Dragon Reels
Dragon Reels

Dragon Reels online slot game is a free slot machine play, that includes treasure hunting and epic battles with beasts and dragons. This online slots free play is a 25 - payline slot, in which you have to make a quest for stunning Chinese princess. Practically, you need to slot during the game, so that you can make progress.  In order to rescue the princess from a vile dragon, you need to slay it. This is the ultimate objective of the game, along with finding hiden artefacts on your way. The game is also designed for players to win special prizes as they advance in their quest. This game is themed, which means that you will encounter various historical allusions on your way to Chinese princess and also experience some unique graphic experience. The most rewarding experience is finding the Chinese princess and slaying the ferocious dragon, which can be a very tricky task.

There are many symbols in this slot, which you would likely to stumble upon.

Symbols that involve wild features, appearing during the game. They indicate the number of additional bonuses, available for the players.

Bets. During the game you can make credit-value bets, that are not available in other slot machine games.

Support of mobile device. In this game the players can have the version of Dragon Reels Slot on their phones and gadgets.

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Dragon Reels online slot game with free bonus

Rules of the game

Dragon Reels Slot Machine is a gambling machine, which can be played online. You play it in three reels, where you can wager and win. You can make a bet with the help of reels. At first you can see a sequence of numbers that you are proposed to play with. This sequence of numbers is chosen absolutely randomly.In order to win you need to reel the aproppriate combination of number or symbols. In this particular game you have simple Chinese symbols that you continually spin in order to win - save the princess. You can bet the winning combination in the payout section.

 In this game there are some particular symbols that can give you special bonuses and accommodate you with winning. The wild symbol card simply means that you can put it into the numbers to get the winning combination.

If you want to get additional spin, you can accumulate Free Spin in the paytable.  You can also get Bonus Game to play one more time for free. In order to start the game, push the Play button and make your beginning bet.  If you want to stop, press Stop to finish the game. The button Fast play helps you to conduct the game in the faster way.

The button Lines sets the number of lines you are going to play with. Bet Level helps you decide which the bet level you will be using during the game.  If you want to play big, you can choose Max Bet, that helps you to make the bigest bets available for this slot. An Autoplay button helps you to play the series of rounds - one after another. Magic spin stands for another free Spin, that you can use during the game.  The button cash shows the current amount of cash availbale for you to play the game. Paytable helps you determine the winnings combinations and to get some new symbols that will alleviate yur way towards victory. 

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (10)
  • Gamble Game Yes