Fortune Spells
Fortune Spells

The online slot Fortune Spells developed by the advanced company EGT traditionally has five reels and is supplied with 10 active lines.

A whole fairy-tale world of the legendary heroes stretches in front of you. You can find the Gnome or Warlock, Elf, or gather a few mushrooms on the happy glade. But the true sacrament is meeting the unicorn, a symbol of purity of thoughts and actions.

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Fortune Spells online slot with free bonus

Management of the gambling machine

Before playing, you should handle the management of the video slot machine Fortune Spells. To do this use the panel with buttons.

The buttons, that have numbers: 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200. These are stakes. You cannot set the machine to play multiple rates. But you can change the rate before each new rotation during the game. Fortunately, that rate at the same time performs the function of starting the spins of the reels.

To control the amount of your account is enough to follow the window located on the left edge of the playfield. Here originally is displayed the sum of 50 thousand coins.

During the game, it can change, as prizes are automatically added on to it. Also, the score can decrease or increase in the course of the game. You can play for a while, and then stop the game and pick up the multiplied money.

The constantly increasing score allows you to play as long as you have funds.

The scoreboard at the right side of the game screen allows you to see the winning sum. It changes with each "successful" rotation.

To start the game, simply click on one of the provided numbers.

Successful combination

From the images displayed on the panel is possible to obtain eight combinations on the drums. The smallest are the combinations of the letters A, K, the letters Q, J, and the numbers 10. These symbols bring winnings from 5 to 150 coins in the first case and from 5 to 10 coins – in the other cases.

The images with magical characters allow winning large sums. Do you like the old witch? After all, she brings:

  1. 10 coins for two images;
  2. 100 coins – for three;
  3. 1 000 coins – for four;
  4. 3 000 coins when five images land.

The elf also brings pleasure. The winnings for the combinations with its image depend only on the number of symbols:

  • 5 coins for Elf;
  • 40 – three;
  • 400 – four;
  • 2 000 coins if five Elves fall out on the reels.

For the images of gnome player receives:

  • 5 coins for two symbols;
  • 30 coins – for three;
  • 100 – for four;
  • 750 coins for five identical pictures.

If you go to the mushroom glade, you can also expect a solid win:

  • 5 coins if you collect two mushrooms;
  • 30 coins – three mushrooms;
  • 100 coins – four mushrooms;
  • 700 coins – five mushrooms.

Features of the special symbol on the one-armed bandit

Although the game on the slot machine Fortune Spells to play online doesn't have scatter or bonus symbol, the wild symbol completely replaces them. The game isn’t losing; it has a special flair instead.

The wild symbol is represented by the Unicorn. In combination with other images in a successful combination, the winning doubles.

Yes, and do not miss the Unicorn. It allows you to win:

  1. 20 coins at the coincidence of two images;
  2. 250 coins – four images;
  3. 2 500 coins – five images.

In addition, when on the drums of the slot casino machine appear three or more Unicorns, you have the opportunity to get free spins. Just select one of the proposed images.

No, they are not unfamiliar characters.  You will need to select among the heroes of the game, in the worst case, among the letters or the number 10.

After making the selection, the drums begin to rotate automatically. The winning sums are counted on the window for winnings.

Special attention is paid to the image that has been selected. When they appear on the reels of the slot game, they automatically fill all the fields of the drum, where the images appeared. The winning is calculated, after which it is automatically doubled.

A solid jackpot can be won, when three or more Unicorns fall out in the game.

Game Specs
  • Freespins Yes (12)
  • Gamble Game Yes