Fruit Coctail
Fruit Coctail

Fruit Cocktail slot machine from Igrosoft has long ago crossed all limits of popularity and the only slot to compete with its popularity is another slot from the same developer: Crazy Monkey. According to the search engine statistics, no less than dozens of thousands of users are searching for a place to play those slots each month. What is the secret of this unique slot machine?

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Fruit Cocktail slot machine without download

Rules of the game

Indulge yourself with a delicious cocktail of pleasant emotions and generous prizes! The algorithm is as follows:

  • set the number of patterns;
  • set the bet size;
  • spin the wheels

Fruit Cocktail slot consists of 5 wheels and 9 active lines. Aside from usual spins, there is an interesting and profitable bonus round, and also a double-up game. Prize is being accounted to the player’s account after getting at least 2 identical icons from left to right on the active line.

Controlling the slot

On the control panel one can easily find the buttons to regulate the game settings:

  • PLAY 1 LINE – a game on 1 active line;
  • PLAY 3 LINES – a game on 3 active lines;
  • PLAY 5 LINES – a game on 5 active lines;
  • PLAY 7 LINES – a game on 7 active lines;
  • PLAY 9 LINES – a game on 9 active lines;
  • BET ONE – regulation of the credit's size;
  • BET MAX – a game with maximal bet;
  • SLOT INFO – payment table;
  • START – launch of the wheels;
  • GAMBLE – risk-game mode

Using the menu, the user can easily turn off the sound and open the game in the full screen. Anyone can play the Fruit Cocktail for free and without registration by choosing the demo version of the game.

Slot machine's interface

This slot is drawn in retro style, which gives it a special flavour and makes it unique among the hundreds of modern developments. Since this machine was designed as an original variation of the fruit video slots, most of the symbols are depicting fruits:

  • game logo – prize winnings up to 5000 credits;
  • cocktail – prize winnings up to 2000 credits;
  • watermelon – prize winnings up to 500 credits;
  • pear – prize winnings up to 200 credits;
  • apple – prize winnings up to 100 credits;
  • lemon – prize winnings up to 50 credits;
  • peach – prize winnings up to 20 credits;
  • cherry – prize winnings up to 10 credits.

So the most profitable symbol is an inscription saying Fruit Cocktail. But 5000 credits aren’t the biggest prize possible. One can get even more during the bonus round, which will be described below.

Bonus symbols

The game logo isn't only the most high-valued image, but it is also a Wild symbol. It can replace the next symbols in the winning combinations:

  • watermelon;
  • pear;
  • apple;
  • lemon;
  • peach;
  • cherry.

There is no scatter in this video slot, but it isn't much of a problem, since this game has enough bonuses without it.

Double-up game

After each successful spin during the Fruit Cocktail game the user can double the size of his prize. It is possible to do by pressing the GAMBLE button. Four hidden cards and one opened card appear before the player. The player should pick one of the hidden, and if it's bigger than the opened one, the prize is being doubled. If the round was successful, the player can repeat it and play more.

Prize round

This slot got his unofficial name not by accident. In the middle of 90s a giant number of players was spinning the wheels of this slot hoping for strawberries to appear. This berry launches the prize round. To get into the bonus game mode, the player has to collect at least 2 strawberries on the active line.

This round is quite classic for gambling activities. During this round a Fortune wheel with fruits on it appears. If after the wheel stops spinning there is a couple of identical fruits, the player gets a large prize. The number of spins depends on the number of strawberries:

  • 2 –  1 spin;
  • 3 –  2 spins;
  • 4 –  3 spins;
  • 5 –  4 spins.

The maximum amount of money to get during the bonus round is the bet size multiplied by 100. For this to happen the player has to get two images of the fruit cocktail. Considering that the bonus game can consist of 4 spins, theoretically the size of the win can reach 20 000 credits. So the best way to get a lot of money is to wait for the prize game and have the biggest bets by then. But there are also other strategies that can help during the game on this slot.

How to win in the Fruit Cocktail slot

Among the gamblers there are several strategies for increasing the chances for a win:

  • variance level accounting
  • edition of the bet level according to the cycle length
  • usage of the mathematical method

To understand how to beat the Fruit Cocktail slot one should take into account all of its characteristics. “3 stars” strategy works quite effectively here. This strategy implies the following:

  • The player determines an acceptable number of loses, for example 5;
  • If he gets 5 unlucky spins a row, he lowers his bets;
  • He keeps playing with the same bets, and if he loses 5 times in the row again, he has to lower the bets again;
  • The game goes on until the player reaches the minimal bets.

This strategy is quite universal, and careful users will find it to their liking. The Fruit Cocktail slot machine has an average-levelled variance, for which this tactic is quite effective. One more way of winning in the Fruit Cocktail is to set for yourself a limit of loses, after reaching which one should stop playing. Won't hurt to remind you that one should play this slot starting with demo version.

While creating their own strategy, one should pay attention to the cycle of spins between the winning combinations. It's easy to do in the demo version. It's enough to make 5-7 successful spins to get to know the range. After learning this range one can slowly raise the bet size to the end of the cycle.

Experienced players, who are playing the Fruit Cocktail slot for more than a year, are stating that there is a dependence between the bet size and the frequency of getting the winning combinations. So by raising his bets the player can expect the prize combination to appear faster. When planning your strategy, you should remember that there is no free spins in this slot, which influences the winning combinations a lot.

You also shouldn't forget about the double-up game. When your prize is small, it is worth to try to double it. And if the player is lucky, he has to be able to stop just in time. The player shouldn't try to double his winnings more than 2 times after the winning spin.

There's some more useful information which will help to create your own effective strategy for this game:

  • the refunds percent is equal to 97%
  • the spin cycle length is average
  • the estimated rate of the prize combination drops –  1x25

Since this slot is quite popular, a lot of people are interested in ways of winning in this game. Because of that there's a lot of offers in the Internet from people, who are stating that they know how to never lose in this game, and they can share this strategy for a certain sum. You shouldn't trust or pay them: mostly those offers come from rascals, who only look for the way to get your money, and do not have any secrets of winning.

The slots are gambling machines with fixed casino advantage. The player won't be able to trick the Fruit Cocktail slot, no matter how much he wants to. If someone tells you to install some software which will help you to get tons of money, then most likely it's a malicious program which will still your personal data and your money. The only way to win in the Fruit Cocktail is to use the verified mathematical methods considering the individual characteristics of the slot.

How to win on the slot machine, follow the instructions. It will help to achieve results.

Fruit Cocktail slot history

It all started in the middle of the 90s. It isn’t a secret that gambling business was restricted in USSR for a longest time. But in the middle of the 80s the first slots started appearing in some In-tourist hotels. By then the first Russian videoslot developers started to work. Few years later one was able to find the gambling establishments everywhere. After seeing those demands, the developers team decides to create its own company for creating video slots. Thus the Igrosoft company appeared, which is still working nowadays.

The slot's developers studied the story of the slots and figured out that the fruit slots were always the most popular ones. It is a gambling classic, taking its roots from the very first one-armed bandits, created by Charles Fey. The wheels of those slots are decorated with fruit symbols. The Igrosoft company decided to be non-standard in terms of genre and create a really original and generous fruit-machine. Most of those slots aren't really rich in terms of functionality, but in this case it's very different.

This slot was one of the first Russian video slots, replacing the mechanic-wheeled slots. The main difference is in the virtual mode of spinning drums. Thanks to RNG this game is more fair, since the mechanical drums started to malfunction with time, and some combinations were appearing more often than other ones.

The developers were lucky enough to release the slot when the gambling saloons were becoming more and more popular; so this slot was used there. The slot machine establishments were basically at every turn by then. Gamblers were playing the Fruit Cocktail on the bus stations, in the mall halls and in the large casinos. There was a big amount of rumours and legends about this slot, for example about the secret additional round, during the which all the Fortune wheel is filled with strawberries.

Year 2006 was crucial in the gambling story of Russia. The law was announced which restricted the gambling activity everywhere except for certain locations. It would seem that it would lower the popularity of loved by everyone slot machine, but actually it was the total opposite.

The first Internet-casinos for Russian users appeared in the first years of 21st century. By then Igrosoft's developers already knew the perspectives of this kind of gambling. The company quickly created the version of the slot for the online casinos, and it became one of the most popular games of this kind almost immediately. When the casino-activity limiting law came to life, the main casino audience came to the Internet for playing more, and the Strawberries became even more popular for a variety of reasons:

  • experienced players gained the simplest access to the game
  • raising popularity of the online casinos brought the attention of the newcomers to this slot
  • this slot became available for a foreign audience and it became popular quite fast for a unique idea for a fruit-machine.

The game's success was so amazing that the developers created a new version of this slot. Fruit Cocktail 2 has a better graphics, and also there are some changes in the risk game and prize round's structure. The convenience of the interface and exciting gameplay still were there, though. This slot was more optimized for the online casino than its previous version. But, like it's ancestor, Strawberries 2 have a demo-version for playing for free.

The Igrosoft company keeps working nowadays and provides services in the gambling software development for real-life casinos. Considering the fact that there were no new slots for quite a long time, the developer is quite content with the success of its previous creations. It's easy to understand, since Igrosoft's slots are the most popular Russian developments, well-known in different countries. Aside from the Fruit Cocktail, one can easily find more than a dozen of other slots from this developer in the casino. Maybe it's isn't as much as of other gambling developers, but it is about the quality, not the quantity.

If you liked the Fruit Cocktail slot, you should definitely try some other slots by Igrosoft:

  • Crazy Monkey;
  • Resident;
  • Keks;
  • Gnome;
  • Lucky Haunter;
  • Island;
  • Garage;
  • Rock Climber.

Nowadays this slot keeps its positions in the first lines of popularity ratings. It demonstrates that modern graphics and complex original storylines do not guarantee success. This slot with 20 years of history and simple graphics is still better than the most of new developments thanks to the interesting biography, amazing paying ratings and special atmosphere. No doubt, that the Fruit Cocktail slot will still be the true favourite of the online and offline casinos in the future.

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Game Specs
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  • Gamble Game Yes