Taco Brothers
Taco Brothers

Taco Brothers online slot game will appeal to admirers of Mexican culture – in this game you will familiarize with the traditions of this country and meet three brothers which, at the same time, are the main characters of this video slot by Elk studios. Unlike other casino games, its interface looks very modern and unusual: you won’t see any numbers of paying lines or control panel you are accustomed to – in general, same thing can be said about all products created by this software provider. Variety of stake options and different beneficial features make process of gambling it even more thrilling and exciting.

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Online slot game without registration Taco Brothers

Instructions to the game

If you love to play free slot machines with bonus by such providers as Novomatic and Playtech, for example, and are accustomed to gambling them, the gameplay of Taco Brothers slot may seem a bit weird to you. It consists of only three buttons – two of them on the left, and one on the right side of playing field:

  • Three lines located one under another signify Paytable division. Single click on it opens section with denomination paid for combination of different symbols. These values are calculated taking into consideration the size of your stake. In this division you will also find such buttons as Settings and Info – they allow to regulate the parameters of game adjusting them to your taste, and read detailed rules.
  • A stack of coins with a plus near them allows a player to select the bet for one spin. Unlike other slot machines at casinos, in slots by Elk studios you choose the stake for one spin instead of choosing the lines and wager money for each one of them.
  • Finally, in order to start playing look at the right side of the screen, and you will see a curved arrow with a word “Auto”. By means of this button a single round of game is triggered.

This casino game offers 243 win ways – the chances to create the combination which awards you with huge winnings. The bets for one playing round can be ranged from only 0,10 Euro for a single spin, reaching up to 50 Euros, so that both newbies in gambling and experienced high-rollers will be satisfied. Taco Brothers also offer such an option as choosing a betting strategy – it is available is a section with stakes. Selecting a proper strategy can considerably boost your chances to get a decent reward. You can choose between three of them:

  1. Jumper. After each successful round in online slots for fun your bet will be increased on one level, and it continues till the stake amount reaches the size which is four levels more than the initial one was.
  2. Leveller. When you lose five times in a sequence, then the amount of your stake will be boosted by two levels. Thus, in the end your bet will be equal to the initial stake multiplied by 10.
  3. Booster. This strategy means that after the loss the stake goes one level up - this goes till the bet grows four levels up its initial amount.

In case you haven’t selected any strategies in online slots to play, traditional betting will be set.

It may seem to you that there is no Autoplay feature in this game. But you’ll find out that if you pull the starting button, a window with the possible numbers of auto spins opens. You can select 10, 25, 50 or 100 of them. This round may be stopped at any time you want. While automatic soins are activated, for you there is no need to push the starting buttons – all the operations will be performed automatically by means of computer program.

There are two images which activate bonus features available in this game. They are the Wild logo of the slot - Taco Brothers Wild and an image of Safe. In the abstract below we are going to review these icons and options available in online slots machine which they are able to trigger.

  • Taco Brothers Wild icon has a special function: it activates re-spins. Owing to them it will be possible to collect bonus symbols on reels in order to launch prize rounds again and again.
  • Bonus image is depicted as the icon of Safe. You have to collect three such images – in this case Wild Escape round is started. While it is active, an Exploded Safe Multiplier may fall on the reels – it can considerably increase your gains.

Paytable section in Taco Brothers also contains such divisions as Settings (a gearwheel key) and Info (letter “i”). The first one turns on and off sound effects of online slots and offers to adjust reality check interval (from 15 min to 2 hrs). Why is this parameter required? Well, it checks whether you are active, and if no the game will be turned off with some money loss. Info section represents detailed rules of the game and its peculiar features.

How to trick a slot machine

Surely, every gambler who ever tried playing slots asked a question whether it is possible to cheat a machine and get incredible money prizes. During a long period of slot machines’ existence players invented various strategies and methods which, to their opinion, could have helped in this uneasy task. Some of them seem to be really weird because to every user who is aware of slots’ principles of work it’s quite obvious that all these cheating tricks do not work. The best casino slot machines to play generate combinations of symbols randomly – it is impossible to invent an algorithm according to which the icons fall on the reels. The only things you can rely on are your intuition and luck.

But don’t worry – there remains something which depends on you. In order to gamble rationally, before you start playing decide how much money are you going to lose. If you reach this amount and haven’t won anything, it would be better to gamble another day, which may appear to be more lucky for you. Don’t start from placing high stakes, especially if you are a beginner in gambling – begin your journey with lower bets , in any case you will be able to increase them later. Or simply gamble free slot games for fun online and have some practice.

We have only one recommendation for those who want to try gambling slots: don’t invent any methods or ways to trick it – you’ll just lose your time. Simply believe in your lucky star and don’t forget about the common sense – it’s a perfect formula of player’s success.

Secrets of slot machine

Despite the fact that nowadays each one of the players can easily learn about the principles the work of every slot machine is based on, they still love to invest casino games with some unbelievable and ridiculous features they call “the secrets of slots”. In fact, slot machines (Taco Brothers too) do not hide any secrets – they are no more than randomly working mechanisms. While playing casino free slots, don’t let these superstitions mix you up.

The only secret which may be called a reasonable one which is worth your attention is the skill of placing bets: in order to create your proper strategy of doing that, play more and discover various ways to stake and win. But again, don’t forget about randomness – the things which worked with one slot machine don’t have to work with other. Gambling is unpredictable kind of activity, and that is where its unspeakable charm lies.

Myths about this slot

Same as hundreds of other popular casino slots and games, Taco Brothers has become an object for those who love to invent various stories and myths about slots. Many of gamblers still continue believing in these common deceptions. In this abstract we are going to review some of them:

  1. Counting the cycles. Some of users state that all combinations on reels of slot machine fall within certain periods of time and offer to calculate the length of these cycles in order to find out when one or another sequence appear and place a proper bet. You may try to use some formulas from the theory of probability, but there is a very little chance that they will work.
  2. “Hot” and “Cold” machines. This is a very common myth concerning land-based casino video slots for fun and for real cash, but gamblers continue believing that online slots can also be divided into these two categories. “Hot” slot machines are the ones which bring bigger payouts in case a previous gambler invested huge money amount in them. “Cold” are that ones which vice versa pay less. But in fact the wins you’ll be awarded with depend only on the amount of your personal deposit – the money paid by a user before you do not influence them at all.
  3. Usage of various strategies. Difficult ways of calculating bet amounts are more frequently used in table games – probably, if you used to gamble roulette you know what we are talking about. But many of players are trying to apply them to slot machines games. We already described popular misbeliefs concerning these methods in “How to cheat a slot machine” abstract - check it out.

Facts from the history of Taco Brothers slot

This casino game was created by a relatively new, but already well-known company Elk studios, producing software for online casinos. Being founded in 2012, for almost five years they continue to issue great products for admirers of high quality. Taco Brothers is one of the most popular their slot machine games online, offering 243 ways to win and modern branded gameplay. With an unusual theme and profitable features nowadays it occupies rightful place on the market.

As various mobile gadgets have become widespread among casino players, the developers issued not only PC variant of the game – Taco Brothers is also compatible with your mobile device. If you have a tablet or a smartphone with Windows, iOS or Blackberry operating systems on it, it is possible to use a convenient version designed specially for gadget’s screens.

Theme of this casino game

The plot of Taco Brothers free slots online (as it becomes obvious from its name) is centered around Mexico and its traditions. Owing to bright graphics the characters on reels look more vivid and make playing process exciting. The system of images in this game includes bonus icons that we’ve mentioned above and regular ones – in this part we are going to review them in brief and see which prizes they are able to offer:

  • Three brothers are the most valuable pictures of this casino game. They differ with value of money prize which is paid for them. The most expensive is the one with a cigar – Paso. If you land five such pictures, you get 400 coins. Then goes Pepe, holding his guitar. Maximum sequence of such images pays you up to 300 coins. The least valuable is the icon depicting Pico with a dynamite – payments for such a symbol range from 50 to 100 coins.
  • There is a Wild symbol. In these slot machines for free it looks like a bell with a word “Wild” on it. By means of this picture you can replace lacking icons in combinations and create complete sequence, boosting your chances to hit the jackpot considerably.

The most known attributes, familiar to those who have ever dealt with Mexican culture – tequila, guitar, cactus and a spade with a lamp – bring the lowest possible winnings. They all have similar amount of reward which should be given to you for a profitable sequence. Three of them pay 20 coins, four award you with 50 and a complete sequence consisting of five pictures brings 80 coins.

Game Specs
  • Respins Yes
  • Active bonus Yes
  • Automatic bonus Yes
  • Super bonus Yes
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