NewAR Roulette
NewAR Roulette

Online casino game NewAR Roulette – is a special kind of European roulette that has appeared several years ago. As any other roulette, NewAR Roulette by Playtech slots maker has its own features: this one has a special and pretty wide choice of bets, including bets used in French roulette. All details of gaming process and interface are designed to look exactly like classical European roulette, but with more realistic and well-detailed graphics, including the better visualization of a gaming reeland. The sound accompaniment uses compositions resembling those that you can hear in real casinos.

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NewAR Roulette online casino game

Game principle or how to win in online casino

The gaming process is started by choosing the the kind and size of the bet. There are seven coin nominals from 0,01 to 25 euros. To set the desirable bet level, you have to click the coin containing this number. The total bet ranges from1 to 1 000 euros. To use their bet, the player has to click the certain bet-setting buttons and then use the Spin switch to start a single spin of free slot machines for real money.

To double up the bet from before, use the Double button. Use the Clear Bets to undo all bets set before. To undo only the last one operation you can used the Undo button. Open the History window to read about last monetary operations, including received prizes.

If the player wants to, he can change the screen resolution by pressing the videocam pictograph in the top left corner of the screen.

It’s also possible to choose diagonal position of reel and reeland, or vertical – reel at the top, field at the bottom. Click the brush pictograph to change the color of table – red, green or blue. Press the arrows to change the spinning direction.

“Bet” number determines the total bet for spin of free gambling slot machine games. “Win” is a prize received after the last spin. “Double and Spin” button doubles up the previous bet and starts the spin. Reset and Spin uses the bet from before again and makes a single spin, too. Reset button allows to repeat the last bet, but without spinning the reels. For better understanding rules of roulette visit our section.

Bets of free slot machines

In NewAR Roulette free slot machine games play online it is possible choose from classical or call bets. The standard game field has several kinds of bets:

  • 1 number;
  • Split – 2 numbers, the chip is placed on a border of two cells;
  • 3 numbers – chips are placed on zero and two numbers at the same time;
  • 4 numbers (corner bet) you have to place your chip in a special point between four cells;
  • Linear bets – chips are placed on the one of boundaries of game field section.
  • Odd+black – bet on odd numbers of black suit;
  • Even + red – bet on even numbers of red suit;
  • Bet on 18 numbers – to bet on it, you have to put chips in “1 to 18” or “19 to 36” cells, according to the part of field chosen by you;
  • Red/black – bet on all cells of the all slots pc game field, containing red or black color. The chips are placed in the cell containing a rhombus of the same color;
  • Odd/even – bet on all odd/even numbers. Can be used via Even and Odd cells;
  • Columns – bet is placed on “2 to 1” cells, while each of them covers one of the three columns of the reeland;
  • Dozens – the player bets on 12 numbers at the same time. To bet on a dozen, the player has to put his chips in “1st 12”, “2nd 12” or “3rd 12” cells.

Payment coefficients and limits of those bets are described in information window that can be opened by pressing the special table on the reeland. Also the NewAR Roulette has call bets, that you can place by using the Racetrack field. This field allows next kinds of all slots casino games bets:

  1. «Neighbors»: the player has to choose a number and placed bet on it and four of its “neighbors”;
  2. Tier;
  3. Voisins du Zero;
  4. Orphelins.

Despite this free casino game being a pretty new one, NewAR Roulette is as popular as any other kinds of roulettes. To know more about real money casino games search here. Wide spectrum of bets, presence of Racetrack field, that makes a process of setting the bet a lot easier; realistic graphics and great musical background allow player to spend time while playing free slots in casinos with greater results and more fun.

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