Mayan Bingo
Mayan Bingo

Bingo is online slot game, which collects the entire clubs of board games fans. Today we do not have a necessity to look for places conducting bingo evenings or go to casino in order to play on slot machines. Your favorite entertainment will be found in different versions and on virtual platforms. Among the products from Microgaming developers of slots you will find the game called Mayan Bingo online.

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Mayan Bingo online

How to play Mayan Bingo

After the opening of the trial version of casino slot online Mayan Bingo note that you have some coins on account balance and you may start the session. Then you need to know all details about the principles and rules of this type of entertainment. Before you play the cards the control panel should be studied and only after all these nuances you can set the conditions that are most comfortable for gambling. This exciting pokie is set up with changing characteristics shown in the columns:

  1. Stake – the line for placing the bet amount (for example, price for one card). In this unit the number of coins in the payment range is 0.1-2 credits.
  2. Cards – number of cards involved in the game (tables that you need to cover the number of bands to get the prize). The minimum number of game tables is 1 and the maximum – 4.
  3. Total Bet – a value that cannot be adjusted by the user, however, it is based on parameters given by the player. Depending on the rate size and the number of drawn tickets the indicator of general rate will be changing. So, when you pay 1 credit and buy 1 card – total bet is 1 coin. If the credits number in online slot is 4 – final bet will be four too.

There are two additional information lines in interface of gaming machine:

  • Credits – shows the gambler’s balance.
  • Win – shows the amount of winnings

These are the buttons with the help of which you can operate the game:

  • Change Card – buy new cards for the game.
  • Play – play the card you already have.

Then, after the appearance of balls with numbers and mark that match numbers of the cards, the game offers to buy additional balls for formation of new sequence or supplementing not complete combinations. Each additional ball has its own cost in slot game Mayan Bingo that is deducted from the user's account with his acceptance of another try. You can agree or refuse to buy bonus balls with the help of buttons “Yes/No” replacing the other ones – “Change Card” and “Play”.

Mayan Bingo game main meaning

Terms of the online device Mayan Bingo match the classical rules of bingo game. The player gets cards in his hands or several cards with a grid where there are numbers. In this version of board entertainment ticket contains a table of 3 rows and 5 columns. In order for the ticket to be the winning, you need to collect a sequence of numbers on one of lines, which, aren’t necessarily correspond to rows number. In addition to the three lines in the game take part the bands which are diagonally connecting the first, third and fifth value in the rows.

At the same time in slot casino machine several cards can become winning ones, if the sequences will be found in more than one table. The more tickets you win – the more payouts the user will get.

By the way, the main advantage in Mayan Bingo online board game is automatic numbers designation of the fallen cards. You do not have to look for the match and place flags in boxes. The gaming process will do it for you and this will automatically increase the pace of the gameplay.


Table slot machine Mayan Bingo for online casino is express version of the classic bingo with the ability of bankroll control, changing the size of rates and selecting the number of tickets for the round. The opportunity to get some additional balls increases winning chains probability in each of the tickets. However, you need to think a little bit whether to accept for new ball appearance realizing that its cost can be up to 75% of the card rate and to pay for extra number more than one time.

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