Mini Roulette
Mini Roulette

If you just start familiarize with the Roulette, then the Mini Roulette online slot with free bonus from the Playtech company can serve as a convenient tool to master the principles of the classic casino entertainment. Despite the fact that on the drum are represented the total of 13 sectors, and one of which is zero, the opportunities and the principles of placing the chips on the playing field is no different from the principles and rules of the full game. Rotating the wheel of the simplified Roulette, you can pretty quickly and effectively prepare for a more serious version of the game.

In addition, our portal has a lot of information about exciting gambling entertainments. In these sections of the website you can learn more about the casino table games and roulette in particular.

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Mini Roulette table game online

How to play on the device Mini Roulette

To start the game in the Mini Roulette online, you should decide on the rate and place the chips in the game sector – is the table with numbered cells and additional external fields. For the rates are used virtual chips of the casino denominated in the range from 0.1 to 25 credits per chip.

Clicking with the mouse on any chips value, you select the nominal for the further rate. The minimum amount that can be placed is 1 the maximum 25. Some keys will appear directly under the table during the process of the distribution of the chips on the cells:

  • Start – a round button with a circular arrow. Pressing the button activates the rotation of the wheel of the roulette.
  • Cancel rates – the button with the image of the crossed column of chips. Clicking on the button will automatically cancel all bets placed on the panel.

Once the chips are placed in their positions, start the rotation. The wheel of the video roulette rotates and at the end of the rotation the ball stops in any sector. If your selected number corresponds to the sector number or the additional rate corresponds exactly to the side performance results (guess the color of the sector, even or odd numbers, etc.) – the award is credited to the account.

Before the start of the next rotation will appear a new button – "repeat bet", which you can use if you want to duplicate the previous position of the chips. If you plan to assign new cells, place the chips manually.

Rates and payments in the game machine Mini Roulette

The opportunity to place the chips in the miniature versions of the video roulette does not differ from the options in the expanded digital entertainment desktop. You can also do:

  1. Inside rate on the specific numbers. Such "predictions" are paid by large coefficients, bringing the user solid winnings. In the Mini Roulette can be put in each cell of the playfield marked with a number.
  2. Outside bets – additional fields in which you can place the chips for secure, describing the characteristics of the number or the sector.

Among these rates are:

  • Even and odd numbers
  • Red and black sector
  • Betting on line 2: 1
  • Rates on one-third – 1-6, 4-9 and 7-12 cells.

Game tactic in the gambling slot machine Mini Roulette

Of course, a single winning strategy for the online game of roulette is not has been developed to this day. All known betting systems work with probabilities and statistical calculations, which can be especially true in theory. Directly during the session, it is obvious that the fall of one or another number does not depend on any external factors, and especially on the size of bets.

Some numbers may fall on the reel 3, 4, or even more times per session, or even consecutive. The numbers, which fall on the roulette wheel, are determined randomly, thanks to the RNG. However, this can be considered unpredictable and positive thing: during the session, there is no the "factor of the dealer," that is the opportunity from the casino to influence the result of the spin. Thus, the Mini Roulette play online from Playtech studio is considered fair and safe in terms of quality of gambling services.

Having familiarized with the demo version, you can start the game and in the real institution. On our site, you will find a page with reviews of online casinos that can be useful in choosing a gambling site for the real game.

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