Red Dog

Red Dog slot machine online from NetEnt. In this game, you do not even need to know the name and composition of the poker hands. Is enough to know the values of the cards in the deck of 52 cards – and you can start the game. That is, it is available even to a child. The developer – the Swedish company NetEnt provide a pleasant leisure time to all the lovers of the simple card games. Here on our website you can find more complex slot machines to play Video Poker.

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Red Dog slot machine online

Rules of the Game

What are the rules of the slot game Red Dog? After the bet is placed, the player receives two open cards. His task – to bet that the third closed card, he will receive after the two first, by its value will be between these two. If this happened, the player wins, if not – the bet is lost. If you don't know how to play, read the main game rules in the corresponding section.

Special cases

It is assumed that the two dealt cards will vary by its value. But there may fall out the same cards. In this case, the dealer will give the player another one. If it is the same as the two first, the player will receive a payout of 11 to 1. Any other card leads to a draw: the player didn't win at the casino, but also doesn't lose the bet.

The draw is also when the player cards differ in value by one (for example, a Jack and a Queen). In this case, the player cannot make the bet, and he also doesn't win or lose.

The spread and the second rate

If a player has received different cards, the difference between the two is called the spread (for example, between the Ace and the Jack the spread is two cards). After the cards are received, the player looks at them and makes an important decision: whether he will make another bet. This decision depends on the main rules of the online slot Red Dog: the smaller the spread (and higher the risk) is, the higher is the payout if the third card is between the first two. The payouts are as follows:

  • For the spread in one card – 5: 1
  • Two cards – 4: 1
  • Three cards – 2: 1
  • Between four and 11 cards – 1: 1.

How to play on the game machine Red Dog

In this video slot game the playfield looks like a part of the table in the casino for the player, covered with green cloth. On the top of it – is the logo of the game Red Dog a red head bulldog. Under it – is the pay table. There are two circles in the center of the table, with the inscriptions “rise” and “ante”. Ante – is the initial rate, which needs to be done before the game starts. The bet is done with the chips that the player sees in the lower right corner of the table. There are four variants of the chips of different value:

  • 1;
  • 5;
  • 10;
  • 100 credits.

Dragging and drop the chips into the circle ante, the player makes a bet. Then he clicks on the button "Deal", which he also sees in the bottom. After the deal in front of him appear the first two cards, and instead the buttons "Deal" and the other one next to it – "Pick up", there are the keys:

  • Raise;
  • Rate.

The Raise allows you to raise the bet (if the player sees that the spread is good and there is a hope of winning), the Rate button – is to leave the rate unchanged. Once a key is pressed, the dealer gives the player a third card face down and then reverses it. If you manage to win, appears the inscription "the player has won!” After that you can make a new bet, resize it, or click on the "re-rate": in this case the rate will be the just received prize. That's all, nothing could be easier.

At the bottom left there are the traditional individual settings for the NetEnt slot machine games for home. There you can:

  • View the rules (with a question mark button);
  • Turn off the sound completely;
  • Disable the sound effects (imitation the spanking cards against each other), the fast play and the progressive rate (the opportunity to leave the won chips on the table).

Strategy of the game in Red Dog

As in any game of poker the gambling machine "Red Dog" has its own strategy. It is assumed that it is necessary to raise the rates if the spread is seven or higher. If it is less than or equal to six, then the chances are higher for the casino. Raise at such rate – is a high risk (but maybe that is the player is looking for). The Strategies of other poker games can be found here.

Also it is important, how many decks of cards are used in the game. There may be from one to eight. The more decks, the more likely the player will win. However, this applies only to real casinos; on the online slot only one deck. Learn more about slot machine strategies.

Summary: a simple card game, which does not require any knowledge of complex rules, no great effort. In this game you can play anytime; it will be a good replacement for solitaire and "Minesweeper".

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