Thai Paradise
Thai Paradise

Before observing Thai Paradise online slot let`s say some words about its developer. Playtech casino software gladdens the gambling audience all around the world since 1999 providing cutting-edge gaming solutions which quality is constantly increasing year after year. This page is created to review one of truly worth playing slot games powered by this software - this is about Thai Paradise slot, guys. If you are interested in nice bonuses, original gameplay features and unique graphical solutions – you've come to address because this game has much buzz-making characteristics any devoted gambler will surely appreciate.

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Thai Paradise online slot with gamble round

Gameplay settings

Launching Thai Paradise online slots for fun player is getting acquainted with its theme from the first seconds while slot machine is loading: on the introductory video with beautiful Asian girls gives us a warm welcome and besides, she is also depicted in Paytable as the most highly-paid regular symbol. However, let`s not to mix things up and start from slot`s interface – the element player sees before anything else.

Slot`s playing field consists of 5 reels and 15 betting lines, both parameters are regulated by the player with corresponding buttons. Number of paylines is selected by clicking Lines button placed leftwards under the playing area. Apart from other free slots games in casino, it doesn't have any point arrows to increase/decrease the paylines number, so it is done by pressing the button necessary number of times – 5 clicks activate 5 lines, 10 clicks – 10 paylines and so on.

Bet per line is also set by same-named button due to the same algorithm – don`t stop clicking it until desirable figures appear on the screen.

Apart from these two options, slot`s menu panel includes the following buttons:

  • Bet Max is used to put the highest possible wager in one click. With the help of this option it is possible to wager € 7.50 (15 lines x €0.50);
  • In all slots for free powered by Playtech Autostart option triggers series of spins repeatedly following one after another, “+/-” symbols allow to choose their number between 10 – 99;
  • Spin button launches one separate spin produced with selected bet value;
  • Gamble option can be activated when any regular winning combination appears on reels. During gamble round player is shown 2 twinkling cards and his goal is to guess what their colour is - red or black. If the prediction is correct, your recently won payout will be doubled but if you have failed in your predictions - unfortunately, all the credits are lost. But luckily in free slot games at casino which have this risk round there is also alternative option - to Collect, which allows to stop the risk game in any moment;
  • Info button opens very important and informative section that is usually called Paytable. It provides the description of symbols denominations and characteristics, as well as depicts the value of winning combinations completed from any of them. General rules of the game and bonus conditions can be checked here too.

All buttons mentioned above are located on menu panel under the playing screen. However, there are 2 additional icons we can`t skip here too – they are represented in the signs of spanner and dynamic; they are situated in right upper corner. As usual, in online casino games spanner icon reveals 3 useful commands such as History, Options and Help. The first one is available in real money mode only, the second is set to control game`s settings, audio settings, disable warning messages or skip intro video. The third Help option opens detailed section with rules. To switch off the sound or to make it louder/lower use Dynamic icon.

Paytable figures

Now let`s have a closer look at Paytable section because, as it was mentioned above, it includes detailed info about all symbols and there it is possible to check how much credits this or that winning chain can bring you.

Thai Paradise online slots machine Info section is consisted of 3 pages. To be aware of every gameplay detail, study each of them before to make bets. The first page describes the value of regular symbols and explains the scheme of special Scatter icon. As one can see, card symbol 10, Jack and Queen are the cheapest ones. Combination of consequently landed 3–5 identical symbols from this group costs from 5 to 100 credits with the highest stake size. Then it comes King and Ace cards – their value is slightly higher and reaches upon 150 credits for winning chain completed from 5 alike pictures.

The images of boat and palace form the second level of symbols which can boost up your bankroll with 750 credits for 5-symbol winning combo - it is also true for playing Thai Paradise free slots for mobile. The symbol which depicts an elephant is quite desirable icon for every player because these symbols conjunction grants up to 2 000 credits for the longest winning line and imagine, if it was not only credits but real cash! Sounds good, doesn't it? Sure, it seems to be perfect until we get the next symbol - portrait of Asian beautiful girl which stands for the most well-paid regular symbol in the game (5 000 credits for 5 of a kind symbols appeared in a row). More expensive combination can be completed with special bonus symbols only which are certainly presented in this game.

So, let`s speak about the Scatter - one of the most favourite elements of all players because particularly this symbol usually launches free slots bonus rounds. Well, in Thai Paradise slot image of Orchid acts as Scatter and if you see 3 or more flowers on reels – congratulations, you'll be awarded with 10 free spins with Mystery Scatter symbol prize. Apart of free spins round this symbol is able to increase your payouts significantly and moreover the orchid also stands for Wild and bonus icons and substitutes other symbols completing new winning chains.

Bonus game and gamble round

  1. From the previous paragraph, we know that free spins round is started when 3–5 Scatters appear in any random positions on reels. But what we know about Mystery (in all meanings) Scatter? As it is explained on the second page of online free slot machines Paytable it is chosen randomly by the program from other basic symbols (not Scatter) and actually it starts behaving like Scatter forming additional winning conjunctions on reels. It is worth mentioning, that more free games can be won during this feature, the pattern is still unchanged – free spins are lasting until the scatters are over.
  2. On the third page of Paytable player is able to get acquainted with rules of Gamble round. Its essence is simple: when any regular winning combination appears on active betting line it becomes possible to double this payout by participating into the risk game. The goal of any free slots classic risk game is to predicted the colour of face down card and to press one responding your choice – red or black. The third Collect button allows to save your current win and skip the gamble game. Note, the maximum limit stated for Gamble game is € 1 000.

How to cheat the slot machine

Probably, sooner or later in the mind of every player arises the question about methods of slot machine cheating. Every gambler who has already got some money from slot hardly ever can forget this exciting feeling of earning easy cash and wants by any means to have it repeated.

Speaking about land-based slot machines in casinos, there are some ways to get higher payouts but all of them concern interference in the system settings. Are you ready to such drastic actions? If you do, try the following methods: enter the system board and change slot machine firmware to more “generous” one. It is possible to open, to break the machine using special keys (search for them in google, some websites suggest to purchase them without any problems). Once you got access to the system board, you need to replace the native chip for another one with bugs, or to replace one or two flash modules with module bug. The second tip one can use gambling best slots considers changing of original chip`s and flash module`s firmware, using special software and programming.

As you see, these methods do not seem too easy. For at least, handyman who dare to do it should be skilled enough, understand the basics of programming and have special equipment ready to hand. And what is more important, these approaches are not suitable for online slots – hardly ever somebody knows how to get access to online casino settings.

All online slots available on web now use Random Number Generator to provide the spin`s result. It doesn't have any inbuilt algorithm and is not cyclical, that is why it is impossible to predict what symbol will be landed on reels and of course nobody knows how to affect this system.

Other thing every player should remember is that casino always has an advantage over the gambler and it is fair for all casinos and all games. Every bet player makes in casino originally implies lower payout than programed winning chances.

By the way, you can learn more about slot machine game strategies here.

Myths about slot machine

Playing free casino slot machines is quite unpredictable entertaining mainly depending on luck. And what do people usually do with something not clear and disputable? Right, they spread rumours and myths about it. Which of them are familiar to you? Or maybe you you think some of them are true? Let`s see what we have together:

  1. Most people are sure that it is impossible to increase their chances for win playing slots online. As we have said in previous paragraph, we suppose that there is no much use in trying to cheat the slot, but factors which allow to increase winning chances do really exist. First, higher wagers always give higher payouts. Second, it is reasonable to look for information about online slots gaming RTP rate before to start gambling, for example, Novomatic slots are considered to be one of the most rewarding ones hovering around 96%. In these terms, it is also necessary to say that simple bell-fruit machines often pay more than video slots with numerous bonus rounds and features.
  2. Land-based casino staff can help you to identify the most beneficial or losing machines (sounds like in gangsters’ film, yeah?). First, remember, that all one-armed bandits are games with negative mathematical expectation and can't constantly bring high payouts. Second, let's face that waiters and bar keepers have lots of duties and are always very busy, so they have not much information than you.
  3. The winning chances depend on location of good slot machine games in casino – how do you like this myth? Many years ago, players noticed that less profitable machines were placed at the entrance of near the bar and it might be so but nowadays it is hundred percent wrong

Thai Paradise slot history

Thai Paradise slot by Playtech was first released in 2009, while its mobile version followed 6 years later – in January 2015. Slot`s gameplay has not changed since its release date; it has the same number of paylines and set of bonus features.

Playtech company doesn`t highlight any historical background of this slot and does not tell why it has chosen Thai theme for online video slots. Analysing political situation in Thailand in 2009 we can witness quite restless period marked by numerous national protests and demonstrations and this fact lets us to assume that this game was powered as a symbol of peaceful and harmonic Thailand that we all hope to see.

Game`s theme

As one can understand from slots title, design, symbols and its entire theme is inspired by Thai culture. The paytable itself is a great illustration of its fundamental elements: majestic palace designed in best traditions of Asian architecture, the Orchids – the second unofficial flower-symbol of Thailand after the Golden Shower Tree flower, the elephant – official national symbol of Thailand and of course beautiful and modest girls brought up in the spirit of Buddhism philosophy.

Pleasant unobtrusive melody also contributes a lot to relaxing and easy perception of the slots free play demo, however it can be switched off not to draw player`s attention from gameplay.

In general, Thai Paradise slot has all necessary features to be appreciated by modern high-fed gambler: bright and sharp graphics, wide opportunities for betting, interesting and original bonus rounds, gamble round and amazing philosophic theme.

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Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (10)
  • Gamble Game Yes