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Igrosoft casino slots is a leading Russian slot machine software manufacturer. The company is being actively advertised online and, thanks to that, its name is familiar to all gamblers. Classic methods: five reels and nine lines, bonus and risk rounds are used by the developers in the development of slot games.

Unlike most companies, Igrosoft does not replicate famous old games by providing them with a random number generator. Developers use the updated mathematical algorithms which, according to their words, distinguish themselves as reliable and boost popularity of slots among players. No doubts. The demand for their services in Russia and abroad does not run out.

Currently, the company specializes in network and browser versions of slots. Besides, it still sells boards for offline machines that can be installed in casinos, as well as offers repair and reflash services despite the fact that the use of such equipment in Russia is possible only within the special gambling zones.

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Games made by Igrosoft

Company’s games

On the official website of the Igrosoft Company there are 20 slot games that have been developed for almost 15 years of its operation listed. They all are developed in the traditional style of the company: bright colors, "cartoon" graphics, sound effects and funny characters. Among them:

  • Roll Fruit 1 and Roll Fruit 5;
  • Crasy Monkey (1 and 2 part);
  • Fruit Cocktail (1 and 2 part);
  • Sweet Life (1 and 2 part);
  • Gnome;
  • Pirate (1 and 2 part);
  • Island (1 and 2 part);
  • Keks;
  • Rock Climber;
  • Resident;
  • Garage;
  • Lucky Hunter;
  • Multi Fish;
  • Game Coctail.

Most of them are based on a similar model, the only difference between them is the art style.

In the standard round you need to select the number of lines and place a bet. You can win only if there is a line of three (or more) identical objects. In the risk round you can increase the winning several times; generally, for this you need to randomly choose a card that is higher than the dealer’s one. The bonus round differs from game to game (pull the ropes, choose between the boxes and so on). After successful completion of this level, an access to super bonus round and big winnings opens.

The last two slot games are multislots which provide visitors with the possibility to choose the game on their own. Multi Fish includes several simplified versions of poker and Game Coctail includes almost all above mentioned games.

Igrosoft launched its own compute server and support library for online-casinos. On the territory of the Russian Federation online gambling games are prohibited, so the browser versions are available here for information only.

Recent developments

Throughout 2015 and early 2016 Igrosoft has mainly been developing boards firmware upgrade. Thanks to this, errors have been eliminated, new counters have been added and some changes have been made.

The company still sells boards for slots and rights to use its software. IGP 1 board costs 3 thousand RUR and IGP2-EX upgrade – 17,5 thousand RUR. In addition, Igrosoft provides 1 year warranty, gives all certificates and accounting documents.

Owner and registration

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Igrosoft has been registered on the name Timur Heorhiievich Stoliarov in Moscow on August 5, 2003. However, in mass media there is no information about him, so we cannot say for sure which position he holds in Igrosoft.

There is also said that the main activity of the company is software development and counseling. In addition, it is engaged in the wholesale trade and, according to the charter, can develop databases and information resource, as well as carry out researchers in the field of engineering science.

Moreover, in 2009 Igrosoft Export has been registered in the registry on the same name. According to the charter, it can carry out wholesale and retail trade, financial intermediation activity and data processing.

Court cases

Since 2011, the Igrosoft brand was mentioned in 542 cases including civil, administrative, criminal, and arbitration. They mainly concern the illegal casinos that use the company's equipment illegally, violating the company's copyright. The punishment of the owners of such gambling establishments can be very strict.

Their global reach is quite broad. Most hearings took place in Chelyabinsk, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod and Tambov regions, as well as in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Advertising and trespassing

As of today, the Igrosoft company needs almost no marketing. An infinite number of online casinos mention the company in their articles as a leader in the gambling slot machines industry, luring gamblers with similar online slots. Most of them use algorithms, which do not allow players to win or there are less winning games than should be.

Meanwhile, in the real slot machines market there are companies that sell counterfeit boards, counterfeiting Igrosoft’s and other famous companies’ products. The most attractive for clients is the price, they are cheap. Thus, attracted by the slot market benefits unofficial providers are gradually filling the field.