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OMI Gaming slots & developer review

OMI Gaming is a young Swedish company founded in Stockholm in 2012. In the four years of its existence, it was able to invent its own platform Kazuri Casino Module and release several dozen high-quality slots currently installed in many major online casinos. All products are certified by the authorised bodies of the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Malta.

The random number generator was tested and approved by the competent organisations. In addition to slots, online casino company also develops slots for mobile platforms.

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Games made by OMI Gaming

The development of the company and the main features of slot machines

Of course, OMI Gaming casino is still far from such gambling industry giants as the International Games Technologies and others. But, if you look closely at the company's activities, it immediately becomes clear that it’s on the right track. Kazuri Casino Module platform is quite promising and interesting. It is adaptive, it supports the integration of slots from other manufacturers.

The main features of Omi Gaming slot machines:

  • High-quality graphics and animation design;
  • Easy-to-use interface, fun gameplay;
  • Scatters and Wilds, progressive jackpots, bonus games and bonus spins;
  • High replayability;
  • Memorable sound and music.

Try to play online Omi card games, for example Sinhala omi card game.

Unique game themes and the best slots

All gaming machines companies stand out with bright and juicy graphics, high-quality animation and a catchy theme. The authors do not copy already known subjects and constantly come up with something new and unique. This is the quality that today's young developers on gambling market lack. Usually, beginners copy the style of popular slots and added to them a bonus game, in the best case, and then release to the market. If you want to get more information on bonuses, visit the relevant section of the site. OMI Gaming violates this pattern and makes slot machines using their own practices. The following slots are the most popular among the gaming community:

  • Benny the Panda is a bright and colourful slot, which tells the story of a cute panda named Benny. The machine has five reels and thirty paylines. The device has a progressive jackpot, Wild symbols, and Scatter symbols, which multiply the chances of a player to increase the amount of reward.
  • Devil's Advocate is a slot about money and everything attached to them. Five-reel machine has a twenty-five active lines, the bonus game, free spins, extra Wilds and Scatter. The graphics here is beautiful but nothing more. Slot cells are marked with pictures of safe, packs of money, mansions, robbers and cops. The animation in the machine is at a medium level.


OMI Gaming is a young Swedish company that quickly has broken into the lists of known and promising producers of gambling software for the casino. At this stage, the company still cannot compete with the giants of the gambling market, but the first steps in this direction are made, and now it becomes clear that the company has chosen the right path and pursues the goal hard.

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