Party Gaming

PartyGaming slots developer

PartyGaming was founded in 1997 as a network of gambling sites on the islands of the Caribbean. The network was owned by iGlobalMedia, which was renamed to PartyGaming., which was launched in 2001, became the flagship site of the company. In 2011, PartyGaming slots merged with Bwin Interactive Entertainment and formed Bwin. Party Digital Entertainment.

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History of the company

In 1990, the Las Vegas Advisor Michael Shackleford tested the first computerised version of blackjack - card game, and came to the conclusion that the electronic version of the game was completely “not fair”. In the words of press secretary of PartyGaming John Mendelsohn, “the odds were in favour of the casino”. This bias towards gambling operator seemed too obvious and become an impetus for the development of new PlayGaming casino software, which would guarantee a fair game.

Developing own platform required time and effort. However, in 2005 the company has provided a platform that did not allow players to play multiple games simultaneously without signing up on the site. The deposit was attached to the registered user. This had become a big step towards strengthening position on the market and stating on the safety and security of playing on PartyGaming portal.

In August 2006, the company became an operator of sports betting on the Caribbean islands and headed for Europe. PartyGaming made deals with providers of card games, providing the platform for the implementation of gambling products. Features of European gambling business. Top list of countries to be visited by fans of casino games.

License in the USA

After September 29, 2006, when United States Congress had declared online gambling illegal, PartyGaming paused all activities involving the use of real money with American clients. Although the law did not affect free games offered by the company, PartyGaming gave up a position in FTSE rating list of “top 250 companies”.

License in France

In June 2010, PartyGaming casino signed its first contract on the “young” gambling market of France. This agreement allows PartyGaming to take bets on French websites. In addition, the company has become a licensed supplier of the French online poker.

PartyGaming Products

The main product of the company is an online PartyGaming poker. The popular card game has become a major area of activity. Besides being engaged in software supply for online poker, PartyGaming sponsors tournaments and carries out its gambling events.

In November 2009, developers have contributed more than $ 12 million towards next World Poker Tournament. Since then PartyGaming championships are included in the list of World Tournament events. The company hopes to return to the American poker market.