Versailles Gold
Versailles Gold

EGT made slot machine Versailles Gold is themed as a medieval royal palace of France. Rich Versailles is rather distinguishable trough it's use of advanced graphics. Among other notable features are the two special characters, a game of risk and a full-featured jackpot game.

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Versailles Gold slot machine with free bonus

Slot machine by EGT

Versailles Gold by EGT (Euro Games Technology) is Bulgarian-made. It is considered to be one of the brightest and most notable models supplied. It's dedication to the times of Louis The XIV brings in appealing imagery, high winnings and two notably unique special characters. The slot machine also has a full jackpot support.

Control panel design

Versailles Gold construction is presented in the form of a five-drum slot machine, fitted with a dozen of fixed patterns. It can easily be made out of the rest for its advanced control system. There are six buttons present on the panel:

  • a blue "credit" button to the left that is intended for the adjustment of the coins' value;
  • the rest of the buttons: Bet/Start 10, Bet/Start 20, Bet/Start 50, Bet/Start 100 and Bet/Start 200 are used to place the bet & spin the slot machine.

The black windows are intended to provide following info:

  • player's cash value, displayed in the left window;
  • last won cash value, can be seen on the right. It is preserved through the entire session of the spins and is only updated should the winning spin take place.

The same window is being used to partake in a game of risk aboard Versailles Gold.

A set of coloured buttons intended for the selection of technical properties is present in the left bottom bit of the display: 

  • the speaker-labelled button at the utmost left corner toggle the sound(on/off);
  • the green button with four arrows on it is used to maximize the game window;
  • the utmost right button, painted orange, toggles the autospin of coils;
  • the blue button labelled "i" brings up the win prize values. 

Versailles Gold slot machine has support for multiple languages including English.

Versailles Gold slot symbolic

Worth a note that Versailles Gold is not only financially profound. It also features attractive high quality slot images, calligraphic fonts and animations!

The winning prize rates are fixed at a considerably high margins. Winning combinations are starting to occur with 2+ mainline pictures in a sequence, which in some cases is equivalent to a triple combination of the same symbol and allows for a successful retrieval of a half of the total bet.

Among the most profitable pictographs of this slot there are: 

  • Сarriage, depicted in royal purple-with-gold colours. This symbol brings a win in a range between 5-750 depending on the number of pictures in the sequence on the active line.
  • Cardinal's portrait. It has a payment coefficient, which is identical to the carriage pictograph.
  • Queen's portrait. It is a symbol with quite a big value. The payment range is about 5-2000 coins.
  • King's portrait is the most valuable pictogram of this slot. Even two of those pictures can compensate the bet size. Three or four are able to multiply the bet by 10 and 100 times respectively. Royal line, consisting of 5 King icons, brings 5000 coins, which is something like “local” jackpot. 

Wild and scatter symbols

A special place among the symbols of the slot goes to a “Gold Sun” royal symbol. It plays the role of the two bonus symbols:

  • Wild symbol, which can replace any other image in the combinations. It is pretty valuable by itself, though. Several Wilds in the sequence can bring a prize both for a line with a replacement and for independent combinations. Value range are 20-2500 coins depending on the number of signs.
  • Scatter. When there are three and more suns in any of wheel cells, the combination is considered a winning one and brings from 20 credits to the player's account. Also it gives the access to the free spins mode.

Prize tour

According to the game rules player is presented with twelve free spins. At the start of each session, a congratulation message featuring a coin is displayed. Upon activating the "Press start to begin" the coin starts spinning and presents its face with one of the slot symbols. This symbol becomes the 'expanding wild'. Once it appears on the screen there's a chance that it will uncontrollably spread to the three neighbouring verticals slots, thus filling the entire spin drum and increasing the amount of the winning prize.

The pictograph that has an Expanding Wild function is being chosen randomly. And in this case one should hope for getting a small, small valued image. Those images appear more often, so the chance for getting a prize is bigger. The simple letters can appear simultaneously on 3 and 4 wheels for several times during the prize round. In this case, filling the drums with themselves, they are making the combinations of 4-cell, or even 5-cell lines. The winning prizes are amazing in this case.

The standard Wild of this game, Golden sun, also keeps both of its functions during the free spins. If there is three more Wilds on the layout, the player gets 15 more free spins with keeping the Expanding Wild value.

Risk game

The risk game is a traditional element for the most of the modern slot-machines. The possibility to activate this option appears after any winning combination. Taking part in the risk game gives a chance to multiply the win.

This round is being launch by pressing the Gamble button which appears in the black window on the right. The player will see the window that depicts the card deck and one separate card, lying back to the top. The main goal is to guess the colour of its suit. The chances to win are 50/50. If you guess, your win will be doubled, and the player can continue the round by naming the colour of the next card. The next successful try will double the doubled sum.

You can take to 5 tries. Round can be stopped at any moment, when the player wishes to. The mode is called risk game because of the risk to lose all of the money, including the prize for the combination, in case of bad luck. In the free-spins mode it's impossible to start the risk-game.

Experienced players advice to use the risk game only when your win is not very big. This will allow to compensate the size of the bet in the best case, and won't hurt the player's cash balance much in the worst. Also it's important to pay attention to the statistics. In the top part of the screen the player can see the suits of the previous games and try to make a prognosis the result of the current game.


The secret dream of any gambler is a wish to get a jackpot. EGT company made this possibility real in the Versailles Gold slot machine. There are four levels of jackpot in this slot. Their names are devoted to the card suits and all of them are quite big. Different kinds of jackpots do not depend on each other. And the raffle is separated too. One can see the size of their win in one of the four windows located on the top of the screen. The number is changing almost the each second, counting the prize of the wanted prize.

Launch of the prize Jackpot round happens randomly. It can be activated any time after the spin.

The player will see 12 cards, lying back to top. The task is to guess three of them that have the same suit. The player's choice leads to the certain jackpot. The winning sum for each combination is always changing and it's shown at the top of the screen. But even the minimal prize is actually quite a big sum. The lucky ones, who manages to get the biggest one, will get himself quite an astonishing sum. After the end of the risk game the normal game mode starts again.

Testing, the rating of slot's dispersion

Worthy characteristics of the Versailles Gold multi-functioning slot-machine made it quite popular. Like all other slots of this sort, it was deeply analysed by the experienced players.

The continuous rounds of test game in the free mode allowed to see some features of this slot: 

  • The frequency of getting combinations – Low
  • The most frequent payment coefficient ratios – Quite solid payments, combinations are being formed from significant symbols;
  • Payment ratios in the prize game – High. 

In other words, Versailles Gold slot isn't very generous for forming combinations and there's a big chance for a dead rotation. But the payment is usually quite high, especially during the prized free spins. According to those indexes, and the coefficients of pictographs' values, Versailles Gold slot can be called a slot machine with high dispersion. According to the developer, the payment coefficient equals to 96,06%.

Recommended strategies

According to the experienced players, it's not recommended to use the martingale strategies in the high-variance slot machine, like the Versailles Gold. Of course, the owners of big deposits can risk their wealth. But the game on long rotations with a lot of empty spins can quickly lead to losing all the money without getting any winning combination.

The best technique of playing the Versailles Gold, according to the experienced players, are those tactics which do not include the change of the bet size. The most well-known methods are:

  • bare spins are the strategy for those players who can control the gaming process clearly and objectively. The main idea of this strategy is to determine the certain limit of the unsuccessful spins. If during this time there was no lucky combinations, one should stop playing;
  • “one play” is a strategy for those who likes playing big. The main principle is quite simple: using the maximum bet. There is a special button for it in the Versailles Gold slot: Bet/Start button. The spins are continuing until the good, profitable combination.

In the both variants the main task is to correctly set the ratios of the spin cost to the deposit size. It’s important to choose the values that will allow you to make no less than 100 spins. It’s better to raise those to 500 spins, though. Even on high-variance slots this amount is enough to get a large win. After getting a desirable sum one should stop playing.

“Secret” methods of the successful game

The gambling industry is a branch with a great appeal. To get a big prize players are looking for more and more gaming methods that allows them, as they think, to reach the win. They are trying to choose specific time of day, specific hours, days of a week, holidays, deposit sizes and the sequences of their input, which makes the gambling word full of different myths and legends telling about the ways to trick the video slot.

Among those, there are tactics like “use the stop button often to catch the winning combination”. Newbies think that the main thing is a good reaction.

There really is a function of stopping the drums by pressing the Bet/Start button again. But we can guarantee that it can only make the game faster, but not more successful.

Like all other slot machines, in the Versailles Gold everything depends on RNG – random number generator. The players can stop the rotations as often as they want, but the spin results are being programmed right after the Start button was pressed. Even the strategies made by experienced gamers do not guarantee the win.

Main characteristics of the Versailles Gold slot in short

According to the developers, the slot’s payment coefficient is equal to 96,06%.

Design of Versailles Gold

Design of Versailles Gold is kept in a strict agreement with the atmosphere of the medieval France. The beauty of Versailles Palace serves as a background image, reminding of its past history as dwelling chambers for the great monarchs that sat upon the throne of France. Its walls had witnessed countless chains of secrets and murky intrigues at that time.

Needless to say, that Versailles Palace had not risen to grace in just one day. The ancient chronicles hold that, at the very beginning of the 17th century, the space that is now occupied by the palace's halls, was once a small village, surrounded by the swamplands, in the middle of which used to tower up a windmill.

Only as far as the year 1624 did Louis The XIII chart the lands around it to become a hunting ground. And 8 years later the area had seen even further expansion through the acquisition of some more lands by the local archbishop.

Once Louis The XIV had stepped onto his throne he'd ordered an expansion of the castle, later to become his residence.

The overall imagery of Versailles' park was conjured up by the end of the second stage of the building process. It is believed among the scholars that it was Le Notre who had granted the grace and marginal beauty to the garden that surrounds the palace, thus showing the superiority of monarch's rule.

Versailles Gold features Versailles' palace, that had been assigned a status of the worldwide heritage by UNESCO back in 1979, in its already finished state. Its finish is even more pronounced with the green wall of trees of the Versailles' garden, plastered across the dawning sky.

The dominant colour of the single-armed bandit Versailles Gold is kept in accordance to its name: in a gentle golden pallet.

Game Specs
  • Freespins Yes (12)
  • Gamble Game Yes