Pharaohs Ring
Pharaohs Ring

Online slot game Pharaohs Ring is the development from creators of company Greentube. It has classic 5 reels and 20 active lines with several interesting features. Game machines about pharaohs have become very popular, forcing manufacturers to create more unique slots. If you are fan of 5 reels slots, visit our website section devoted to this theme and study lots of peculiarities.

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Pharaohs Ring slot game

How to use this casino game

This device is done in usual style — reels and control panel under them. We start describing it from the settings. The first button which attracts the player’s attention is Start, because it has the ability to blink. It runs the ordinary spins.

In order to startPharaohs Ring online casino slotspins, which will go on without users intervention, press on the key Autoplay. This auto mode can be cancelled only with the use of button Stop, because there is no more key to do this function.

Before each rotation except for automatic one, you can change the total bet on the spin. This is done with the help of two indicators at the bottom of the screen. The first one is called Lines and is responsible for the number of active lines. There are available from 1 to 20. The second is the switch regulating a bet on a single line. It can be in different amount in range from 1 to 250. The rate can become an impossible action if the user does not have enough credits on balance score.

Pharaohs Ring play for freebalance can be known with the look at the relevant section in the bottom left corner. Initially the player is given 1000 credits.

Generally, the plus and minus buttons are disabled when gamblers reach the minimum or maximum value of the counter. However, when the player at the first time sets the number 20 in the section Lines, + key remains active, but clicking on it will not lead to an increase of active chains number.

It will start other mode of the game, in which is available an additional bonus symbol. Now we pay attention on two windows performing auxiliary options. They only show the player's winnings for the last spin and the total bet. It's about the biggest inset of the gaming unit which is called the section Bet.


In Pharaohs Ring online casino slotthere are 9 basic symbols. They are presented by usual familiar images of playing cards and the four thematic cells. As it was expected, for the first mentioned category there are the lowest rates set, but they enough for a comfortable game. Between all the basic images multipliers were distributed in the following way:

  • ten, Jack and Queen have ratios of 5, 30 and 100;
  • Aces and Kings bring 10, 40 and 150 of rates;
  • beetle and a woman with wings have identical multipliers – 5, 30, 100 and 750 for the combinations of two, three, four and five of its images, respectively;
  • black cat gives 5, 40, 400 and 2000 of bet on a single chain;
  • box with Pharaoh has the factor 10, 100, 1000 and 5000.

All sequences are being formed from the left reel. Prize award is paid only for the biggest chain on active line and individual prizes are added and the result is credited to the player’s account, if he does not want to try risk game.


Pharaohs Ring slot bonus featureis theround for doubling. As it was mentioned above, this mode is available with the help of the button Gamble, which becomes active in the presence of any win after spin. The increase of payments will occur when the user determines the right colour of the card suit.

The process of risk game is going on in a separate window where you need to choose one of two buttons — red or black. In case of failure all prizes for a rotation will be lost. But before making the answer in bonus round, player has the opportunity to take his won credits by clicking on the Collect key.

Talking about free slot game bonusesthat are connected to characters, it is worth remembering about an additional game mode, which is available only after appearance of maximum number of active bands. You can find out whether it’s active or not by looking at the icon Extra bet in the top right corner. It looks like a pharaoh ring that completely matches the name of this gaming machine.

This symbol is the crucial in the additional tour, because it is able to replace any existing element. However, the ring falls out only on the second and fourth reel and there is no bonus payout for its appearance.

This gives a life for another bonus symbol, which is in the form of a book. It is casino slot machine wild cell, which in addition to replacing the main images can pay credits for its combinations. The coefficients for the chains with wild symbols are the highest and equal to 50, 500 and 5000 for sequences of the three books.

This picture is also the scatter. Scatter symbols of three pieces allow the player to use 10 free spins. During this tour on the game field we can see special cells, which will help to win bigger number of credits. Don’t waste your time if you want to find out all mysteries about Pharaohs Ring slot and play it for real money at [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casino.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (10)
  • Gamble Game Yes