Amazing Stars
Amazing Stars

Fruit theme is a symbol of gambling entertainment, originating in the mid-XX century. Fruit machine games are the most popular among gamblers, especially among experienced players. Software companies understand the importance of these slots, that’s why they delight fans with new virtual machines annually. Slots get improved gameplay, better graphics and animation, as well as raising the replayability to a totally new level.

Amazing Stars online slot developed by Austrian makers Novoline and released to the market only a year ago. The device has a classic fruit orientation, it also has unique scatters, bonus free spins and two progressive jackpots. But first – things go first.

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Amazing Stars online slot play for fun

Exterior and game mechanics

Slot Amazing Stars is equipped with high-quality graphics, a pretty good animation, fun gameplay and memorable sound design. At this time, developers have decided to take the classical theme, wrapped it in modern graphics and added a myriad of modern innovations. It was very stylish, gambling and interesting.

The slot itself has five reels and five fixed lines, the number of which is prohibited to change during the game. Each position can be assigned from 8 to 2 000 coins. Thus, it turns out that the minimum bet is equal to 40 coins and the maximum is 10 000 coins.

To multiply the bet, the player must collect on one line from 2 to 5 identical symbols. One strip can contain only one combination. If several sequences dropped on different lines after a rotation, they will be paid together. Combinations are counted from the leftmost reel.

Key features and benefits of the virtual slot Amazing Stars

  • high-quality graphics and visual design;
  • a high return to player ratio;
  • stylish audio;
  • additional symbols and progressive jackpots.

Symbols and bonus games

  • Reels of the Amazing Stars slots online contain traditional fruit pictures: cherries, watermelons, lemons, oranges and grapes. There is also a seven icon. Sevens in the slot machine act as scatter symbols, which are paid regardless of their location on the screen and have a unique payout ratio. Prize money for them varies depending on the total bet on the previous spin.
  • Pictures of stars are bonus symbols. A combination of three or more stars gives the player ten bonus spins which are paid by a casino basing on the player's last bet. During prize spins, stars cannot drop, so unique free rotations can only be extended in the main game. It is notable that the slot pays the player not after a rotation but at the end of each round.
  • Slots for free Amazing Stars also has the game for doubling, so beloved by most modern gamblers. The game starts only after completing a bonus sequence. Here, you the player is to gamble his last win and, in the case of victory, it is doubled. The essence of the round is the following: stairs with eight steps appear in front of the player. Each stage hides either win or lose. Gamblers can choose how many steps to pass and are free to leave the game at any time. A winning stage increases the amount of money twice; the losing stage eliminates all accumulated rewards.
  • Fruit machine free also has two progressive jackpots, which are formed throughout the game and depend directly on the size of bets made by the player. The first jackpot can be obtained after a combination of five sevens. The second jackpot becomes available after filling the whole screen with pictures of stars

Interface and Management

The Amazing Stars has a very user-friendly interface, which is easy to understand even for the most inexperienced player. In the lower right corner of the screen, there is a button Run, which activates one single rotation; it is located next to the button Gamble, which is activated only after a successful spin. This key triggers the bonus round of doubling. On the left, in the adjacent menu, the player can set the size of a bet and the cost of a credit. In the lower left corner, there is an autostart button and the paytable. At the top of the screen, the user can observe the ever-increasing sum of the progressive jackpot. In the top right corner of the screen, there are also given tips on the game and settings for visual effects and volume of the music and sounds.

Origin of Fruit Slot Machines

As it is known, the first casino slot free machine games appeared in the United States in the late XIX century. Mechanics Sittman and Pitt have become the inventors of the first gambling poker machine. That was a mechanical device with five reels and card pictures on them. To receive a prize, the player had to make one of prize poker hands on the screen. There was no slot for coins on the first device, so to start the game, the user needed to pay a sum of money to the bartender. There were no casinos in those days, so first poker machines were located mainly in bars, taverns and other drinking establishments. If a player was able to collect the required combination, he could take a cigar or a glass of beer.

But the real revolution was made by a Bavarian engineer Charles Fey in 1893, who created the world's first one-armed bandit. It was a three-reel slot with a long lever to start. A few years later, Charles issued a “Liberty Bell”, the most successful and celebrated slot of his. Slot games for fun were composed of three reels, rotating pictures of bells and fruits. The maximum reward size was ten nickels, which could be earned by making a row of five bells.

At the beginning of the XX century, the United States banned gambling. Thousands of companies that produced clones of the very one-armed bandits instantly went bankrupt, but not Fey’s enterprise. The man continued to receive quite large orders for the manufacture of slots. Charles died in 1944, but his work continued to grow and develop.

The next very important step in the development of slot machines was the emergence of fruit machines. They appeared very suddenly in the United States. In 1912, when a bill to ban gambling was just gaining its strength, in the wake of the general disturbances, slot machines issuing fruit gums instead of prize money appeared. The reels of these devices depicted fruit, and to win, the player was required to build a combination of delicious and colourful slots. Someone could hardly call it gambling machine, therefore, it wasn’t affected by the ban. That is why fruit machine games for fun quickly spread over the entire country and earned the love of millions of citizens.

Decades passed. Gambling machines gradually evolved and improved. In the United States, the ban on Gambling was still acting and fruit machines were the only bright spot in this whole story. During this time, fruit slots crossed the ocean and spread across Europe and Asia. When the US government began to loosen its grip and Nevada was given a permission to build a gambling zone, the first slot machines that appeared in not so popular yet Las Vegas span on their wheels pictures of bright and juicy fruit, sevens and bells. And even in a modern world where progress has gone far ahead and mechanical devices have been replaced by electronics, fruit slots remain a priority theme in the gambling business.

Modern online casinos are also not left behind. The owners of gambling business on the web are well aware that people like fruit online slots machine games and are ready to play on them under any circumstances. That is why major developers are constantly receiving orders for the creation of fruit slots. At its core, the new devices of this subject haven’t change. Bonus free spins, a game for doubling, jackpots and bonus games – all these remains the same. The overall visual style of the game change, graphics and sound design improve and thus end all changes. And there is nothing wrong with that. Why reinvent the wheel when there are already time-proven mechanics, that brings profit and satisfies the gambling audience.

Strategy and tactics in Amazing Stars

As any other virtual slot, Amazing Stars have its own ways to play. Players should understand that one hundred percent of gambling strategies have never existed and will never do, cause if online slots for free are mathematically hacked, it won’t be fun to play anymore. But anyone can still learn how to play Amazing Stars well, thereby increasing chances of receiving cash rewards.

  1. It is necessary to understand and accept your strengths: both financial and psychological. You shouldn’t play for the last the money, you should always carefully plan your budget and allocate for entertainment as much money as will not be a pity to lose. Also, do not forget about the psychological factor: the more one plays, the more he wants to wager, and the larger sums of money are bet. You should take it into account and go to gamble with the money, the loss of which won't affect you too much
  2. It is necessary to constantly train and improve your skills. Amazing Stars is a free slot machine, where you can bet virtual currency. Casino slot free machine games are an ideal platform for training. Gamblers can hone their skills there, develop unique strategies and tactics without risking. And after, if there is a wish, players can play for real money with and a real thrill.
  3. Do not be greedy. There is no need to constantly chafe on the bit and make big bets, hoping to hit the jackpot at a time. It is best to put medium and small bets, and in the case of a major victory, it is desirable to leave the slot for a day or two. Trying to play at high stakes, especially if your account is not full of money, usually, leads gamblers account being empty without notice. If the player still decided to play for high stakes, then, in any case, he should not launch an automatic game. It is necessary to carefully monitor every spin and think through all subsequent rotations.
  4. It is necessary to choose only proven online casinos. Before a game, make sure that the club is of high integrity, as the Internet is full of unscrupulous sites using hacked software. Virtual casinos, that have earned people's trust and contain on its pages marks quality of various organisations – these are institutions you can safely trust.
  5. The maximum win on the free slot machine slot Amazing Stars is brought by one of the progressive jackpots. Increasing the chance of receiving it, unfortunately, is impossible; but you can increase the size of the final payout. The higher the bet, the faster the prize will increase. But, as mentioned above, do not put too large sums at a time. It is best to divide game credits and put a little money each time, thereby increasing the total number of spins. Thus, the player will increase his chances of getting the jackpot, and at the same time, the size of the maximum win.

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Stories and Myths

Slot games for fun are surrounded with many different stories and myths, and Amazing Stars is no exception. There is a story about a guy who put money on his luck and won, thus changing his whole life.

Michael Foster had a lack of success in life to his thirty years. He was lonely and rather poor, he had no family, no favourite job. One day he decided to radically change his life: sold his one-bedroom apartment, all personal belongings and went to Las Vegas. He said several people about his intention, who told everything the press. When Michael arrived in Las Vegas, there already were reporters waiting. He was not opposed to the publicity of his deed, so his game was filmed by dozens of TV cameras.

Foster had 179 thousand dollars. The young man went to a gaming machine with this sum, which was a thematic predecessor of Amazing Stars slot casino for free, and began to make the maximum possible bets. At first, he was unlucky, but in the end, Michael was able to not only win but to doubled the initial sum within just a few hours. The news quickly spread through all federal channels, and the young man became a local celebrity. Now Michael is living a fairly comfortable life; he has a family and his own house. He also was the author of several motivational books that call to never give up and believe in your luck. One of these books describes this story.

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Amazing Stars is a quality virtual casino slot play, promoting and constantly improving fruit theme in gambling entertainment. The slot is perfect for players of any gender and age (adults only). Veterans of gambling will appreciate it for two progressive jackpots and games for doubling, and beginners will enjoy colourful graphics, attractive animation and catchy sound.

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (10)
  • Gamble Game Yes