Marvel Roulette
Marvel Roulette

The board games provided on the online gambling sites, not always strictly follow the canons of the classics. Thus, the Playtech Company, having exclusive rights and collaborating with the Marvel Company, tries to bring a little more super heroism in the traditional gambling. So, the Marvel Roulette casino table game is an old experimental model with a specific game theme and attractive advantage that received the name Marvel Jackpot. The progressive "named" jackpot is present in all Playtech products related to the heroic comic books and movies. If you are interested in a more traditional approach to the design and supply of gambling entertainment, check out the other options of Table Games in the article on our website.

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Marvel Roulette casino table game

How to play on the Marvel Roulette

Before starting the rotation of the demo roulette video slot, check out the control panel – the values, the parameters, and buttons that affect the course of the game. Before launching the spin should be set the conditions, on which the session will proceed with the maximum comfort for the user. At the bottom of the screen, under the drum and the panel for betting, you'll find:

  • A number of chips of different values (from 0.25 to 25). These chips are used for betting. Click the left mouse button, moving the cursor to the interested circle – thus, you choose a minimum size of betting. You cannot be limited to one chip per cell placing the chips on the table. In addition, before the launch of the rotation of the roulette, you can change the rate and place the chips of different denominations in the cell;
  • The large round button directly below the panel for betting is the key that activates the rotations.

After placing the first bet, at the bottom of the screen appears a few round buttons:

  • The button with a cross – cancels all scheduled rate;
  • The button with two columns – doubles the value of the bet in the entire table labeled cells;
  • The Key with one arrow (step back) – give up the last scheduled rate.

When the chips are distributed in the table of the free roulette game, you can run the spin and wait for the result. When the rotation finishes, no matter how the bet played, the user can use the following features that are displayed in the form of buttons which appear under the playfield:

  1. Double the previous bets and starts the rotation;
  2. Duplicate the position of the chips without doubling and start the rotation;
  3. Simply repeat the previous rate, without running the wheel, with the option to add new chips in the cell.

Rates and payments

During the session of the casino game, several types of bets are available to the users, as well as in the classic roulette. Only the verbal bets possible in a land based casino or the live dealer games are missing. Read about what kinds of Roulette there are, as well as the rules and the probability of return in the corresponding section of our site. 

The playfield of the Marvel Roulette includes:

  1. The internal rates – the location of the chips on the selected cells with numbers. Such chips play maximally advantageous bringing the payout ratio of 35: 1 (if the bet is placed on one number). In the lines with the numbers, you can place the chips in a few cells. However, in this case, the payment for the successful internal rate decreases. In addition, only one bet becomes successful, the bet respective to the sector in which the ball stopped at the end of the spin. The rest of the bets are considered as lost;
  2. The outside bets – those that can be done for insurance. They do not bring major benefits, however, allow partly return the credits bet in the rotation. Among the additional fields can be noted:
    • 1, 2 or 3 rows of the playfield;
    • 1, 2 or 3 third of the playfield;
    • The even and odd numbers;
    • Red and black sector;
    • The first or second half of the field (from 1 to 18, from 19 to 36 cells).

For each type of bet in the video slot casino is provided a coefficient. The more accurate is the forecast of the player (internal rate), the higher it is valued. It should also be remembered that when the sector zero falls on the drum, all outside bets are burned, and bring no benefits.


The main advantage of the Marvel Roulette is the ability to win the jackpot in the game. It is a progressive multistage prize, which, alas, is not active in the demo version. When you play for real money you can win one or more of the offered jackpots:

  • Power;
  • Extra Power;
  • Super Power;
  • Ultimate Power.

In the options list of the Marvel Jackpot, they are listed in order of the increasing volume of the potential prize. 

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