Wild Gambler
Wild Gambler

Wouldn't it be great if in this review we present another engaging, funny and rewarding slot by Playtech Company? Right, we are speaking about online video slot machine Wild Gambler. The primary words one says when launches this game are safari, bright, animated and … fantastic! Indeed, from the first clicks it is easy to understand that nobody will get bored with it, and in addition to original solutions in design, developers have included unique gameplay features as well. This slot has much to impress even skilled gamblers and if you are interested in what we are speaking about, do not hesitate to read Wild Gambler slot review on this page. Besides, in this article we are proud to provide you with helpful gameplay tips, small winning secrets, history of free casino slot machine and plenty of useful stuff which will make your gambling experience more interesting. Are you ready to go? Let's get this show on the road, guys!

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Wild Gambler slot machine play free

General characteristics of Wild Gambler online slot

Well, the best way to describe the slot machine is to start from its interface – reeland and menu peculiarities, symbols and optional buttons overview. When amazing introductory video is over (or you can skip it), user sees handy and player-friendly interface of the game: 5 reels, 20 paylines full of variable safari-themed symbols. Under the reeland there is convenient menu panel where all optional buttons necessary for online slots gaming settings regulations are placed. Now let`s regard each of them separately to avoid any difficulties with adjusting the settings:

  • Traditionally, let's start from the button used to regulate one of the most important options in the game – bet size. Lines Stake button is supplied with two horizontal point arrows which allow to choose the denomination of bet within the limits of € 0.01 - € 5;
  • Auto Play button is located leftwards from Lines Stake and is used to trigger certain number of spins chosen by the player from 10 to 99. Note, that this option is not available when Lock & Spin feature (don't worry, we`ll discuss it later) is active;
  • Green Spin button performs standard option and is used to produce one separate spin;
  • Lock & Spin button placed in right bottom corner of the screen is used to trigger free slots machines games bonus feature on. Do not forget to hit it when Wild symbols appear on reels and get them frozen while the rest of symbols will be re-spin;
  • Paytable section informs the player about symbols denominations as well as value of combinations they complete. It also describes slot`s feature and opportunities of bonus symbols. Do you want to know how the winning combinations are paid? Great, check the page with explanations of regular symbols consequences. Interested in payline scheme? This info is also available on the last page of free slots video machines Paytable.

Well, after skimming the interface we see, that there are no any other buttons on it. And it means that it is time to look inside of Paytable and have a detailed conversation about its symbols.

Symbols overview

In total, there are 10 symbols in Wild Gambler slot machine:

  1. Card-rated letters and numbers: 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace;
  2. Flamingo and zebra;
  3. Rhino and leopard;
  4. Lion.

Like in major part of online slot machines, card symbols have the lowest value and complete the cheapest winning combinations. Five 10 rated cards consequently landed on active betting line cost 40 credits, the same combination completed from Jacks is more expensive – 50 credits, then it comes the Queen – 60 credits for 5 symbol winning chain, and Ace is the most beneficial card which bring 25-100 credits for 3-5 symbol combo respectively.

The rest of the symbols featured in free slots online gameplay attain the following denominations:

  • Combination completed from 3-5 flamingo respectively landed on a payline costs 80-300 credits;
  • 5 images of zebra following one another on betting line bring reward of 400 credits;
  • Range of leopard symbols increases the bankroll with 150-500 credits for 3-5 icon combination;
  • 5 pictures of rhino is highly paid combo which costs 800 credits;
  • And the most desirable symbol that is the most highly paid regular icon, by the way, is picture of Lion. This icon has two beneficial properties: first – 5 lions appeared on a payline gift the gambler with quite impressive payout of 1 000 credits, second – this symbol also stands as Wild and replaces other regular icons on reels.

Analyzing slots free machines online Paytable, this is all information player needs to know about ordinary symbols. And what is about the special ones? Keep on reading and proceed to the next paragraph.

Bonus symbols and rounds

The first page of Paytable displays the way Lock & Spin feature works in the gameplay. When wilds appear on reels – a player can choose this option and hold them on reels. In addition, when the feature is on it is possible to change the stake using point arrows placed above Lock & Spin button within the limits of € 2 – € 6,96.

Apart from this, there is an option that allows to disable auto locking wilds. When you play online video slots for fun it is reasonable to use it if you do not want to change any certain combination of Wilds.

During the feature images of meerkats can randomly appear on reels bringing new additional prizes. When 5 meerkats are landed, the player gets one more reward – 8 free spins in course of which complementary wilds can appear (if they do, they become locked automatically).

The last page of Paytable states game`s general rules and displays 20 possible schemes of winning paylines. It is also mentioned that all payouts are given for the most valuable combination and all winning chains are paid left to right.

Slot tips or how to cheat the machine

Of course, every player has a dream to win as much as possible and as often as possible without waiting for the luck`s favor. And certainly, all of us are interested in methods and ways which give a chance to beat one-armed bandit. But let's be honest – all “betting strategies that work” that we can find on web hardly ever give results, and even if it was possible to win over the slot, developers would have done some changes in its built in program that is not very simple to do in land based casino and nearly impossible on online gambling site.

Do you have all necessary equipment and skills to get an access to slots free machine games flash module and firmware? Or do you know how to change settings of these both and install new programs with bugs? Even if it is technically possible, we all know that damage of someone else's property is punished by law. And is it really worth doing? We guess not, because all the charm of playing slot machines lies in its unpredictable nature –what kind of interest would you have if you knew that spins results are fabricated?

However, the situation is a bit different with online slot machines as it is obvious, that we can not to change their settings. All online slots use the technology of RNG (random number generator) that completes hundreds of numerical combinations which finally produces a sequence on the basis of which the spin`s outcome is figured out.

Thinking reasonably, we see that to beat the online slots is almost impossible task that requires much efforts and gives too little results and it is better to try to draw maximum pleasure from the game, not benefit. Learn more about slot machine game strategies

The secrets of slot machine`s gameplay

In this part of the article we would like to provide some practical advices and tips that will deprive you of disappointments while playing slot machines. Here you won't find any exclusive secrets and virtuous techniques but will enjoy some rules that can be defined as a kind of principles of gaming culture.

  1. Money management is of primary importance. The majority of players who say that online slots casino games are cheating are quite greedy guys and fail to determine the moment when it`s better to stop spinning the reels. The rule is to define any certain amount of money you can bet without getting upset about its loss but not to chase your losses by all means.
  2. If you feel you are not quite sure about your gambling skills and afraid of losses, start playing free slot machines where no real money bets are required. Get acquainted with gameplay, learn what features and bonuses are included, get familiar with betting limits to gain some confidence. Besides, many games online casinos provide free demo versions of games as well as suggest free no deposit bonuses which are always represented in certain number of free credits or spins.
  3. Many players are used to put wagers on slot games with progressive jackpots explaining their choice with higher payouts. Actually, they are right, but few people know that it is better to make higher stakes in these slots because a part of your wager is always contributed to jackpot and helps to increase the final win.
  4. Pay attention to number of symbols and paylines. It is believed that smaller number of symbols increases the possibility of winning chances while higher number of paylines is a good sign (nowadays players are not limited with 1, 3 or 5 paylines as it was in old-schooled fruit machine games, there are one-armed bandits featuring 30, 50, 100 and even more than 1000 win ways).
  5. Understand the RNG. RNG stands for random number generator which is basic working mechanism of every slot machine. It completes infinite number of combinations which determine what set of symbols will be landed on reels as the result of spin. The RNG figures out the result at the same second when player presses Spin button, so the moment when the spin is stopped makes no difference.

Myths about slot machines

For rewarding and in some meaning healthy game player has to strictly differentiate between the myths and true facts about slot machines. It is possible to find on web dozens of attention grabbing statements about slots and here we have compiled top 5 myths it is simply forbidden to believe in:

  • Launching free slot games online to play remember that payouts and winning combinations are produced on cyclical basis. It is wrong because all payoffs are random thanks to RNG mentioned in previous paragraph.
  • My game can be controlled by casino slots department remotely. In fact, there is a grain of truth in this statement because some server-based slots can be remotely controlled in order to prevent your game from errors. However, odds cannot be changed without breaking the slot`s system and getting access to its firmware.
  • Casino guests who do not use player`s card get higher payouts. Of course, not. Because as it was mentioned, the mechanism responsible for predicting spins outcome does not count such details.
  • All slots games casino firmware is programed to pay off a certain percent of wagers players made on it. Again wrong, and again you should have a look at RNG point.
  • The most rewarding slot machines are placed in casino areas with little traffic. It is also not true because the main goal of any gambling establishment is to achieve the balance between healthy percentage of players’ losses and guests leaving the casino absolutely happy.

Slot`s history and theme

Wild Gambler slot machine was released in 2013 and is dedicated to African safari theme. The beauty, originality and wildness of African nature inspired writers, artists to praise it in their works. It is hard to deny that gaming industry has become a part of nowadays culture and being its prominent representative Playtech company couldn't ignore the theme of Safari either. The company's designers have not stopped on depicting standard safari-themed symbols but they have also added some unique traits endowing each icon with special character. Competent design solution and fitting soundtrack make the game shining with new tones and colours. Do you want to test it? You are free to do this for free on PC or mobile and tablet devices. List of all slot machines can be found in section free slots on our website.

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Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (8)