The kinds of no deposit bonus codes

No deposit bonus codes – it’ a combination of letters and numbers that you type into a special form to obtain a promotion offered by a casino. Gift vouchers are available only to registered online casino players who have received access to additional options of the site after authorisation. By using the activation password, a virtual gaming platform client can receive extra game credits on the account (with active casino no deposit bonuses codes) or access slots and table games for free by running simple bonus offers – free spins or Free Play. Visit the free spins bonuses in online casino to learn more details about this service.

Since coupons have an “expiration date”, only current passwords will be collected on our website. Here, you will find casino bonus codes 2017 including no deposit casino bonus codes mobile versions. Comparing offers of various gambling portals, you will find a platform that meets your ideas about the beneficial game, or read the casino reviews and choose the casino for playing.

From this article, you will learn:

  • what is a bonus code;
  • how to use it, what casino offers they cover;
  • are there pitfalls when using these bonuses.
  • how complex (money) and simple (game) promotions differ;
  • in what casinos they can be used.

What are bonus codes and their kinds

Various online casinos have different names for a bonus code. Someone calls the combination of letters and numbers coupons, someone – promo codes, deposit codes or coupon codes. The essence remains the same: online casinos offer their customers a certain amount of virtual credits and additional opportunities to play for free. To activate a particular promotion, you need to use the proposed password in your profile.

As a result of the entering a specified password, a user receives:

  • a fixed amount of online casino free signup bonus no deposit required;
  • a percentage of the sum of money available on the account (often, this bonus has an upper limit and does not exceed the amount indicated by a casino);
  • a number of free spins specified by a casino;
  • Free Play limited time.

From the list, you can see that casino bonus codes correspond to proposals with different nature. Some of them are directly related to the user’s account, others – to some games from the catalogue of a casino. We can divide coupons by purpose:

  • not related to the money on a deposit;
  • dependent on funds on the user's account;
  • designed for slots;
  • working for table games.

In addition to the target classification, we can also mention the following criteria to differentiate promo codes:

  1. Access to a wide audience:
    • mass;
    • exclusive, issued by the loyalty program.
  2. Use quantity:
    • one-time;
    • multiple uses.
  3. Specifics of use:
    • for all games;
    • for slots;
    • for roulette;
    • poker, etc.

Mass coupons – it’s a kind of code, which is placed in the public domain and may be used by any registered casino client. Exclusive passwords are issued personally to a particular user for specific achievements – playing at high rates, the duration of the profile existence, the frequency and volume of account replenishments etc.

One-time coupons, as the name suggests, can be used only once (most often they are mass casino no deposit bonuses codes associated with welcome rewards or bonuses for deposits). Reusable – more personalised offers which may vary over time. For example, if a user receives a bonus code of long-acting, it will work strictly for one account offering various game advantages:

  • returning a part of the money spent on the game;
  • the percentage increase to the deposit;
  • free spins and time-limited sessions for free, etc.

Special coupons, intended for certain gambling entertainments, often contain a qualifying word in a title. So, one can often find a code with a word “slot” or “games”, identifying the type of applications associated with the activated bonus.

How to use bonus codes

To use a promo code proposed by a casino, a player should be familiar with the characteristics and rules of a casino, in particular. In most cases, the field for a promotional password is located on the same page as the field for the account replenishment. That is, only registered casino customers who have access to the personal account and the page for depositing money can use a coupon.

The field for indicating a code is often above or directly below the lines for entering credit card details or other data required for the transaction. In some cases, account replenishment is essential to activate the bonus offer. Codes which do not depend on the deposit can be used at no additional actions related to the transfer of funds.

If the page for replenishment is lacking the field for entering the code, it means that the site does not use coupons to activate a bonus. All bonus offers are launched automatically. In this case, you should study in detail the terms and conditions of bonus offers use to promptly accept or refuse proposed benefits.

What is the difference of bonuses activated by promo codes

As we have seen, online casino bonus codes can activate all sorts of rewards and promotions, which can be divided into: cash benefits and game offers.

Cash associated bonuses, in turn, are divided into gifts for operations with the account and no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players. In fact, both options involve the replenishment of a deposit with additional game credits. But in the first case, the money are given for the registration or for compliance with any conditions, in the second case, for the transfer of real money into the account.

No deposit bonuses include: welcome bonus, reward for inviting new players.

Prizes for depositing money are:

  • for the first payment;
  • for each subsequent transaction;
  • for a certain amount of money used for bets by a player, etc.

Gaming proposals relate exclusively to the user's activity while visiting an online casino. These benefits apply to gambling offers and have several forms, depending on the type of game selected. So, there are free spins for existing players, Free Play, the increase in payments for successfully played bet, etc.

The main difference between casino bonus offers is that various types of bonuses are given on certain conditions. So, simple bonuses are limited only in time and quantity, while complex bonuses (activated using no deposit bonus codes 2017 or coupons attached to the account) are needed to be wagered.

Why to wager cash bonuses

Offers that imply the accrual of additional funds on the account need to be wagered by casino rules. Often, cash bonuses impose restrictions on withdrawing winnings from the account as long as the balance has bonus credits. There is a special wager indicator (the multiplier for the bonus money).

That is, if the user receives a bonus in the amount of USD 100, to withdraw money from the account, he has to make a certain number of bets determined by a wager. If the multiplier is x25, this means that in the game, you need to use bets in a total of USD 100x25. Only after the bonus is wagered, the user will be able to transfer money from the gaming account to a bank card or a personal e-wallet.

Before using no deposit bonus codes 2017, read the rules of this or that bonus offer. Some bonuses can be considered as disadvantageous (often, these are offers with wager higher than x40). These rewards can be refused from – you can not to enter a password from a coupon or (if bonuses are activated automatically) declare the refusal in the prescribed form.

Remember, you can refuse from a bonus if you have not spent a single credit in the game. Once first bonus money are removed from the account for betting in a game session, you automatically agree to the terms of the bonus offer and are to wager it.

Casino restrictions on wagering bonuses activated by coupons

On virtual gaming platforms, all casino free bonus no deposit suggest the need to fully wager money accrued after entering the promo code. However, a variety of online casinos impose restrictions on the list of games that may be involved for wagering.

So, most casinos offer using bonuses by rotating the reels of slot machines. The activation of banned for wagering application resets gift credits immediately without the possibility to return them back to the account. Prohibited games often include:

  1. Roulette;
  2. Black Jack;
  3. Poker;
  4. Kreps;
  5. Bingo etc.

The exceptions are bonuses activated by specific codes, which specify names of the games. In this case, resetting benefits for table games is possible. However, in the process, the customer must only use the category of applications which is specified in the conditions of the promo. Otherwise, additional money will burn permanently.

More about simple casino bonuses

If the purpose of money (deposit and no deposit) bonuses is understandable to players, we should find out more about simple casino proposals that are not related to the user’s balance. These promotions include: free spins for existing players, free games for real money limited in time.

Such offers do not require wagering. They can be used to explore a new game or to obtain certain benefits: you can play the favourite slot or run a digital desktop application for free. Money won’t be written off the balance, but prizes received during such session will be added to the balance under the terms of the game.

Free spins

Free spins as bonus work for slot machines included in the catalogue of a casino. Don’t confuse casino benefits with in-game functionalities of a slot. Slot free spins – it’s a special part of the game, which is activated when certain conditions are met (a combo of special images collected). Casino free rotations – it is an opportunity to start spinning reels in the main game at the stake set by the user without taking off money from the balance.

Free Play

Free games also need to be distinguished from demo versions. Training slots and games usually don’t have  limitation in use. During this type of games,  virtual credits are not involved and there is no possibility to write off money and cash the prize. Freeplay as bonus offer of a casino – it is an opportunity to play for casino money for a limited time. In these sessions, the currency of casinos is used for betting, and granted coins will burn at the end of the given period for free play. However, all that the user has received as a prize during a session remains on the balance and can be used for further playing and bring real money.

No deposit casino bonus codes for mobile phones and tablets

Suppliers of gambling entertainment cover quite a wide audience of users not forgetting those who prefer to play at casinos using a mobile device. Online mobile casino free signup bonus can also be activated using the promo code or run automatically when you download, install the game client and create a profile in the mobile version.

Using no deposit casino bonus codes instant play can be activated. The player does not need to transfer real money to the account for trying a game from the catalogue. Such an offer is called a mobile casino welcome bonus no deposit required. However, the reward in the form of free spins or sessions at digital gaming tables are also available for beginners and regular customers.

Where to find current bonus codes

Casino bonuses and promo codes to activate them are constantly updated. So, soon, a new part of coupons will be published on the Internet – casino bonus codes 2017. Latest casino no deposit bonus codes are usually represented in the corresponding tab on a website, but we gather the most recent offers for the convenience of search and comparative characteristics of different online casinos. By studying codes and descriptions on our website, you can find the most profitable and attractive offer and become familiar with the terms of getting it.

The list of no deposit bonus codes will be relevant in UK and across Europe as well, in countries where online casinos are allowed. For those who cannot use services of gambling sites legally, there are demo versions of slots and table games for educational purposes. Playing on such platforms is not contrary to the law, not intended for advertising or enriching at the expense of consumers.

Note, that there are some restrictions on the use of promotional codes:

  1. some coupons can be activated only once;
  2. promo codes are valid for a certain period of time set by a casino.
  3. there are codes that can be applied only on certain days;
  4. some casinos indicate a list of games for which the bonus is available; it is activated by entering a password; for other applications, the bonus effect does not work.

Bonus codes in land-based casinos

Visitors to real gambling venues may also take advantage of casino bonuses which are often activated by bonus cards. These cards act as promo codes for slot machines or table games on online platforms. The implementation of additional offers depends on each casino in particular. Some ground-based casinos offer a loyalty program for regular customers. The administration offers to purchase a card that accumulates bonus credits or awards gift certificates for a certain amount of money for a long and regular playing at high stakes. Rewards accrual terms vary from casino to casino. Also, casinos often offer attractive bonuses for beginners – the opportunity to try a game at the gaming table, etc.

About all additional offers, loyalty programs and other promotional casino campaigns, learn from the administration of each individual casino. Remember, that bonuses – it's not a mandatory part of casino services, that’s why they are not that common.


Bonus codes in casinos – special alphanumeric combinations that are used to activate special offers and promotions on online gambling websites. Getting to the game, a registered user can activate no deposit casino bonus codes for instant play: a player receives funds for the first run of a game session. Thus, you can start winning real money without spending a dime. However, it is worth remembering, that no deposit casino bonus launched with the help of codes is not cashable. Before you withdraw rewards from the account, you will have to wager bonus money.

Also, promo codes will help to activate free spins for existing players or free plays for a limited time. These bonuses do not require wagering and allow receiving real money at no additional cost during free play.

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