American Blackjack
American Blackjack

You will like table game American Blackjack by Playtech company, if you want to kill some time, to feel the thrill of a casino and do not bother too much with studying the rules of online slot. It's simple and, at the same time, requires some calculation and intuition. The interface design is similar to the tables that are usually located in casinos. The gamer plays only against the dealer. Your task is to collect the number as close to 21 as possible but not exceed it.

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Table game American Blackjack for fun

Rules of the game

It is important to collect cards the value of which would be closer to 21 and higher than the dealer’s hand. If a player collects exactly 21 – Blackjack – he wins 3 to 2 of the bet.

Slots online slots card values are:

  • Ace – 11 or 1;
  • Queen, Jack, King – 10;
  • The remaining cards worth as much as their numbers.

If the player has scored more than 21, it's too much – he loses. When your hand is equal to the dealer's cards – this is a draw, the bet is returned. The minimal bet is 1, maximal – 100.

If the dealer’s score is less than 17, he will take cards until this value is equal to or greater than 17.

When the dealer's first card is the Ace, the second card can be a 10, that means Blackjack. In this connection, you are automatically offered to do insurance. It is equal to half the sum of the initial stake and guarantees the return of the bet 2-to-1 if the dealer really has Blackjack. When the dealer does not have blackjack, the insurance is not returned. The information about one of the most popular card table games - blackjack, you will find here.

How to control free slot machines for u American Blackjack

Important information is concentrated in the lower left corner.

  • There are two windows: Bet – stake which can be equal to 1, 5, 25 or 100 and Bal – balance, in a free game it originally is 1000.
  • There is also a key Help, by clicking on it, you can learn the rules of the free slots for fun only and tips on management. All information is given in English.
  • To start the free online casino games, you should click on the chip in the lower right corner. There is a number of piles with chips of different denominations. Select one your click on one or three rectangles/hands on the table signed as Place Bet. One or more of these chips will move on these rectangles. Continue clicking on hands until you see the desired size of the bet.
  • Now press the Deal button. After this, two cards to each hand will be laid out in front of you and dealer. The first dealer’s card is open, the second is closed. Your pairs of cards are open and you can see the value of each of them – this number will be shown next to your cards. And now the slots free online fun begins.
  • It is necessary to collect cards, the total number of which is equal to or slightly less than 21, while it should be greater than the sum of the dealer's cards, but you only see one of his cards.
  • There are two options in free slot machines with free spins: Click Hit (you will be dealt another card) or Click on the Stand (the dealer opens his cards).
  • Hit can be pressed as long as the sum of the cards is not close to 21, then click on the Stand and move on to your next hand or learn the dealer's cards.

Now you can repeat the bet by clicking on Repeat or click on the Clear and make other bets.

Additional buttons

On the casino slot games for free control panel, there are two more buttons:

  • Split – this option is useful if the first pair of dealt cards is of the same value. Pressing the Split button, you divide the same cards between two rectangles/hands. The second bet is equal to the first. Then click Hit until each hand has the desired number of cards. Rectangles with bets are highlighted during this so that it was clear where the cards are added.
  • Double – after receiving two cards, the player can decide that a third will give him the opportunity to beat the dealer's hand, so he decides to double the stake using this key. After clicking on the Double, you can take only one card. Doubling is allowed if the hand shows 10 or 11.

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Over the chips in the lower right corner of the slots free video, there are single, double and triple arrows – it means the speed of dealing cards.

To remove a chip from the field, press the Shift key and click on a chip. And to remove a stack of chips, press Ctrl and click on it.

Game Specs