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Elk Studios slots – characteristics of one-armed bandits

Elk Studios is a young Swedish company founded in Stockholm in 2012. Despite its young age, the company is able to create quite colourful and interesting slots that differentiate from slots made by competitors not only in terms of graphics, but also in terms of the storylines. Elk Studios slots have colourful graphics, decent animation and memorable sound. But the biggest advantage is non-standard thematic decisions. The firm decided not to use the same ideas as many other developers and started creating the unique slots with unusual and interesting stories. But first things first.

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Games made by Elk Studios

Company’s specifics and main features of their slots

Since the very beginning of their work the developers of Elk Studios have stated that they aren’t going to walk the known path; instead they want to lay their own road and bring slot-machines to a new level. The developers are willing to make slots smart, breathe life into them and make players do more than just spin drums: make them think and learn. But it doesn’t mean that Elk Studios is a firm making only serious slots. The developers know pretty well that the gamblers want to relax during the game, so their assortment also includes virtual machines for fun.

Main features of the slots made by Elk Studios:

  • Qualitative graphics, decent animation and sound accompaniment;
  • Intuitive gaming process;
  • Friendly interface;
  • Presence of the classical bonus symbols, prize free spins and progressive jackpots;
  • High RTP percentage;
  • Unique gaming algorithms.

Let’s talk more about the last mentioned feature. The Elk Studios’ developers have constructed and added to their slots special algorithms, allowing to control the bet size automatically, depending on the game events. For example, the player has a bad luck, he can’t get his money back, losing few times in a row. Then he chooses a special algorithm that adjusts the bet to more reasonable and appropriate for this situation. Those algorithms can’t fix the unsuccessful game with 100% guarantee, but they can help. The result of each spin depends only on random number generator.

Poltava slot machine

One of the most popular Elk Studios games is a slot called Poltava, devoted to the famous Battle of Poltava. It is the one of the most important battles of the Great Northern War, and in this slot-machine the players have to fight and win the money by getting the combinations of usual symbols, scatters and wilds. Amazing graphics and qualitative animation making the game even better than it is.


Elk Studios casino is a young, but very ambitious company, walking the different path comparing to most of the other developers. The developer’s decision to refuse the classical mechanics makes a firm really unique and gives it a significant advantage over competitors.