European Blackjack Gold
European Blackjack Gold

This European Blackjack Gold review is devoted to the card game from the company Microgaming. The game is played in one hand with the possibility to double the bet or use the split. The game is played against the programmed dealer, which stops at 17 points. In the distribution are involves two decks without Jokers, the dealer's first card is always open. Especially for fans of card games our site, there is the information about Blackjack, rules of the games and strategy. Read it carefully and become a real expert.

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European Blackjack Gold review of free casino game

Rules of the game

After the downloading of the slot video European Blackjack Gold is complete, the user is encouraged to read the rules of interaction with the game. They are located in the upper right corner under the symbol "?". If you hover the cursor on the Game Rules, you can find the basic nuances of the gameplay:

  • Play with two decks;
  • The dealer stops 17;
  • The system does not check for the dealer's blackjack;
  • Doubling with "hard" 9, 10 and 11;
  • Available split;
  • The Ace and 10 in the Split do not count as blackjack.

There are chips with rates at the bottom of the playfield ranging from 1 to 200. In the center there are located the following options:

  • Before starting the hand – Re bet/Clear Bet;
  • During the game – Hit, Stand, Double, Split;
  • If there is a probability that the dealer has a blackjack – Insurance.

The player should make a bet, and then start the game by clicking on Deal. The distribution starts and depending on the fallen out cards in the hand, the player can gather additionally cards, or stop and look at the hand of the dealer. The slot game European Blackjack Gold tells the player the options when additional combinations fell.

Cards' values and combinations

The slot machine for free play European Blackjack Gold uses the standard notation and score. Also, the main goal of the player is to collect a blackjack, or 21, to get more points than the dealer, but this number shouldn’t be bigger than 21 points.

  • The cards with the rank 2-10 – are counted, as they are;
  • The Jack, Queen, King – are counted as 10;
  • The Ace – is counted as 1 or 10, depending on other cards in the hand.

When the cards are distributed the player may have different combinations that can be played on several scenarios. For example, if two cards of the same value fell out, they can be divided by using the Split function. In this case, the distribution will be carried out on two hands. The second hand is played at the same rate as in the beginning of the round.

If the dealer has an Ace or 10, the game will offer the insurance option – to leave half the rate as insurance. It should be noted that the insurance is only available for the main hand; in the split hand is impossible to activate it. Such proposal would cut the half of the costs if the dealer has a blackjack.

The option Double Down becomes available when in the hand of the user is a "hard" 9, 10 or 11. In this case, he can double his bet and take only one card. If on the basis of the distribution the player has 21 points or a greater value than the dealer – the prize is paid and the rate is doubled. The Double Down does not apply to the cards in Split and does not interact with the insurance.

Features of the game in the machine European Blackjack Gold

Unlike most versions of European Blackjack Gold the free slot game Blackjack from Microgaming company refers to the user rather friendly. In addition to the accessible presentation of the rules of the game, easy control console and interactive prompts, in most cases, the user is the winner. For example, if the player and the dealer have the equal number of cards, the bet is returned to the account. If both have Blackjack – the bet is returned to the account. In those cases where in the hand immediately is an Ace and any card with a face value of 10 – is declared Blackjack which pays 3: 2 regarding the rate at the beginning of the round.

As it was already mentioned, the main purpose of blackjack is not just to score 21, but to get more points than the dealer at the end of distribution, not more than 21. Exactly these combinations bring reward and allow you to play, using the demo credits. If you want to try your luck in this game and win for real, visit the casino [[$whereToPlayLinks]].

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