About GameArt casinos – history and present of company

GameArt casino was found in 2013 and had become the fasters growing developer in the industry. GameArt casino is based in Malta. It consists of a group of businessmen and programmers with a great experience in the industry. That international company's offices are located not only in Malta but also in Slovenia, Serbia and the UK.

GameArt operates in several sectors of gambling:

Games designed by the GameArt are compatible with all the platforms including mobile Android and iOS. The honesty and reliability of slot machines meet the standards of Games Laboratory International, online gambling auditor.

The company also makes orders for slot machines.

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Business support services

Besides the software development, the company offers different services for the owners and operators of casinos:

  • casino servers technical support – hosting and site security tuning;
  • marketing planning – development of business promoting strategy;
  • running the media – selection the media for advertising and site promoting;
  • search engine optimization – implementation of better site finding by the search engine;
  • consultancy on finance and banks - assistance in the business organization, on financial and business matters of gambling operations;
  •  consumer support – service of site customers;
  • affiliate programs in marketing – provision of gambling platforms for work and partners selection;
  • fraud protection.

GameArt partners

Online Casino Reports is one of the GameArt's partners. It is the sites network on online casinos matters, found in 2002. It transmits the news, guides, lessons and other information on gambling business.

Particular qualities of GameArt's slot machines

In spite of recent foundation of the company, its machines have a peculiar design, which can attract the veterans of slot machines. Graphics and scheme are made qualitatively with bright colors and plenty of ornate gilded decorations. Modern games tend to minimal design and muted tones.

Their portfolio consists approximately of 30 slot machines, which provide GameArt casino bonuses. They are devoted to classic themes, such as fruits, dolphins, Egypt, Irish and fantasy motives. Noticeably, a lot of GameArt's slots are devoted to Asian themes: China, eastern dragons, lions etc. For example: 

  • 5 Elements;
  • Bushido Code;
  • Dragon King;
  • Guardian Lion;
  • Phoenix Princess. 

Mainly GameArt casino games offer the usual gameplay with traditional bonuses of free spin and other symbols. Some machines have interesting nuances. For instance, the Da Vinci Codex machine bonus is unlocked by code word VINCI dropped down on five reels.

GameArt slots can be found in different online casinos including the Russian servers. The most popular are: 

  • Kitty Twins Slot;
  • Money Farm Slot;
  • Gold of Ra Slot;
  • Wolf Quest Slot;
  • Wild Dolphin Slot. 

GameArt offers a range of services for casino support and elaborates slot machines in a particular vintage style. Despite the recent foundation, the company has a good reputation.