Spin A Win
Spin A Win

Spin a Winvideo slot machine by Playtech is the Chinese roulette with spinning wheel, which is divided into 24 sectors and includes five colour ranges. Zero and the jackpot are unavailable. The bet size on the number ranges from 0.1 to 50 coins and the maximum payout here is a multiplier up to x23,4.

In Spin a Win, a player has the possibility to make both inside and outside deposits. He can use eight strategies of making bets: on a number, on last number, higher/lower, odd/even, one of the three number of intervals and on the colour of the sector.

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Spin A Win slot machine

The rules of the game

A user makes a bet following one of the strategies and spins the online roulette wheel. When a player stops its movement, and the arrow points to sector number on which the deposits were made, the player gets a prize. One can also make a bet and guess the properties of numbers: odd/even or colour.

The principles of roulette game you can read on Roulette page of our site.

Control panel

The playing field shows a wheel and four tables with info on credits – they are to demonstrate inside bets: for one number (any number), one of the three numeric intervals (1-8/9-16/17-24), colour ranges or the last digit.

In the meantime, the wheel is divided into four sectors, which produce the appearance of external rates: Lower, Higher, Even and Odd.

A user needs to follow next steps, in order to play free roulette:

  1. To define a bet size by clicking on the cells of one of the tables or the selected sector of the wheel;
  2. To apply the Clear Last Bet key (to remove the last bet);
  3. To clear away the contributions from a playing field using Clear All Bets button;
  4. To trigger a round by pressing the Spin knob.

A reference about the game is in the upper left corner under the Tools icon.

Strategy and wins

A player is awarded in online slot games for fun with credits after a win, according to one of the betting systems:

  • One number (any number) – x23,4;
  • Numeric intervals – x3;
  • Red section – x3,30;
  • Green field – x3,90;
  • Blue area – x4,60;
  • Yellow section– x5,80;
  • Orange is the colour for x3,90 gain;
  • Red and blue – x1,90;
  • Red and green – x1,80;
  • Green and yellow – x2,30;
  • Blue and orange – x3,30;
  • Orange and yellow colours of 3.90;
  • Odd/Even numbers – x1,90;
  • Higher/Lower than the previous number – x2,6/x1,6 respectively;
  • If the last digit of a number ends in 1, 2, 3 or 4 – x7.80;

Few more details should be remembered to understand the size of these free roulette game’s payouts:

  1. The less cells of the same colour are there, the bigger is the reward;
  2. A user won’t be able to bet on “Higher” using Higher/Lower levers if the previous number that appeared was 1, 2, or 24; in a similar way a player will not be able to place a rate on “Lower” if the number in a preceding round is 1, 23 or 24.

Winnings are the multipliers of bets, so ultimate outcome depends on what was placed.

Maximum bet

If a user bets only on one position and that position shows up again for the second time in a row, the award for that will be the size of bet multiplied by 23.4.

Roulette machine Spin a Win by Playtech is an unusual roulette, where the chances to win are quite high. That idea is proved by the fact that a player may not only bet on more colours, but also combine them and get the winnings for guessing one number out of eight possible. If you like playing a demo version of the game you can try to entertain in such real money casinos as [[$whereToPlayLinks]].

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