Multi Wheel Roulette
Multi Wheel Roulette

Free casino game Multi Wheel Roulette is a classic European roulette, The distinctive feature of which is the ability to use up to six drums simultaneously. This type of roulette is considered one of the most dynamic and promising in terms of winning. By boosting the number of active reels, the player increases the chance of the rate to work.

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Multi Wheel Roulette free casino game

The game principle

Free slot machine play Roulette is equipped with a standard playing board. There are six reels in the upper part of the screen; they can be activated and deactivated by clicking on them. To start the game you should make your bet by choosing chip value and placing some of them on the board. The “Wheel Bet” button indicates the bet value on a drum and the “Bet” button shows a total bet per spin. The “Wheels” figure displays the number of active reels. The minimum bet on the board is 1 euro and the maximum – 1,000 euros.

The upper bet threshold per drum varies depending on the type of bet. After the number of reels is selected and the rate is made, you should click on the “Spin” button and spin the drums. Before the reels stop, the player can see the areas where the ball stopped. The winning cells of the playing board will be marked. Our website also offers play for free on the American Roulette.

When the player makes a bet in online slot machine game to play, he can double it by pressing the “Double” button, or cancel it by “Undo” button, or cancel the bet and clear the board by clicking on the “Clear Bets” button. After the drums rotation the player can double his bet and make the next spin by “Double And Spin” switch, reiterate the rate by “Rebet” button or start next round with the same bet by pressing the “Rebet And Spin” button.

You can open the reference window by clicking on the “Details” button, which shows the payout coefficients for each type of bet as well as the upper and lower limits of wagers.The player is also proposed to retain the most commonly used rates. To do it you should open a special window by the star-shaped button. You can bet on the cells, which bet more often: open the statistics window by a button with the image of the diagram and just click on the cell with the highest rate.

In this best slot machine free roulette, you can use next types of bets:

  • A bet on a single number;
  • The split-bet on two numbers simultaneously: the chips are placed at the boundaries of the cells;
  • A bet on three numbers – rounds with zero: you should put the chips on the borders of the cells adjacent to zero;
  • The angle bet, when chips are placed on the borders of four cells;
  • Lines – a bet is made on the "2 to 1" cells;
  • Column/Dozen – betting on 12 numbers at the same time; the chips are placed on the cells “1st 12”, “2nd 12” и “3rd 12”;
  • Betting on the numbers from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36 by the cells “1 to 18” и “19 to 36”;
  • By the colour – the bets only on black or red cells: the chips are placed on the cell with a figure of appropriate colour;
  • Bets on “Even” and “Odd” numbers.

For the convenience of the players, the roulette free slot machines for you has a Racetrack field. That is a special field, which is a projection of the game drum. It facilitates the procedure of rates adoption. To open it, use the switch looking like a reduced schematic field image placed to the right of the main field. There are next verbal tracks on the Racetrack field:

  1. Voisins du Zero;
  2. Tier;
  3. Orphelins.

While playing the roulette fans can appreciate the opportunity to win provided by six drums as well as comfort given by the field with verbal bets and function of the most frequent rates retaining. The player who has minimal experience in playing roulette will certainly like the Multi Wheel Roulette slot machines to play for fun free.

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