, the presence (or absence) of special symbols.

In this sector, you can see whether a slot machine has bonus games, how are they activated and what benefits bring. To access this section, there a Paytable button on the screen (Info, Help, i, depending on the machine model).

What are the best slots for fun with bonus games

It’s almost impossible to answer this question definitely. It all depends on personal preference of the player. Whether you prefer a simple entertainment, enjoy challenging games, want to find a machine with a few prize options, the decision is yours.

But we present the top 10 popular slots with bonus games for free for every taste:

  • Sharky – 9-line slot from Novomatic. The model has maximally simple rules. The bonus round is made in the format of slot bonus games online free spins. During the tour, all wins are multiplied three times.
  • Book of Ra Deluxe – another Novomatic model which has gained the status of a cult slot machine. According to gamblers, it stands out by the high frequency of combinations. Bonus option is also presented in the format of automatic free spins round but with the additional wild symbol.
  • Dragon's Myth by Rabcat – slot machine bonus round videos. The device with 20 payout lines that allows you to win in both round of free spins and an exciting bonus tour. Among the special symbols, there are wild pictures provided. Among the advantages, users note fun gameplay and a non-standard algorithm of prize options launch.
  • Game of Thrones 243 lines – the product of Microgaming based on the popular TV series of the same name. Bonus options presented in the form of four variants of slot bonus games online free spins.
  • Castle Builder – a model by Microgaming on the “fairy” subject. The device has 15 paylines and offers the possibility of entertainment in a bonus game of the pick & win format.
  • Jimi Hendrix – 20-line slot from NetEnt. The device is dedicated to the famous musician, and equipped with several versions of free spins tours and bonus games.

This is only a brief list of popular free slot games with bonuses. But some models allow you to familiarise yourself with the basic types of bonus options. If you have a wish, you can choose any other model in the extensive collection of the portal.

Is it worth playing slot with bonus games

The answer to this question is also largely due to your preferences. But it is worth noting, that specific advantages of models with numerous prize options – fun gameplay and the probability of getting a good win in the bonus game.

Classic one-armed bandits, as a rule, are distinguished by the higher payout ratio. But the game itself is somewhat monotonous.

What to look at when choosing bonus games online free

We will remind, that important criteria are the features of the formation of sequences involving special symbols and their payouts. At the same time, pay attention to how a bonus option works.

If you prefer a simple entertainment, you will enjoy the so-called automatic bonuses: free spins, re-spin, the avalanche. In other words, functions that do not require the direct involvement of users. Admirers of complicated games should pay attention to the arcade game machines.

How to choose a slot machine with bonus games

If we talk directly about the devices, when selecting, you should take into account the traditional criteria: range of bets, multipliers, RTP,  and variance.

Experienced players will also take into account the characteristics of bonuses that are typical for models of specific manufacturers. As mentioned, Novomatic and Playtech often offer free spins with the multiplication of payouts.

Free slot games with bonus from NetEnt are distinguished by the use of non-standard options that run randomly: the avalanche, sticky, others. This does not exclude the presence of free spins and multi-level bonus rounds.

The implementation of several bonus features is a feature of the majority of free slots online games with bonus games by Microgaming. There is also the possibility of obtaining both free rotations and additional tours. In addition, modern video slots by the producer are capable of forming from 243 combinations and more.

How to play slot machines with bonus games on PC

To run any of the presented in our collection free slot with bonus rounds, just click on the icon of an enjoyed model. The device will be loaded automatically in a few seconds. Next, you need to set the desired parameters of the game as described in the Rules section, and you can click on the Start button.

Before starting free slot with bonus games, it is necessary to make sure that the PC has a Flash Player installed. This program is used to display the media content on the browser page.

Is it possible to play arcade free slots with bonus games no download

It is possible. Modern manufacturers create most of the models of slot machines with the use of html5. The software of this format works with all mobile operating systems. Thanks to this, playing free video slots with bonus games no download in browser versions is easy for users of any modern gadgets running on Android, iOS, Windows.

However, the launch of gambling devices in such a version is possible only if there is a connection to the Internet. If you prefer to have an uninterruptible access to free entertainment, you can download free casino slot games to play offline directly on your phone.

Where to play slot machines for money

This opportunity is provided by numerous gambling clubs. In the Best online casino, we present a list of trusted portals that can guarantee the integrity of the game. Also, here, you will find a list of casinos that offer free signup bonus slot games allowing to increase the odds of winning.

Are slot machine bonus games predetermined

No. All bonus features and the rounds are generated randomly during the game. Sometimes, a player can change the course of the bonus round, but the reward itself is not automatic.

But before you play slot machines for money, we recommend that you get a full understanding of the features of prize options and bonuses, the gaming experience can guarantee this. It is not necessary to risk your personal finances. We have presented the best collection of demo free video slots with bonus games. You can access and assess them right now.