Gold Dust
Gold Dust

Video slot game Gold Dust produced by EGT company is designed to play at high stakes. Combinations drop on the five reels. Active lines are 20. Slots free online is dedicated to prospectors doing gold mining. Getting it out of deep mines requires workers and contributions. Each value brings you profit and the golden dust makes them even more expensive.

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Gold Dust video slot game

How to manage the device

The slot Gold Dust is easy to control. Just before starting the game, you should take some time to learn the control panel. There are rectangular buttons of different colours located in the middle of the panel. They are marked with numbers 20, 40, 100, 200, 400 which mean stake. You can press a button with the bet you prefer and constantly play with it. You can also alternate buttons changing rates each time. With a large number of buttons, you can even develop your strategy in the game.

To monitor the bankroll, manufacturers of the device have placed a special display on the left of the game screen. You will not have to wonder if the money runs out and the slot casino for free stops. However, this is unlikely. The starting sum of 50 thousand coins is constantly replenished with winnings. It ensures the longevity of the fascinating process even with the inflated stakes that are offered. You can track your rewards by checking the display on the right side. After each successful spin, the resulting prize is shown here.

High winnings

Free slot machines on the Internet Gold Dust provides solid gains even for regular combinations. Even the cheapest pictures allow saving a lot of money. The letters A and K give a maximal profit of 200 coins; letters Q and J – 100 coins. How to win on the slot machine, follow the instructions. It will help to achieve results.

Not to mention such pictures as:

  • Male prospector.
  • Female prospector.
  • Kerosene lantern.
  • Sieve to wash the gold dust.
  • Pick.

Male prospector’s gold mining brings profit in the amount of:

  1. 50 coins for three symbols;
  2. 500 coins – four;
  3. 1000 coins – five images.

Female prospector almost equals to the previous picture. You will receive from her work:

  • 25 coins for three pictures;
  • 200 coins – for four;
  • 1000 coins – for five symbols.

A sieve and a kerosene lantern will bring:

  1. 20 coins for three pictures;
  2. 100 coins for four pictures;
  3. 1000 coins for five images.

A pack also can be of use:

  • 20 coins for three symbols;
  • 50 coins – four;
  • 1000 coins – five images.

Profit growth

To increase a prize several times, free online slots machine game Gold Dust provides:

  1. Wild symbol.
  2. Scatter symbol.
  3. A special feature.

A minecart with a gold dust functions as a Wild symbol. It doubles winnings for all combinations. Exceptions are Scatter and a special feature.

The Wild symbol itself allows you to win:

  • 20 coins when two minecarts appear on the reels;
  • 100 coins – three minecarts ;
  • 1000 – four minecarts ;
  • 50,000 coins when five reels are occupied with minecarts full of gold dust.

Even a combination of three Wild symbols can surprise. At high stakes, you can hit a good jackpot with a winning combination. Scatter symbol depicts a steam locomotive. To deliver gold in it and get from 5 to 20 free spins, you’ll have a real sweat. You need to be smart in the special online slots mini-game online.

In the process of spinning the reels, all winnings will be doubled and summed up with the outcome of each spin.

Special gift

A special feature is a gift from manufacturers of Gold Dust casino slot online. It’s a Dynamite. When three packages of Dynamite drop on the reels, you are invited to play in another mini-game. If you are lucky, it is possible to win a multi-factor. Then, the resulting reward for a combination is multiplied several times. You shall get a smashing jackpot.

To achieve this result, you need the gift of foresight. After all, you are to guess dynamite bundles that are the most expensive. You are given four attempts to guess. In the case of a failure, the gain is counted considering a basic value of a combination.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Active bonus Yes
  • Gamble Game Yes