Incredible Technologies

Incredible Technologies company

The Incredible Technologies casino games (IT) company has the reputation of the largest designer and developer of slot-machines in USA. Founded in 1985, today it can offer over a hundred different kinds of entertainment. The company, called one of the most successful software developers, went through a lot during its life.

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The history of Incredible Technologies

The founders of Incredible Technologies were Elaine Hodgson and Richard Ditton. Both of them were quite experienced in design and creation of videogames. The early products of the company were the games of the Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga and Apple II lines, intended for usage on the first computers that have appeared in the early 80s. IT’s developments were so successful that the company was able to grow twice bigger in the 6 months at the market.

Later the company was engaged in mastering different segments, including the creation of support for hardware and software of BattleTech network system. It was highly appreciated by Cinemaware, a large member of gambling market of that time, which was specialized on development of video games devoted to popular movies. It was willingly using the different platforms, animation developments and other IT’s system for creating its own products.

In the 1988 Incredible Technologies has developed a small and approachable software platform Capcom Bowling that became a branded product of the developer. It allowed to develop the gambling software and to control the gaming process. Devoted to classical bowling, it was a huge success and allowed to lay the foundation of future successful development of the company at the video game market.

The Capcom Bowling was the first game in the sport-themed line of the IT’s next developments. Later this line was completed with Strata Bowling, Hotshots Tennis, Rim Roking Basketball, Arlington Horse Racing. The most popularity was gained by Golden Tee® Golf videogame, that is still quite popular among the players. Those developments were directed into attracting the attention of audience visiting the restaurants, bars, taverns, pubs and other institutions alike.

Since the foundation, the Incredible Technologies company has created more than a hundred various kinds of games, different modifications of software. Most of the IT’s creations have went through the modernization, were adapted for gaming consoles, modern PC’s, mobile devices and applications.

The innovative developments of IT

The Incredible Technologies company is known not only for the wide spectrum of interesting games. During its life it has offered several innovative systems widely publicized and actively used by large members of gambling industry.
In 1995 the IT specialists have developer an innovative system called ITNet – the first model of software allowing to establish the server connection, provide the storage and control of players’ data. This type of online communication has allowed the real-time tournaments and competitions between players, tracking the game statistics and reception of prizes.

ITNet system is still used nowadays, but in the updated version. The usage of modern wireless mobile connection technology allows to provide the support of tournaments with the usage of several dozens of thousands slot-machines and the function of adding videos from YouTube.

In 2005 IT developed the first Magic Touch gaming systems. It took them about 6 years of hard work to create this technology. But the result was worth it. Innovative system grew popular really fast, and it got the status of one of the best creations of the IT.

Incredible Technologies, Inc nowadays

Today Incredible Technologies Inc is one of the largest videogame developers in USA. Last year the creations of IT were used in 17 states of America, Macau, Peru, the Philippines and UK. The company is quite active in the development of innovative technologies and software for different brands and companies of gambling industry.

Corporative headquarters of IT are located in Chicago, Illinois. The team consists of 150 experienced specialists of various profiles. The company is a representative of several large associations: Amusement Machine, Indian National Gaming Association, Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers.

Popular games made by Incredible Technologies

Considering the needs of gambling fans, there are amazing content that is always attracting the players and offers crazy money winngings from Inredible Technology. The most popular developments, according to the company itself, are:

  • Golden Tee® Golf 2017 is a last version of legendary videogame of golf. People all around the world can take part in the tournament. The most successful ones can see their names in the Hall of Fame and get big money prizes. In the new version there is a choice of 18 golf holes available. The game has an offline version and several random prize rounds.
  • Power Putt 2013 is one more version of gold. New contests, non-standard places for holding tournaments, unique goals, daily prize rounds – all of these are the advantages of this game. The game is a part of the ITNet system.
  • LoonyTIX is a colourful, stylish model that combines the advantages of video slot and raffle game. In front of the player there are tickets flying all over the screen. The main goal is to catch as many as you can during the certain time. After the end of the round the slot counts the number of tickets and gives out the prize. There is a Super Prize feature in this game.
  • Mix Match – a funny videogame with features of slots and raffles. Working algorithm is based on launching the spin of the reels. Your prize is lottery tickets with certain nominal. The slot’s design is quite original. The symbols depict body parts of different creatures. Sometimes those can combine in really funny pictures.
  • Tickle Monsters. The main characters of this game are cute creatures Pinky and Fuutz. If you’ll tickle the funny monster it will laugh. The more fun there is, the bigger are the prizes. There is a jackpot function available.

Overall, during the 25 years of work on the market such Incredible Technologies slots saw the world:

  • more than 70 arcades;
  • about 10 models of Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga, Nintendo lines;
  • several mobile developments for iPhone / IPad / IPod Touch

And the slots and games of other formats.

This April Incredible Technologies Las Vegas has announced the release of the new slot-machine named Leonidas King of the Spartans. This new game is already available on the pages of BetVictorSlots online casino, using the slots of such famous developers as: Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, NextGen and others.