Columbus Deluxe
Columbus Deluxe

Online video slot Columbus Deluxe is an action-packed adventure within a simplified and easy to play slot machine game. It follows the real life adventures of Christopher Columbus from his quest to Asia when he accidently discovered what is now known as The United States of America. This machine is designed by Gaminator.

This slot offers several great opportunities to its users since it includes not only regular game, but also a couple of pleasant bonuses. The risk game helps to increase credits and the ships, landed on the screen, launch extra spins.At free casino for mobile Columbus Deluxe Slot Machine enables inexperienced gamers to try fortune due to the option of free game.

Traditionally, Novomatic allows the maximum credit size of 500 which can be transferred to the player’s account. 

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Columbus Deluxe video slot with bonus spins

Columbus Deluxe Gaming Process

There are 2 base modes to spin the reels. The 5 reels of this slot can be activated by the “Start” button, pressing it when the new spin is needed. The second mode that is an automatic spinning is activated by pressing “AutoPlay” button.

The prime task of the main game is to collect the winning combinations. They may land on 10 pay lines. The number of lines can be lower which is adjustable using the “Lines” block. In that block the player also should set another important parameter for free casino video slots online - the line bet (“Bet/Line”). The bet size ranges from 0.04 up to 10. Having chosen these two parameters, a total bet is determined by their multiplication. The maximum bet amounts 100 credits (“Bet”).

One of the essential elements of these free casino video slot games is the winning combinations which can be found with the help of “Paytable” button. The players should understand that payouts are displayed accordingly to the current bet. By pushing “MoreInfo” button one will find the description of other aspects of the slot.

The game enumerates 11 symbols. 9 of them are a part of a combination in the main game. Winning credits are generated by 2, 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols landed in sequence. These symbols are: 

  1. the Queen;
  2. the Tiara;
  3. the Golden Mechanism;
  4. some of the face and pip cards (10, J, Q, K, T).

The combination of 5 Queens brings the highest credit of 10,000. In some cases, the wild symbol (image of Columbus) may substitute the Queen.

Moreover, the wild symbol of these free casino games apps may result in remarkable wins (of 100, 1,000, 10 000 or 50,000 depending on the number of sequential images).

The risk-game

In case of any winning combination that appears on the screen, the players will be offered to gamble and try their luck. Playing this game, one risks either to lose everything or to multiply the credits by several times, gained for spins. To double the win in Colombus Deluxe free casino games for fun online, the gamer needs to guess the card’s colour choosing between “Red” or “Black” buttons. However, the gamble game can be completed any time you wish by pressing the “Collect” button, and the whole profit remains on the account.

Bonus spins

In addition to ordinary and wild symbols, free casino slot game contains another group of important features, the so-called scatters, which are represented by ships images. There are a couple of facts which player has to remember about bonus spins:

  • If 3 ships on the blue background are on the display, the free spins mode is activated. The gamer can spin the reels 10 times for free. This is a great bonus!
  • During the free spin, ships in the yellow background may appear. These are the wild symbols for free spins and they generate 10 more spins free of charge in case 3 of them land in the bonus game. 

Playing Columbus Deluxe is an adventurous trip where nice credit can be earned. The game is rather simple so that everyone is able to manage it.

Thus, mentioned free casino slot machines  with free spins are a unique opportunity to go to a distant gambling journey with the legendary conqueror of the seas. Push a convenient start button during his voyage, experiment with the regime and strategies. Although the slot is made up of the usual set of 5 reels and 10 lines, it does not deprive it of originality, because thanks to the thematic symbols, the player can get good prizes and a series of free spins. And if the player wants to multiply the prize, the famous ttraveller is able to offer a card risk-game. Do not refuse from this offer!

How to win at slot machine Columbus Deluxe

There are many versions of how to beat this free casino slot machine game. For example, there is a legend that if player was lucky enough to catch a successful combination of symbols three times in a row, then it is time to end the game. Of course, you can follow this advice, but the fact is that a victory on machine depends entirely on luck and intuition. The only way to make an influence on a process of the game - to configure the machine settings (to adjust the size of a bet and a number of paylines). 

  1. Especially for beginners: before starting the reels, you should definitely familiarise yourself with the rules and the payout table. There are quite a bit recommendations for the game, but knowledge of the rules will save from silly mistakes while setting the parameters of a slot and selecting the mode of a game;
  2. It is also important not to be afraid of taking risks on free casino slot games for fun and start a round of profit multiplication in case of need;
  3. Of course, it is better not to take risks sometimes when you have got huge winnings. But you should pay attention to the fact that if a player has exposed the maximum-possible number of paylines, then with each spin it will be taken more and more credits from a piggy bank. Therefore, to compensate for such a loss at free casino slots with bonus spins, it is better to accept the round of multiplication and run it just for once.


Tremendous luck - it is when three scatters in a form of white steamers appear on the field. Thereafter free spins will be started - they increase the chances of getting a good win.

Of course, you can try several strategies to achieve a successful outcome of reel rotations:

  • alternate sizes of rates and number of lines paying attention to the current state of balance;
  • after each successful spin on free casino slot games for PC play only first tour of risk-game;
  • alternate autoplay and normal mode;
  • come up with your own strategy, relying on your own intuition.

But the most important key to success is to enjoy every clicking on a start button, and then the time will be spent with amusement. And if you smile to luck, it will smile back to you!

Myths about the Columbus Deluxe slot machine

The burning desire of players from all around the world is not only to have fun on free casino machines, but also to collect all possible prizes. It has led to the emergence of various myths about this game. People use so many tricks in order to outwit this game machine. Here are some of these tricks:

  1. There is a hypothesis that if, during the rotation of reels in a normal mode, the game gave three times in a row a possibility to collect the prize combination, then it is better to interrupt the game and pick up the win. Of course, most players are wary of this myth, but to be ensured, they often end up playing Columbus Deluxe game on such a stage. But those who have tested the effectiveness of this myth, have come to a conclusion time and again that the victory at a free casino for fun possible even after a series of depositions of three successful combinations;
  2. Also there are rumours in a gambling world, that it is easy to disclose the scheme of prize sequences on slot. But in fact, all successful combinations are random. The original slots, including all free casino slot machines, have no cyclic pattern;
  3. A very common myth is one about existence of a system that can help to beat the slot machine Columbus Deluxe, and it will pay more prizes than it is programmed. We advise not to chase for this mystical system, and simply enjoy the fascinating rotation, regardless of the possible outcome of the game;
  4. There is also a legend that after the first series of free spins on this mechanical gangster one should play a minimal rate, till the first winning combination lands. Why such a strange myth appeared - it is incomprehensible, but the legend sounds pretty strange for experienced players;
  5. And here is another myth from compulsive gamblers! Fans of free casino video slot machines from Novomatic divided. Some prefer the very first version of machine, other users selected an updated version of with a prefix “Deluxe”. Both parties justify their choice of the favourite slot by a fact that allegedly it provides greater prize combinations. Probably, such conviction appeared due to successful games on certain machines.

And finally, do not think that, if you play at this slot machine not in an offline casino but in an online one, then winnings will appear often. But in reality, it doesn’t matter where do you rotate the turntables of original slot – the chances of getting a win are always the same.

If you feel confident regarding this slot game, then try playing it on money in [[$whereToPlayLinks]] casinos.


Back in 2002 on September 12 the company Greentube finally pleased slot machines fans of marine and historical themes of his new development. Columbus – one of the best free casino games ever - gained its popularity rapidly. It was a purpose for the launch of an updated version of the slot on March 19, 2008. Since then the attention to this slot grows, and nowadays one cannot imagine any reputable casino without this unit.

Creation of a gaming machine on the theme of a discoverer of the American continent was inspired by the firm conviction of explorer that he will reach all the goals. Now, this machine lets many players believe that they will achieve the desired success while turning the reels of a unit with the same name.

Players like a convenient simple control panel, a presence of special symbols and game modes on the slot, an unobtrusive musical accompaniment. In addition, many ardent fans of gambling were oftentimes overjoyed by big wins. Of course, other units of the company bring great rewards, but fans of gambling truly like to have a pleasure of having fun at this exciting slot. If you haven’t joined yet a team of fans of new free casino slot games, then you can safely try to play on the old or on the updated version of this mechanical gangster. Who knows, maybe this legendary explorer will open to you all the secrets of online machine. 


As it has been already mentioned, old and new versions of free casino games remind players that any their dream or desire can be implemented. And a good example of this were the numerous feats of Christopher Columbus – well-known traveller. Future conqueror of the seas and unexplored continent dreamed of distant voyages since very childhood. There is a version that in 14 years old he has already had basic knowledge that was necessary for sailors. In later years, future treveller learned about the basic principles of navigation, studied geography and cosmography. That helped him to come to the conclusion that the Earth is spherical. This conclusion, in its turn, had help him to sail to India's by a new, not such a dangerous way. He came up with this idea to Portuguese king Juan III, who considered it was too risky and unrealistic. But Spanish King Ferdinand and his wife agreed and were paid off.

Due to this, in 1492 traveller started his way for commercial purposes. Columbus wanted to sail to India moving to the west. This year is the very year when he discovered America, though the explorer believed that he had discovered a new route to India. The traveller organised four grand expeditions and proved that dreams are feasible.

A huge achievement of the navigator is that he dared to make a trip that his contemporaries considered extremely dangerous and too risky. But faith, professionalism and, above all, passionate excitement helped this adventurer and navigator not only visit new continents but also bring back a lot of treasures. And that is not all! The traveller fulfilled a dream of many Europeans, who wanted to see new corners of our beautiful planet. Now he carries out the desires of lucky ones who have decided to launch the eponymous gaming machine. Swim towards adventures, along with lucky free casino slot game online in company with legendary Columbus and other historical characters while rotating reels instead of steering wheel!

Game Specs
  • Scatter Symbol Yes
  • Freespins Yes (10)
  • Gamble Game Yes