Joker Poker
Joker Poker

Joker Poker free slot games to play for fun online, made by EGT company, allow to win big using maximal bets. The combinations appear on the special game screen.

The game is devoted to popular poker combinations of flush poker. The rarer the combination is, the bigger your prize will be. What does the Joker has to do with all of this? Find out yourself.

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Play Joker Poker Slot And Win A Jackpot

Game principle

At the game screen you can compose poker combinations of five cards – right after you’ll determine your bet. The successful combinations are those that exist in poker. Each one of those has a name.

There is a chance of getting one of 11 combinations:

  1. Royal Flush.
  2. Five-of-a-kind.
  3. Wild Royal Flush.
  4. Street Flush.
  5. Four of a kind.
  6. Full House.
  7. Flush.
  8. Straight.
  9. Three of a kind.
  10.  Two pair
  11. High Card.

The most rare combination to get in top free slot games is the one in the top of the list. This one is a combination of five card of the same suit from ace to ten.

Another rare one is Five of a Kind. You have to get four Aces and a Joker. Street Flush means a combination of cards of the same suit and of consecutive value.

In four of a kind you have to get four cards of the same rank and one card of another rank.

To get a Full House you have to get three card of the same rank and two other cards of the same rank in the slot games free slot games.

A flush is created by five cards of the same suit, but not of the sequential rank. Straight, on the contrary, requires five cards of sequential rank, but not of the same suit; and in this case the Ace card might cost less than 2.

The Three of a kind means that you’ve got three cards of the same rank and two cards of two other ranks. In this case suit and rank of other cards are ignored, since those play no role.

Two pair means a combination of two cards of the same rank and two cards of another rank; the third card plays no role, so it’s ignored.

The last combination is the most frequent one to get in slots free online. To get it, you need a combination of two Kings, or a higher rank card.

Dependence on bet

When playing the Joker Poker slot machine, you can use on of the five fixated bets. Depending on your choice, you’ll get a bigger or a smaller prize.

The minimal bet is 10 coins. When it’s activated, in casino games free online you can get such prizes for combinations as:

  1. Royal Flush – 5000 coins;
  2. Five-of-a-kind – 2000 coins;
  3. Wild Royal Flush – 1000 coins;
  4. Street Flush – 500 coins;
  5. Four of a kind – 180 coins;
  6. Full House – 70 coins;
  7. Flush – 50 coins;
  8. Street – 30 coins;
  9. Three of a kind – 20 coins;
  10.  Two pair – 10 coins;
  11. High Card – 10 coins.

If you enjoy the process of playing the game and want it to last as long as possible, the bets of 10 or 20 will suit you.

But if you prefer winning a large sum of money without wasting much time – then playing with maximal bet is a way to go for you. Then, depending on the combination you’ll get in online slots free games, your prize will be:

  1. Royal Flush – 95 000 coins;
  2. Five-of-a-kind – 20 000 coins;
  3. Wild Royal Flush – 10 000 coins;
  4. Street Flush – 5 000 coins;
  5. Four of a kind – 1 800 coins;
  6. Full House – 700 coins;
  7. Flush – 500 coins;
  8. Street – 300 coins;
  9. Three of a kind – 200 coins;
  10.  Two pair – 100 coins;
  11. High Card – 100 coins.

You can also find your own strategy of combining the medium and maximal bets in a certain way. That allows to kill two birds with one stone – make the online slots bonus gaming process longer and get bigger amounts of money.

The role of Joker

It might seem that Joker isn’t very important in this game, since it can’t increase the prize. But it still matters.

In certain cases Joker can become a High Card, which means it changes the combination’s price.  In Five of a kind combination the value of Joker is equal to the value of Ace, completing the combination.

In the High Card combination, if the Kings and Joker appear at the same time, the latter one wins.

That’s how the Joker influences the card’s value in any combination of the slots online slots game.

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