The Money Game
The Money Game

Novomatic Group proved their trustworthiness in the market of video slots long ago. Starting with the very first digital automatic machines on three reels and finishing with the latest developments, games of the company can be found nearly in every terrestrial or virtual casino. Among them, there is The Money Game online slot from Novomatic Gaminator series, a remarkable sample of a retro with all habitual modern moments attractive to players.

Multipliers and free-spins, high coefficients and real opportunity to hit the jackpot - all these, certainly, draws players. Money, no matter in what currency, were always a symbol of freedom and pleasures. The Money Game, without further ado, offers fans of gambling entertainments: play the Cash Game, and win money. And what isn't surprising, this frankness has the necessary impact: the automatic machine draws attention and has certain success among players.

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The Money Game online slot without registration

Features and mechanics of the game

The Money Game is a traditional slot of Gaminator series with 5 wheels, three rows of symbols and 9 game lines. Though the old automatic machine doesn't amuse with the graphical and sound decisions, all these pays off doubly thank to the opportunity to hit the jackpot in the amount of x9000 of your bet. Yes, yes, almost one million. And, however, what else would you expect from the game with such a speaking name?

Except for jackpot the game offers gamblers special symbols capable of multiplying prizes and the chance to spin reels free of charge. And for those, who want more, there is a risk game, in which it is possible to increase the profit for spin many times. How much? As far as there as much fortune favours the player, certainly. That is a risk game.

So, before the beginning, it is necessary familiarize with the highlights of the game, its rules and management. Therefore, we suggest to progress consistently and systematically in our theory of big prizes. What is The Money Game slot is and how to treat it?

Game interface

The first thing that catches the eye is design of the game. No, not graphics. Graphics, alas, has nothing remarkable, but the essence lies not in pictures, but in opportunities behind them. So, by opening a game for the first time, an experienced player, most likely, will fall into nostalgia for several seconds, and the beginner will be able to learn how gaming machines looked when levers of “one-armed bandits” were just replaced with buttons.

The interface is designed in style of real automatic machines. Directly under wheels you will find several dials with numerical values and the whole panel of buttons. To get skilled with controlling your game, it is worth to learn to understand indicators and to master functions of buttons. So, the game offers a player:

Columns, with digital values

  • The column, in which the prize for spins is specified (quantity of the won credits).
  • The column, which displays a condition of game balance (quantity of the credits on the account of the player).
  • The column displaying a rate on the line.
  • The column, in which the number of game lines is specified.

Buttons, listed from top to down, from left to right

  • The Coin key – the button that helps to choose the cost of one game credit.
  • The Info key - displays rules of the game and information on game coefficients.
  • The Autoplay key - starts a series of automatic rotations of wheels.

Buttons for specifying the number of game lines – 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9.

  • The Gamble button - activates a risk game.
  • The Max Bet button - appoints maximum stakes.
  • The Play button – activates rotation of reels manually.

Now, when values of numbers and buttons in the lower part of the screen became clear, it is possible to choose the number of lines, to set a bet and to start a game.

How to play?

The important issue for any player is how to play wisely and win? Everything is quite simple. For a start, it is necessary to make your decision on the number of lines. The more lines are activated, the less is the chance of loss of an advantageous combination. Combinations, which fall on inactive lines don’t bring any credit replenishments therefore it will be more logical to increase the chance of success by activating all possible lines.

Then a player has to determine the cost of a coin and a bet. It is necessary to understand, that the bet has a direct relevance to amounts of your prizes. Coefficient is a number, by which your bet is multiplied. Therefore, the more coin you took away on a rate, the larger the prize will turn out. So, 1 coin in case of a successful combination with coefficient 5 will bring only 5 coins. While the maximum bet 900 coins will bring you 4500 prize-winning credits.

As soon as you are done with the bankroll, rate and the number of active lines, it is time to begin spinning the wheels. The main thing to remember is that setting the maximum indicators doesn't guarantee you the success from the first spin.

Read instructions on how to play slot machines. 

Symbols and coefficients in The Money Game

Pictures in the slot of The Money Game are recognizable and completely corresponding to the name of a game. Coins, rolls of bills and packs of money - all of these brings player passion and specifies the symbol cost. It isn't necessary to look into “crib” to understand that the pack of money is bigger than several coins.

Also, there are traditional card symbols in the game. These are the cheapest pictures in the game. Coefficients for collected combinations aren't raised above x125 of your current bid to the line.

The most valuable pictures in the game are special symbols, including:

  • Scatter - designed as dollar symbol. It shows up on all reels, regardless of where it showed up. It doesn’t have to form a sequence to bring the result expressed in the credits. Combinations of a Scatter are paid starting with two pictures. Besides, the Scatter activates a series of free spins if appeared on three and more wheels.
  • The image of a businessman is a Wild symbol. Except for creating combinations and bringing large prizes and even a jackpot, it also plays in other combinations. That is, the symbol can take place of any other, completing a combination and multiplying a prize for it twice.

Since we started speaking about the cost of symbols, we will give numerical values of coefficients for each of them. Despite presentation and informational content of symbols, it is quite good to know the details. The table of payments looks like this: 

  • 9: 2 – x2, 3 – x5, 4 – x25, 5 – x100;
  • 10, J, Q: 3 – x5, 4 – x25, 5 – x100;
  • K, A: 3 – x10, 4 – x50, 5 – x125;
  • Wallet and coin: 3 – x15, 4 – x75, 5 – x250;
  • Roll of bills: 3 – x20, 4 – x100, 5 – x400;
  • Box and pack of money: 2 – x2, 3 – x25, 4 – x124, 5 – x750;
  • Dollar character(Scatter): 2 – x18, 3 – x45, 4 – x180, 5 – x4500;
  • Businessman (Wild): 2 – x10, 3 – x250, 4 – x2500, 5 – x9000 (jackpot). 

Coefficients, considering a wide range of rates, are quite large. Therefore, by playing on high stakes, you can receive an impressive prize even by collecting even the simplest combinations. This prize completely justifies the loud name of the slot.

Free rotations – big prizes!

Free spins are one of the most attractive opportunities in any slot automatic machine. And The Money Game is not an exception. After three or more symbols of dollar drop out on the wheels, the player has an opportunity to make spins absolutely free.

A player not save money during such rotations, he also has an opportunity to refill the game balance pretty well. It will be possible to spin the reel free of charge 10 times, and each advantageous combination will bring a triple prize. By the way, if you are lucky, you can extend a series of free spins if three dollar signs drop out again.

Risk game

If simple prizes for successful spins seem to the player too small, there is always an opportunity to risk in a game 50/50. Pressing the “Gamble” button, the user activates a mini-game, in which can greatly increase a prize for the last rotation in case of success, or lose it in case of defeat. To play risk game, it is necessary to guess the colour of a card. Answer correctly, and your prize is multiplied twice. Guess wrong, and bonuses earned in case of successful answers and a prize for spins will be lost.

How to beat the slot machine?

Many players are asking whether it is possible to beat the gaming machine and how to do it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to have any guarantees about the win when playing slots. A game is designed in a way to make combinations absolutely accidental. So, it isn't possible to count the frequency of any symbols.

Nevertheless, pros have developed a number of practical advices, which can help to reach success and win as much as possible, and in case of bad luck to lose as little as possible. And, of course, these recommendations are freely available.

Following those simple advices, you will be able to organize a game in a comfortable and pleasant way. At the same time, you won't lose more than you are ready to give up to the casino and will be able to win an impressive sum.

Myths and superstitions of the gambling world

Among players there are rumours about some special signs and patterns, which will allow to beat an automatic machine quite often. Those are no more than just groundless myths.

The myth about "Zebra". They say, that a white strip follows a black one and if a player before you was a massive loser, then you will surely win if play after him. It's not true. Any slots, real or virtual, work on system of random generation of combinations. There are no “loops”, which would program quantity of unsuccessful and successful spins. Such pattern just doesn't exist. Therefore, your game won't depend on previous at all.

The myth about "Hot coins". This superstition is especially widespread in real game institutions. Some consider, that “hot” automatic machines should be played with hot coins. However, temperature of chips or coins doesn't have an impact on a game in any way. The program doesn't distinguish temperature and depends on it in no way.

The myth about "Hours of good luck". Some players believe that slots bring more wins in a certain time of a day. And it also isn't true. As well as in the first myth, players expect from slots to have a cyclical and regular nature, which actually is different.

The myth about greedy one-armed bandits. They say, that real slot machines with levers are “much stingier” than slots with buttons or digital slots in online casino. Actually it is not like that. All these machines are designed by the similar principle, and the chance of success on each of them is identical.

However, nothing is so helpful against myths as a personal experience. By playing video slots, any user will be soon enough convinced that everything really depends on one's luck. And on the correct distribution of player's bankroll, of course.

Carefully read different myths about slot machines to avoid the common mistakes.

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History of The Money Game slot

The Money Game was released on September 26, 2003 under the Gaminator Cool Fire I license. Up to 2009, when the industry of video slots began to develop rapidly, this game remained at the peak of popularity and was included in the top ten automatic machines in any online casino. But even after the 2009th this game wasn't forgotten. On February 4, 2014 Novomatic declared, that it will issue a sequel of the game - The Money Game Deluxe.

Speaking about history and popularity of the slot, it is necessary to mention also a “fake” Deluxe version. Russian manufactures completely remade the very first version of the game, updated symbols a little and put it on the Internet. However, this game has nothing in common with real The Money Game Deluxe.

Since 2011, when Novomatic seriously endeavoured to adjust their products to new devices, it has become possible to play The Money Game on mobile phones. A game is supported on any device on Android, iOS and Windows platform. The main condition is a stable connection to the Internet.

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