Guns N Roses
Guns N Roses

Video slot machine Guns N’ Roses allows people to play along with their favourite artists and win large sums of money. In the relevant section of the site, you can find the useful information about playing slots for money. The device is equipped with a bright graphical shell, a high-quality animation, and stunning soundtrack of the cult Californian band Guns N’ Roses.

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Guns N Roses slot machine review

Free slot machine Guns N’ Roses is a rock hit of recent time

Virtual slot machine games are gaining popularity these days. But the one thing that today's online casinos lack is music slot machines. Net Entertainment company corrected this small mistake and leased a slot Guns N’ Roses in 2016. That's what this article is going to be about.

Guns N’ Roses is a Californian rock band formed in 1985 in Los Angeles. Today, musicians have a few dozen popular hits to their credit. Anyone who has never even heard of this band certainly knows their compositions “Don’t Cry”, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”, “Welcome to the Jungle” and others. At the beginning of 2016, NetEnt released a slot machine entirely dedicated to the band members and their creation. It is still a mystery how developers managed to negotiate with the scandalously famous musicians, but the fact remains that the device was brought into life. Slot creators claimed that artists not only granted to them virtual faces and music, they were directly involved in designing and creation process of the gaming machine.

Free slot machine Guns N’ Roses is a venturesome gift to all fans of the legendary American hard rock band. Players along with the musicians can roll the reels, bet and win large amounts of money. The device is equipped with a high-quality graphical user interface, a unique gameplay, attractive animations and the official soundtrack of the iconic Guns N’ Roses. But first things first.

Device structure and basic principles of the game

Free Virtual Machine Guns N’ Roses has five reels and twenty fixed lines, the number of which remain unchanging during all rounds. It is allowed to bet only equal amount of money on each line. For a cash reward, a player should collect a combination of three or more identical symbols. If he gets a number of bonus combinations, payments are added and paid altogether, which is very profitable. Most virtual slots in such cases pay only the largest prize, but not Guns N’ Roses. Winning sequences are counted from the leftmost reel.

The main advantages of the virtual slot:

  • unique subject;
  • qualitative graphic design;
  • greatest hits of Guns N’ Roses band;
  • a large number of additional symbols and bonus games.

The slots machine portrays key members of the rock group, symbols and logos of Guns N’ Roses, brand mediators and card suits. The background depicts a large crowd of fans below the stage. When lines form a winning combination, the crowd starts to jump and show a sign of the horns. In the right side of the screen, under the drums, there is a section with the number of available coins and a button that allows setting the maximum bet in one click. A round button in the middle runs a single spin. In left menu, a player can set the size of a bet and select the soundtrack. The list of songs shows up in the lower left corner and a player is free to switch tracks at any time. It is also worth noting that the quality of sound in a virtual slot is really excellent. Although, it would be strange if the music slot sounded bad. So everything is fine here.

Like most classic slots Guns N’ Roses has a Wild symbol and bonus features. There are regular Wild and Expanding Wild. They are designed in the form of Guns N’ Roses logo. Wild Symbol does not form independent combinations but can substitute other missing pictures in a sequence. The Expanding Wild covers the whole wheel and is paid according to a bet.

Bonus features are designed in the form of vinyl records. They show up on the first, third and fifth reels. These features are not paid separately, but when all three appear simultaneously they launch a special bonus round that consists of several stages, which will be described below.

Bonus games

The bonus round begins when a wheel of fortune appears on the screen and determines the type of feature game. The slot has several thematic rounds.

  • The Crowd Pleaser Bonus Game is a classic bonus game which requires a player to choose a variety of presented items and receive prizes for them. If all items are collected properly and a player does not go broke, the next stage of the game will be started, and so on. If a user is lucky enough to reach the end of the final round, he will get as a reward free spins with high stakes, which will be made by a casino itself.
  • Encore Free Spins means ten bonus spins with one reel permanently covered in a Wild symbol with musicians’ picture.
  • The third round has no name, though rules are very simple. A player is paid a fixed amount of money and the round ends. Not the most interesting game, but stable and fast.

Also, in addition to these features, the device can randomly start a round of free spins with special Wild symbols involved. Or, boxes with multipliers can appear on the playfield. If they form a bonus combination, the player's bet will be increased by corresponding values.

The slot does not have a progressive jackpot, Wild and bonus symbols with bonus games. Also, there is no doubling round.

Game Strategies for Guns N’ Roses slot

  1. It is necessary to understand one simple thing: there are no 100% safe strategies for slot machines and there will never be. Virtual slots use a random number generator, which determines the rotation of the reels by pure chance. Nevertheless, the experts give a few tips that can help players win more money with Guns N’ Roses slot.
  2. The advice is related to the virtual currency. Guns N’ Roses is a free slot machine, which can be run by any person who is interested in it. Virtual currency brings players a profit but also does not take money from them. Playing on a demo account is the best way to master skills. Playing with virtual money, a person can determine the optimal bet size and develop the own unique strategy.
  3. A player should not bet too much hoping to hit a big jackpot at once, especially if he has a limited budget. It is necessary to make a small and medium-sized contributions, and not to play this slot the whole day after a big win.
  4. It should also be remembered that the machine brings the most profit when free spins and bonus games are activated. A player can have a bad luck during ten spins in a row and then make back all money at the eleventh rotation. So do not despair and move to another machine after a couple of defeats, because you can only lose your money and not win. Gambling stands on two main pillars: patience and luck.

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Myths and rumours about the slot

Although slot machine Guns N’ Roses is quite young, it’s already surrounded by various gossips and rumours. And this is not surprising, because the legendary rock 'n' roll musicians are adored by millions of people around the world, and introducing a gambling slot with their participation caused a wide response in the music community.

  • The first rumour is that the band's manager and the artists themselves did not give their permission for this device for a long time, but NetEnt representatives were so confident about their success that offered an enormous sum of money so that refusal would be just stupid. Later, when the development was in full swing, the band even imbued with the game and began to directly participate in the development process: made their adjustments and promoted ideas, mostly related to the visual and audio component.
  • The second story is no less interesting. By the way, it was confirmed by the owners of some rather big online casinos. When in early 2016 the slot game was released, it was bought by a lot of virtual gambling clubs. But no one expected that the flow of fans would be so great that servers of some casinos were down within several hours. It was a dark time for gambling as thousands of players could not play any of the installed machines. Fortunately, a few hours of consolidated work of programmers has brought servers up and casinos worked again as usual.
  • The third story tells about crazy fans, that were playing the device for several days in a raw after the launch. A young man, playing on virtual currency, sat at the computer without a rest more than twenty-five hours. The result of this foolish act was dehydration and disorientation, that led to hospitalization for a week. Giving an interview to journalists he said that he loved Guns N’ Roses band and expressed his respect for the actions of the musicians. It soon became clear that the twenty-seven years old Brad Murray visited more than twenty concerts of the group, and his home collection included absolutely all of their records, including vinyl.
  • The fourth and final story tells of two brothers who sued the NetEnt company for that the slot machine allegedly prevented the study of young people, and, as a result, they got expelled from the university. According to the boy's parents, brothers were playing the slot for days using virtual currency. They abandoned studying and very rarely left the house. A few months later they were expelled from the university and did not find anything better than to sue the developer. Needless to say that they didn’t win the trial.

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History of the band

As mentioned above, Guns N’ Roses band formed in 1985 in Los Angeles. The first and “classic” composition included vocalist Axl Rose, lead guitarist Slash, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin, bassist Duff McKagan, drummer Steven Adler. These are the faces that appeared on the reels of the slot machine. Their first album, “Appetite for Destruction”, is the most commercially successful debut musical album in the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Participants of the group have always had explosive characters and addiction to alcohol and drugs. Several times the band was about to split but managed to keep it together and record six albums. During the existence of the group more than twenty people have played there, but the basic structure remained mainly unchanged, except for a difficult period in the mid-90s.

Despite bad characters and rock 'n' roll life of musicians, the developers have been able to agree with the manager of the group, and the guys not only provided their soundtrack but also allowed to place their virtual incarnations on the drums, as well as took an active part in the development. Master’s work can be seen at once, as fans immediately recognized the machine style, its energy, and spirit of a real free life.

The history of the slot machine

The virtual Guns N’ Roses slot has a very interesting history of creation. Few people know that in 2010 some unknown American company wanted to buy the rights to the group's logo and images of musicians for the creation of a slot machine. The band's manager refused for several reasons. Firstly, at that time the band participants were not interested in gambling and saw no reason to sell their logo to some stranger. Secondly, the company was quite young and inexperienced, and if made a bad game it would had a bad impact on the reputation of the group. And, thirdly, the money factor took its place. The developers just did not have the sums of money that would suit musicians. For these three reasons, the project was closed not even been started. Most likely it was for the better, as the current machine by the Net Entertainment company clearly exceeded the hopes and expectations.

Though, we should not deny that there were a few incidents with the present machine. On the final stage of the development the band rejected the visual style of the device and made developers redo it. Because of this, the release date had to be postponed and a number of people were removed from the project. This incident is not surprising, as the developers know what they agreed when had signed a contract with the group.

The conclusion

Guns N’ Roses is a great and very high-quality slot machine, which primarily will appeal to fans of a scandalous rock band and only then to all the rest. The slot stands out at the expense of the identity and style. None of the devices has such a strong and lively soundtrack and a vivid atmosphere of a real rock concert. According to many experts, Guns N’ Roses is the best creation of Net Entertainment and this is impossible to disagree. Perhaps, we can to put on par with this machine the South Park slot, but that's another story.

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Game Specs
  • Freespins Yes (10)
  • Active bonus Yes