Rome and Glory
Rome and Glory
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Rome and Glory online slot with free bonus


Establish the prosperous money empire with Rome and Glory slot games free by Playtech. This game unites the user-friendly interface and intriguing plot on 5 reels and 20 wagering lines. With its 94.36% theoretical return, it promises you exciting gaming process. However, consider that those numbers are just the theoretical ones. Thus, manage wagers and learn everything about this entertainment before you start your adventurous government of the money empire!

General description of the rules and slot

Rome and Glory video slot is created with 20 alterable lines that can be activated with convenient hot buttons placed on both sides of the reels. On its five columns, various combinations are created with 10 symbols.

The main feature that can be launched in best free slots for funis 10 free spins with Mystery Scatter. Moreover, it can be re-triggered endless number of times, so if you are lucky enough, you can constantly stay in rewarding free games round.

Also, assembling two symbols – Caesar or Lucky lady in five of a kind combination, you can snatch a large sum of money, because they are added to the gameplay with the highest possible pays in this historical slot – 5000 and 2000 gaming credits respectively.

All winning events can be collected only on the active lines counting traditionally from the first reel to the fifth.

Gameplay settings: conquer bets and sound effects

Strong and successful empires should have the firm foundation. And in each free slot games new it is lines, bet per line and coin value. Adjusting those parameters use special buttons:

  • 1 = click to change

  • Lines

  • Bet per line

The first option regulates the coin denomination from the minimal 0.01 pound to the ultimate 5 pounds. You have 17 variants in those limits. By changing it, you influence the bet per line configuration.

Lines are alterable too. They can be changed with Line button. Press on it once for adding one line. To save time and avoid clicking constantly on the button for achieving 20 wagering lines, press on the numbers in circles at the both sides of the gaming field of online slots games. For example, you can press on 16. It activates all 16 wagering lines immediately. Click on 3 – 3 stripes are ready for assembling winning chains.

And the last function that creates the total wager is bet per line. Set it with the eponymous button. To game for high stakes, select one of the highest denominations for coins. For example, if you choose 2 pounds as one gaming credit value, you will be offered such limits for stake per one paying line: 2 pounds – 20 pounds. If you like to play low, setting the minimal coin value, like 0.02 pounds, you will activate other ranges – 0.02-0.20 pounds.

The general wager per spin is measured in Rome and Glory free slots PlayTech with the formula – bet per line x amount of lines. Its quantity is displayed on the screen Total Bet.

The setting panel involves Max Bet option for activating the spin with the highest possible stake.

Rome and Glory slot can be governed in two modes – manual one and autoplay. In order to play game with a simple pace use Spin button. Autoplay has extra settings. Operate with + / - buttons at the Auto Start selector for choosing any amount of automatically triggered rounds in 1 – 99 limits. You can click on the amount and with the help of Backspace set your own quantity (again, stay in limits) typing it manually.

Symbols and coefficients

On five reels of Rome and Glory slots adventure, you will see only precious and bright symbols complying with its main theme of history and triumph. The following pictures can be gathered in different combinations: chariot, grapes, Caesar, charming woman, bag with gold, manuscript, horn, goblet with wine and Aquila (eagle).

The most rewarding is the winning event with the Emperor. Five of a kind combination pays you 5000 gaming credits that are multiplied by bet per line stake. Note that all combinations bring pays due to such formula: gaming credit x bet per line. Scatter is only exception for this rule and multiply the total wager.

Another symbol with the highest pays is charming woman. Like Caesar, she can create combos starting from two of kind. However, slot games real rewards are meant here for five of a kind – 2000 coins. In addition, you can get nice pays with chariot and Aquila – both pay you from two of a kind too and five items combo costs 750 credits.

Low paying icons are horn and grapes that have the same table of pays in parallel with bag with gold, goblet with wine and manuscript.

There is only one special symbol in Rome and Glory slot and it is Colosseum. It has the special table of pays too, and as we have already mentioned, it enlarges the total stake. Five colosseums multiply it 200 times.  

Features and bonuses

The Colosseum acts in slots games as wild and scatter at the same time. Thus, it pays the total stake multiplier assembled in three of a kind and more and completes the winning events where it is possible. By collecting at least three pictures of this incredible historical building, you trigger the free spin mode.

This mode is developed with ‘Mystery Scatter’ that is chosen randomly before feature is started. Both Mystery Scatter and ordinary one participate in free games. However, they cannot substitute each other and Mystery Scatter cannot stand for other icons. As far as the ordinary Scatter is involved in gaming, the free rounds can be re-triggered. The Mystery slots scatter pays anywhere on the gaming field multiplying the total stake due to the pays for this symbol. For example, if bag with gold is chosen as Mystery icon, assembling three bags, you will get the rewards due to equation 5 credits x current general stake.

By creating the winning event the Mystery scatter expands covering the reels, but it does not add any wins. It is just a visual effect.

Free spins mode rules:

  • Free rounds amount is fixed – 10 free spins.

  • The number of free spins can be re-triggered, just catch three scatters again.

  • Reels are running automatically with the set wager and amount of lines for main mode.

  • When online slots bonus ends window with wins appears on the screen.

  • Click on Continue for returning to the main mode.

How to trick the slot

We are sure that each gambler has thought about tricking the slot machine for hitting the jackpot. We have also decided to review all those tips and myths how to make the slot working on you and we have concluded that it is utopia. All those ideas are based on such superstitions as paying and not paying slots, hot and cold games or if you play on certain video slot you will surely hit prizes or will understand the algorithm. As you see, all those online slots tip sare money and time demanding. That is why we do not advise you to trust such methods.

If you still want to game with profit and productively, we recommend you to operate with such helpful rules:

  • Managing your bankroll;

  • Learning everything about slot, its background and RTP;

  • Checking the reality.

The first parameter assists you in controlling your funds, especially, if it is not your lucky day. The point is that you need to set the sum you can spend today on gaming taking into consideration that it can be lost completely. In addition, you can divide it into small sums for separate stakes.

The second criterion gives a possibility to learn everything about Rome Egypt free slots, its peculiarities, features, amenities as well as terms required by those ‘sweet things’.

The last parameter can be built-in in game or you can remind it to yourself on your own. It is personal point and all depends on how much the game can attract you. The reality check parameter can be set in some games or casino for reminding the players how much time they have spent on gambling, as well as how many prizes have they got or lost.

Secrets of the slot machine

Slot machines bring wins to players anytime on a random basis. That is why many rumours are going around of them. In fact, they are only myths. All virtual casino games on net are based on RNG that creates the sequences of outcomes that cannot be caught within few gaming sessions. Actually, it is beyond the bounds of possibility to predict them at all.

Speaking about technical side of the slot machine and its ‘core’, we have found few secrets revealing how it works. In simple words, video slot is microprocessor generating the outcomes (constantly) and the graphic that shows them brightly and lucratively. When you press on Spin button, the result is created for you immediately. And all those seconds you are waiting for it, the graphic just entertains you slowing down the reels or marking those ones on which the special icons have just been landed. Such slots game design lures you to it. It would be disappointing, if each time you lose, the system shows you the simple tab ‘No win’. Another lure from the slot – small wins that make you believe that it really pays. However, if you correspond it with the current total bet or lost rounds, the illusion becomes clear.

As about secrets of the wise gambling, well, we have already outlined them in the previous paragraph. You can call them ‘Three R rule’: reality, return and resources. Check reality, estimate the return ratio (remember that it is theoretical) and manage your money resources.

Myths about slot

All those attempts to cheat the slot games in casino created a lot of myths and legends hot to make the game pay you high rewards. Some of them are based on betting strategies, some – on the game itself, its RTP, and other things.

Therefore, few casino players think that if they are losing now, all they need it to make the wager higher and the slot will start presenting them with winnings. The point is that it is just hypothesis. The sequence of outcomes is generated by RNG. Both bet and its size cannot affect its sequence. Wager just can bring you higher wins if you are lucky enough. Otherwise, with high stakes you will lose everything you possess on the balance.

The next myth is RTP. If it is high, the slot games for pc are profitable for sure. In fact, RTP is just the result of the audit by third parties like GLI and other institutions and shows the theoretical return ratio. The independent audit company analyses all money wagers placed in slot and how much this game has been paying players during the same period. According to that criterion the RTP is counted. In this slot, it is 94,36%.

In addition, there is a curious myth about ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ slot machines. Nevertheless, reading some reviews and explanations, we have realized that it is old legend about one-armed bandits. Some of them became hot after long gaming and due to lucky coincidence paid to players. Therefore, they decided if to warm up the slot machines at casinos by playing a lot on it or waiting before other players will do it, it will start paying you. As you see, it cannot be applied to internet casino games.

Another urban legend – after sequence of losses comes the winning. In fact, it is a kind of obvious and general statement. You still cannot predict when it happens.  

History of slot

The programmers from Playtech decided to develop Rome and Glory slot with minimum special symbols and features. However, they paid more attention to atmosphere and Roman civilization – all symbols are designed like famous pictures about that glorious and prosperous time. The animation is minimal too, but it was part of the plan: not to distract players of casino games by Playtech from the main goal – assembling the most luxurious pays on the wagering lines. Moreover, it involves a kind of jackpot with its two most paying icons – Caesar and charming woman. So, this masterpiece was released in October 2009.


History is the framework for this game. All attributes of glory and power in parallel with exciting plot and real fights for money rewards in Colosseum – meet new Playtech product with 20 alterable lines. Aquila, chariots, charming women and delicious wine together with bags stuffed with gold and special edicts for prosperous and lucrative gambling can be assembled here in combinations. In addition, of course, the Caesar himself and the most magnificent building – Colosseum greet players on the gaming field with real casino slots jackpots.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (10)