Sizzling Hot
Sizzling Hot

Free slot Sizzling Hot slot is a classic unit of Greentube company on fruit theme, which will not only remind player of the vitamin summer, but will also please by prizes those members, who are especially fortunate. Despite its simplicity Sizzling Hot slot machine pleased a lot of players, won a place in their hearts and seriously influenced the popularity of fruit themed machines.

Online gambling machine includes 5 lines, the same number of reels and game for doubling the winnings. Special bonuses are absent here. So go and give a try to a free internet slot machine which is ‘fruit-juicy’ and belongs to the Gaminator series.

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Free slot Sizzling Hot online without download

How to play the slot machine?

Rules of this fruit slot are one of the simplest. Gambling machine consists of a colorful field with coils.

  • Various mouthwatering symbols are depicted on it. Slot also contains console with controls. At the top of the screen there are two small buttons, which are not related to the spinning of the reels directly. For example, one of the keys up here is to adjust the sound level or turn off the music accompaniment completely.
  • While player has fun on the free slot machine Sizzling Hot, he needs to put on together the sets of identical symbols on lines for receiving gifts. To do this, player has to press the button Start at least for once. However, experienced players know that before starting rotations of the gaming machine, the slot must be set up. Typically, the number of lines can be adjusted on online machines. But players will notice that operating lines (5 strips) are fixed on this slot. Thanks to colored squares that surrounded the field with symbols, player has a possibility to see the path of one of the strips.
  • Besides, before the players turn the drums they need to decide first, what will be the size of the bet. This adjustment is possible thanks to the elongated metallic button with a red stripe «Bet one», which gives from 5 to 1000 prizes on five lines. And one also can just put a maximum bet, pressing the lever «Bet MAX» with dark stripe. All spins on the Sizzling Hot free slot machine games do not require payment, because in the user’s treasury there are 1000 demo credits. Paytable button on the right side of the playing field allows player to view the information window.
  • If a player is ready to make his/her very first turn of a reel, player has to hit the square regulator “Start”. This button will turn fruit reels only once. And if player wants to relax a little, one can press the button «Autoplay», which includes eternal cycles. This constant rhythm of reel spins may be operated while sufficient number of resources is in player’s piggy bank. To stop the constant cycle, one has simply press the “Stop” button. Beginners may experiment and alternate simple single spins with automatic reel circles.

Main symbols and gifts

Gifts will go right to player’s treasury after reel spins, if the same symbol has been dropped on a mutual line in some sort of combination. However, it is necessary for symbols to fall from left to right.

The main sweet symbols of gambling machine are: a sweet ripe watermelon, blue plum, sour lemon, sunny orange and, of course, cherries. These symbols will give relatively small prizes, from 5 to 500 credits. A set of three sevens will be the best and will give 5000 credits. Symbol with special functions is represented by a bright star - scatter. If there are three of these labels on the field – it gives credits too.

Double Up

Free Sizzling Hot online slot has no special bonuses, but it is possible to multiply the prizes in a Risk-game. To play one, player should to press the red button «Bet one» or black button «Bet max» after the prize turns of a reel. Next what will happen – the window with doubling mode will be opened. An unknown playing card will flicker here. It is enough to guess its color, to get the winnings. But a wrong answer will take away all the prizes that have been given during this reel spin.

How to win on the casino slot machine Sizzling Hot

In most cases, all the tips on winning the free online slot machine are reduced to the installation of special software, or purchasing "big secrets". Do not do such things, because usually this offers comes from the frauds.

Most ways of how you can win will open up in the game process. This is possible, because the programming model for a slot machine – is imperfect and there can be found blanks that give additional benefits if you use them. This rarely applies to such famous slots like our fruit machine. But this one has its advantages, it is quite "hot" and pays out often. That is why a lot of people love it.

To win on Sizzling Hot free slot machine with no sign up you should definitely play on the official flash models, this is the king that we offer on our website. However, there are a few algorithms that may help you to improve the chances of winning; about them we will try to tell you more.

The main changes in strategy options, as in other games of chance, are:

  • To change the number of lines, frequently switch between multiple variants.
  • To put different rates and to trace the reaction of the machine.
  • Moderate or aggressive tactics in a game on doubling.

We provide expert information that will help you to significantly improve your winnings on this traditional fruit slot. You can also share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section and we will response with the explanation.

In any case, there are some general recommendations for successful game play on this casino slot machines games:

  1. When you receive a prize, which is by several times exceeds your bankroll, you should leave the game.
  2. In case of receiving some huge bonuses you should do likewise.
  3. If you have made more than 20 rotations and did not get anything – it is better to quite the slot.

Although there is a need to make some amends on the account of a third rule, because the free slot games Novomatic can always bring gains in the most unexpected moments.

In the case of Sizzling Hot experts recommend to try frequent change of rates. It is alleged that this affects the algorithm of the slot and it will pay rich rewards.

Secrets of Sizzling Hot slot machine

It should be taken into account that the most profitable combination is made up of sevens. Some reliable sources say that the machine can pay less after changing the game session –  when the players start their entertainment, finish and then come back. On the other hand, the possibility of winning decreases when something has already been won. This idea is very often false, but on this machine may work. The before said provides players with the following strategy: the first few turns bet little (several credits), and then increase rate and claim a prize with good ratios.

Most of you know that the idea of cycles on fruit machine online is illusory, however, there is no need to completely reject their presence.

Also, there is a popular concept of a gameplay called the "four strokes". It is lies in the use of an automatic game, with a gradual adjustment of rates after receiving a prize. Although, the bet amounts after the risk round is not specified.

Myths about the game on the Sizzling Hot

There is a notion that it is much easier to win on the machine that is full of money. This happens when in the online casino before you, someone gave the machine a lot of chips, but the fate he did not smile to the previous player. A lot of myths were dispelled by the seasoned players, but some continue to spread the myths in the gambling communities.

Even if starts to seem that you have fully mastered the scheme of payments for this fruit machine online free – you should check it in practice at least several times. Even if that worked three or four times, on the fifth may appear that it was an accident.

The only thing on that should be considered is the percentage of the volatility (that part of the proceeds that machine returns to the players). Usually this percentage is somewhere around the range of 94 – 97 percent. So somebody have to have some losses.

Also it is necessary to reject the notion that online games are easier and more profitable than ones that in the land-based facilities. Sizzling Hot free slot machine games can be played in different ways, but the principles remain the same. So no matter what do you press a mechanical button or virtual one. So if you are lucky – you'll get yours.

Carefully read different myths about slot machines to avoid the common mistakes.  If you feel confident regarding this slot game, then try playing it on money in [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casino.

The history of slot machine Sizzling Hot

As is known, the mechanical one-armed bandits used to have the images of fruit on their drums. The main theme did not change after the virtualization of slot machines. The first games appeared in online casinos in the mid of the 90s and the images of cherries, strawberries and other juicy fruits stayed on the screens.

The Sizzling Hot free online slots just for fun for the first time was released on screen of electronic slot called Admiral. Then it repeatedly changed its position on this machine from Novomatic, but remained as one of the most attractive and simple once.

For the first time players had the opportunity to play Sizzling Hot on March 6, 2003. Since those times slot has turned into one of the most famous in the world of gambling. Great success resulted in the releases of later more modern versions of the machine, but as in other series, all successors are very similar to the prototype.

Here are several models of “fiery” slots which continued the philosophy of the original:

  • In 4 years has been released free online slot machine games Sizzling Hot Deluxe, very similar to his "ancestor", but with the improved graphics. Release Date is November, 13, 2007.
  • Sizzling Hot 7 – in the name of which is underlined the most attractive symbol, it was released on February 10, 2010.
  • Sizzling Hot 8 – is the fourth machine in the family, was given at the mercy of players on September, 8, 2010.
  • In 2013, the developers decided to slightly upgrade the Deluxe version, but at the same year on April 29, they released a unique fruit slot Sizzling Hot Quattro with four reelands.
  • And finally, on August 30, 2015 was established the last machine in series Sizzling6 Slot.

Sizzling fruits is an amazing gambling theme

Classic is classic and Sizzling Hot free slot gaminator games online once again proves that gamers enjoy the simplicity and brightness. Plums, lemons, oranges, cherries and other fruits switches on the hot passion and imagination of fans, and cherish the hope of winning amazing prizes.

Interestingly, the slot gained great popularity despite the fact that there are no special bonuses, there only simple combinations, game for doubling and beneficial seven symbol.

About sevens there must be said a few words separately. Besides the gold coin and the bell, it is the most iconic symbol of good luck. For centuries the seven was a divine number and a sign of happiness. This number brought luck to ordinary people and was a manifestation of God’s grace. The first machines from the very beginning have adopted the idea of this lucky figure. And the triple of sevens – 777, was the most desirable option for any game play. Such a triple happiness brings jackpot and turns you into a rich man.

The 7 icon on this slot games gaminator online Sizzling Hot is somewhat apart from the others. This is the most profitable picture and it can collect very generous reward, which would multiply the current prize up to 5000 credits! Another thing worth noting, is that sometimes Sizzling Hot among the players is called "stewed fruit ", which is not surprising at all, judging from the subject of casino slot machines.

Finally, we want to remind that a series of "fiery" slots forever entered the history of slot that repeatedly make players happy. On our website you can practice on any of the seven slots in this family for free. Try it now and you will realize what on gaminator slot games free attracts a generation of gamblers.

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